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Our good-by post of August 6th, 2012 wasn’t made sticky, hope it hasn’t aided in additional confusion of the already hocus pocus court actions presented herein. Sorry we are unable to post Mr. Stringer’s 2nd, deposition. The deposition we refered to as his 2nd, was actually his third. You can read of it on our page section above.

INTERESTING NOTES:  It’s been three months since our last post and time marched right on. Notes taken about the great new location moved to has given way to the fact the home displacements of violated constitutional rights limited choices, uh.  The area lot intersects three roads and provides ample traffic and child concerns.


Jane is once more denied any medical aid by state or federal agencies. The answers to the question? How does one gain hundreds of millions for injuries by the state in a lawsuit but is never eligible for medicaid? Could being extorted of wealth be the cause? It will soon approach our anniversary with the current wizard of the court, Bill Gowen and there’s little doubt that Green is still involved. Both are moving the court to allow them criminal cases only. So what happened to the Bogalusa escrow accounts they were over? I’ve stood before both these green driven idiots.The magical actions of the Hinds court claims that in this joinder even the dismissed claims of Oscar NewKirk were to receive compensation. As noted in the 2004 final fraudulent decision of the court. These two uh, judges are soon to recieve our latest filings to their extortion headquaters questioning the status of our claims.  

Now watch closely people. Although repeatedly stated by the court that the volumes of action on us visible to the eye doesn’t exist and we are again, repeatedly part of an action dismissed receiving compensations it’s all horse-shit. Before this was written the court couldn’t began to explain its payment process to these NewKirk claims noted. How about this?

The court’s assumption of lead plaintiffs death use’s plaintiffs for all awards and throws the class trial intentionally. Yes, lead plaintiffs has all awards on them as the court keeps them at bay of their awards unto their death. The court owes no one else from a failed trial. Likely the interest on the amount afforded fraudulent payment to class actions of fraud for attorney cash cow in efforts to avoid law. Like the unwarranted seizure of our home and basicly all other property rights an attempt to appear legal in my view failed like everything but the extortion.

IN OUR NEXT POST:    More on climbing the latter of sucess in this game of death by those connected to the use of our awards to get there.  About our present location.


Although we are maybe five or six miles from our last location and on a lot as oppose an actual trailer-park it’s a whole new world here. Somethings I probably would not know if not for living here. At least 3 overdoses in the first two weeks in a four block area. One suicide a few miles up the road by week six. After about two months staying here we awoke one morning around 1:30 am to bright lights. Maybe five or six blinding law enforcement vehicles and several trucks and supporting vehicles one pulling a boat just in case. They were well perpared in responding to a report of gun shots.

The next day someone said they heard over a scanner that the person reporting the gun fire also reported a yard with dead bodies. Can you say possible prank or state message boys and girls? They were at the wrong address. The one in question was three houses up the road. Then there was the storm and lastly some really sad news of a close friend of mine.


After fighting off an attempted false arrest and imprisonment in Louisiana, over heir Gaylord. The states transferred the supposed dismissed actions of our child to MS. Harassments resumed by attorneys stalking us back to Mississippi to keep it [Presured hardships]all going. A lot of  surviving this shit depends on the people around you.

You may recall in an early post the mentioning of being involved in self military and martial arts training exercising in our life before the Gaylord, Mississippi extortion plot of the court in Hinds County and those no account thieves. Forgive me! In 2000 my cousin helped in stabilizing our condition with a smaller  version of our prior training. It was modified to remove as much toxins from our body from what was understood. Just as before in Sandy Hook, some new faces appeared to make use of study books as well my cousins training and weight lifting equipment. Except for maybe three of the 40 to 60 persons engaged in this life style over the years with him none of those training with my cousin ever went on to abuse their knowledge of these arts or its training. Something very evident in proper training is being a humbled person with a cool head.

           My family wants to say goodby to a close friend of mine Jessie James Hux, who we met on our return to this state in 2000, when accidents happen Jessie, they give no warnings and for anyone who survives one or those left behind, they just give the results you live with the rest of your life. Goodby for now Jay, Jay we will always love and miss you. Until.

An accidental shooting leaves a Columbia man dead. His family is honoring his wishes of being an organ donor.

 Family honors organ donation wish.

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