YES WE SEE YOU: Around The Globe


A train carrying several batteries of missiles and troop carriers has arrived in the southeast Turkish city of Mardin, the Anatolia state news agency reports. The move comes a month after Syria downed a Turkish jet for violating its airspace.

Relations between Turkey and Syria have been worsening since the beginning of the uprising last year. Turkey has been host to a number of meetings between the fragmented Syrian opposition, and Istanbul is the base of the Syrian National Council (SNC), recognized by a number of Western powers as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

A demonstrator holds up a mobile consisting of cut-outs depicting Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (L), Santander bank chairman Emilio Botin and Socialist Workers' Party leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba in front of Madrid's City Hall during an unemployment protest against government austerity measures in Madrid July 21, 2012 (Reuters / Javier Barbancho)Spain, Madrid : Spanish actors Javier Bardem his brother Carlos Bardem and their mother Pilar Bardem demonstrate against the Spanish government's latest austerity measures in Madrid on July 19, 2012. (AFP Photo/ Dominiwue Faget) Spain, Madrid : Thousands of people protest against the Spanish government's latest austerity measures, in Madrid, on July 19, 2012. AFP Photo / Pedro Armestre) 

Austerity: since the measure was announced last week, Spain has witnessed a series of daily demonstrations, some of which have erupted into … prevent the eurozone’s debt crisis from spreading further. Spain, Madrid: Riot policemen remain on a street of …

 Overall Tour de frnace leader's yellow jersey, British Bradley Wiggins, wrapped in a national flag (AFP Photo / Jeff Pachoud) Bradley Wiggins has become the first Briton to win the Tour de France, as the 99th installment of the legendary cycle race finished at the Champs Elysees in Paris.

 AFP Photo / HO / Sana  Government tanks and troops have flooded the streets of Damascus, RT sources say. Earlier reports of districts being bombarded by armed helicopters, however, this was denied.

  Seats for delegates are pictured before the ceremony marking the accession of Russia to the WTO during the 8th WTO Ministerial Conference in Geneva (Reuters/Denis Balibouse)   Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the bill ratifying the country’s accession into the World Trade Organization after 18 years of complicated negotiations.

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