The psychology of all this holds my interest. The winding down of a train wreck, an open conspiracy before the American people. My psychology accepts the mass hysteria to somehow understand a overwheming greed in the courts of law, to the point the behaviour regarding the Emperor’s New Clothes is no longer a myth.

I say, lying to yourself is a bad thing. When you begin to believe the lies that you tell yourself and others it makes it all the worse. When you lie and legal documents prove you lie what then. So it’s a best bet that my mother and step brother sold the land and home to prevent me from paying it off and giving it to the grandchildren. It’s what  Mr. Stringer wanted before he died and I totally agreed. So from the days of the state and court rewarding my mother for her and my step dad’s help with its class action / joinder. One final stab to the back from her and Ray may have afforded hope of further reward, not. As welll the present concern had by them shouldn’t be evident. Should it?

I look around as we began what looks like a rig move. The older of the two trailers we own has been here since the 2002. So yeah, mom’s a bitch the attorney’s in Texas are able to financially rape the future of children and the world of law and justice gives little in the way of shit. After three years of baby sitting my mother and brother while they waited on the old Gaylord cash cow and after getting it and not repaying me and taking away from the kids the only home they ever knew. You’d think I’d be mad.

My wife, daughter and I have been used and abused by the state, the courts, attorneys and even these family members to extort by means of any harm or trouble applicable to their extortion. This latest nonsense has a very valuable piece of property being sold for a split $2,400.00  that’s two thousand four hundred dollars. In a way with the state providing for criminal actions against our children $2,400 is better than nothing or is it. I’ll skip the many ways the property could have been self-supporting to its purchase and ability to provide perminate home. All and always rejected. Ray says they, you know them. They don’t want us here. Hum!

Anyway fear in both my mom and little brother is with us now. The money is gone. Debt collectors are calling our home phone for them. I knew it was going to be cut and run. Lord knows they will have cost me a small fortune in moving and items lost from being forced to move. Moving on with knowledge we all knew this would be the only way it could end. With a total raping and stealing of anything owed us. My step-brother even chose to fight and have us thrown out instead of making a contracted repayment to us. Working to place us and the children to the wind and on the road. His accomplice in that effort my mother.

Honor thy mother and father. Mom has me moving some of her stuff. I do it because she asked. For the little it helped I’ve tried to give her honor. She perceives that I should obey her in all things but NO! she’s a thief and greed driven person so I  simply give honor. To Ray, for what he has done I owe nothing and was surprised that he asked me for some blocks for his newly purchased trailer he bought to get away from us.  The nerve of the little asshole. If I did half the stuff he was doing I’d be under the jail. He’s changed and I suspect is bad off on drugs. $8,000.00 eight thousand plus his share of Jerry Stringer’s awards. Has a trailer which isn’t blocked up or has anything but the floor in it. He is presently committing food stamp fraud most likely a product of understanding the Gaylord process. The fucking nerve, why I ought to ……………. 

GOD vs. Satan

And then I looked at him and got to thinking. Wait this isn’t me. Its always been about something bigger. My mom and step brother are just stupid. Look at what they do and yet my own enemies of the state won’t prosecute them. Why should I? Am I worst than the state? No way. Mom and Ray were rewarded once to cause us harm. They believe destroying what remains of a criminal action it will not be known to the future. But this is what it is. Its been rough living around these two or anyone with an interest in the class cash.  Maybe that’s all over now or maybe it will be real soon.

The obvious regret with them is there but the truth is it had to take a lot of hate of a person to do such things done unto us. Understanding we are forgiven as we forgive we can still love others but be totally against what they do. A worst thing would be to allow the misbehaviour of others to create the same behaviour in you. I turned to my brother and say, sure Ray how many will you need?


As we near the pull out date my momther favorite grandson still sits in the local jail. My mother’s been a mess over his arrest and on going detention. It works out to where he is still up here after the departure date. It will no doubt be expensive from mom to check in or speak with favorite son. The latest is she is headed south bound and she and Ray intend to stay in on the property till the last day. It seems to be much for her and the jail thing would be a heavy load on her.   Alright this just in.

Wensday August 1st, 2012 J. Paul is in transport to Houma, Louisiana.

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