As we pull the plug on the Classvictim works something interesting has popped up. The new owners of the Jerry Stringer/ benefactor of ie, the grandchildren’s land and the new property owners tell me that no repayment of any mortgage was ever maid. That Ray and Alice split the money right then and there in the bank. Whenever we get things up and running we’ll up date any arrest or charges brought to the court.

Ray, the step-brother was finding excesses to hang around when the owner told him to get his shit and get off the property. Alice left Sunday after we recieved a call from someone hunting Jerry Stringer with a very important matter. Ha,ha. We’re here waiting the transport of our trailer to a new local. The rain has slowed the moving some. Our new location offers a different package so just how long we’ll be down is unknown.

The Gaylord matter being what it is I wouldn’t expect to see any criminals attached to the Gaylord extortion to have to answer to any crime they might have committed. The state as well the courts have gone a long, long way to protect in repayment the protection given corporate Inland.  

UNTIL LATER: CLASSVICTIM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEqUyNaSdvg



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