Some and many are waiting for a great day of judgement and it’s coming simply because God, our great Father isn’t a liar. Till then you have to wonder as you stand watch because till Christ returns the Devil and his servants will try every means to have you join them in the wonderful life of these times. These end times. Long gone are the days of righteous rulings or even fairness. Being forwarned by the bible we know what to expect from the courts and just law in general. The bible state we will be ruled by mankind into our own harm. That Mose’s gave us the law but that man would corrupt the law and turn it into an advantage. Apparently the Evil of no concern of criminal actions is an added to the mix. Abomination.


In 1996 a group of attorney’s ie.,a group of thieves working from the courts of Mississippi and Louisiana took to a harassing attack. This week 2012 we are in the tail end of that stalking harassment as we are once more made to seek shelter from the events of 1995 and the 1996 attorney group. The loss of our home was by the major corporations being protected from law. The base payment of attacks from the same corporations with support of the state and courts was the attacking force. 

I used to think it was a human saying that what goes around comes around. Nope it’s right there in the good book. Maybe some matters are so up-setting to our Father he plans personal actions which we may not see presently and then there’s this.


Ever wonder what goes through your mind, when your made homeless? Ever wonder what it’s like to suffer that loss because of others? Ever taste the compounding of problems by others in an attempt to have you fail to recover injury or damage wise from your loss? Ever tried to address such with two state’s on your back steering your life in efforts to steal any recovery your owed? Ever have this while your family took part in those attacks? The knowledge we gain should never be accepted as being all we know. Spiritual aspects be noted, render payments.


In the latest installment of horse shit justice we are given about 14 days to get an old mobile-home off the property including the loss of a 16 x 80 mobile home which with some certainty belonged to our grandchildren. Funny thing about these cock-roach attorneys. In where my wife and I strive to care for our child and grandchildren.

These worthless no good for ass wiping lawyers of dung have targeted the children first in both case’s. Making use of the kids to seek false abuse charges in 1997 and just right out stealing of insurance and property from them now in 2012. I’m now starting to get a little pissed by these low life mother-fuckers who can’t cut the fucking mustard without harming my family. This is that shit the rest of human society has to put up with when it comes to scumbag authority.  As I could only cause physical harm to these sworn enemies, killing the body isn’t enough there’s something inside that needs to die once and forever may God’s will be done.  


So the lawyers have my step dad and useless mother to work us over with any action or lie needed to attack. In return my parents have over the years collected in excess of $200,000. The last checks were said to be issued a few months back.

With no trust or faith in family backstabbing I get a contract for repayment of three years of payments made on this property. It’s all for the children to have a home. But then, wait the children that’s the target isn’t it? In the last week after selling the only home she had my mother has been kicked out of my sister’s home and most nearby neighbours are angry they weren’t given the chance to buy the property for the peanuts asked.

My mother’s prime chosen grandchild with countless warrants and regardless his arrest was always released. Well looks like he’ll be doing a little time now. First blowing anything ever had from the law suit in money the property sell was by support of my mother and that Son of a bitch Texas harassing of George Fleming may we never met. George came to Mississippi with his bigger than law class action. It gave everyone a feeling of importance. And yes they all had it. Walking around like their shit didn’t stink because they were rich from extorting from us. How Important?

Well all of the folks in this state did it for the money. Excuses me, that’s their love of money. So Alice get’s with George to get her’s and Jerry’s as well finishing off with once more having us displaced for the sake of useless self-serving corporate criminals. May they all get what is surely coming to all, JUDGEMENT. Alice just now after 17 years is tasting homelessness. With no place to go she has made several call to state officials stating she is homeless. Ha, ha her and a billion others. She’s been throwing up, having fits, caught spells etc. This morning as we continue our moving via Gaylord displacement she was placed in her lawsuit Mustang for a ride to the E.R.  Would you believe that Ray runs her car into a tree?

Just like these attorney’s when the tables start to turn a balance will be struck. I hope it makes big news. I hope that these folks start appearing in the news with more problems than they ever knew before. Ray has given his money to a claimed friend. He claims the friend has aided him with a piece of land and a hollowed mobile home needing repairs. His friend doesn’t own the land or trailer and Ray has no document, title or even a bill of sell.

But guess what? They are at an advantage. No one harassing them, wanting to arrest them, a court and state attacking to rob them blind. And the home was sold not destroyed. They each got about $1,200  Hell, looks like they’ll be just fine.

We are once more moving our mobile home. The last one we moved, well …….

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