In 1995 we started moving from Marion County Mississippi, to Angie Louisiana, Gaylord release knida disrupted that move. Some of our stuff was kept by my parents who supplied my storge shed  and some old pictures from the past


I’ll say this now be advised. We still haven’t got Mr. Stringer’s deposition up and attempt to place it to page again. If it doesn’t work we’ll try to post it on this post. Now let’s cover some ranting before coming around full circle to the Texassippi Court of Hinds County.  Ok, we are unable to up-load from our computer.

About two years back there was as surge in activity with the Gaylord Chemical and fraudulent class action in Hinds County, and let’s be correct here. This Hinds county is in the state of Mississippi. The word Texassippi simply describes the ownership of the Mississippi courts by the law firm of George Fleming from Texas. Being once a member of the U.S. Justice Department and friends in low places he’s been fucking with my family for sometime now.  We’ll get back to a little more on that in a minute.


Nope,  this would be shit at best. With the last copies rquested I was given at least three reason’s, all horse shit, as to how we were dismissed. As part of our trip through the fraudulent court of horse shit activities. We have given deep throught of the possible manner of dismissal which might be had. There is none. For if we say the Marie’s were dismissed by a 1998 court order. Then what of the 1999 failed trial of all other claims. You know the class action claims court trial which failed? How was that maintained? Every document of action was set on the dismissed claims?

The court has a lot of shit with it. About two years ago attorney activities had picked up and couple of attempts to gain copies of our files by a few law firms didn’t go down so Skippy. The disrespect of the truly injured can be amazing. Kinda like, just remember when laying on your dead bed. Nobody gives a damn that you were ever alive. In meeting with the last attorney wanting a copy it started feeling like the class crap road found its end.


So as the fraud of three cities winds down. We here at Classvictim can only hope that we didn’t in any way aid or prolong the use of our money to further harm us. Basicly even with the clear fact we are being extorted. There can be little doubt the money stolen was and is being used to cause us harm. It was all the money from the Hinds court action which allowed further attacks against us regarding the life policy issue with Jerry Stringer.

It would appear someone in our family was left Mr. life insurance policy. Mr. Stringer leaving such to a grandchild or anyone shouldn’t have anything to do with the Gaylord Release. Not so, says the court of Texassippi. Here’s an example of using our money against us. The insurance company is offered the million in life policy if it refuses to release any documents. They are told no court will allow any legal action by this family.


Jerry’s ex-wife, my mother moves in after countless checks from attorneys over the years now its closing down. She gets and blows her last check then she contacts the Texas firm to direct what is Jerry’s in settlement to his benefactor Ray Stringer. They get Jerry’s awards blow them and now all that’s left is the mobile home, land and life policy. Since the state will support hiding the known benefactor the court will reject or dismiss any action against this furtherance of crimes. Is it clear the same attorneys are riding us into the ground. Did our money pay to renovate some entire counties, start new business, expanded law enfocement activties. Are those using our awards and needing more finding it harder to get?

The city of Bogalusa, Louisiana has a DA. who was involved in part with the  extortion against us hired and expanded his office personal. Although the reporting throws a bone to the reader of the Daily News paper of the city. A lot centers around the date of our $84 million offer in 1998 and a lot of things going on then.  Around this time there was $25,000 paid monthly by the DA of Washington Parish to the city. I hope you can smell this.

Recall now that without enough to pay all the claims of the chemical release clients the city was to reap their next best thing. Or as it was explained in the global contarct of the court and the cooked ass lawyers $2 million dollars was set aside to bribe the courts to rule against us.

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