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Were having a little problem with the page up load of Jerry Stringer’s second deposition. If it isn’t fixed we’ll consider a post of it. The phone has been out for about 4 days and were not certain if it’s related.


Oh yeah, so here’s why I didn’t say any more bout that land sell. It was coming hell or high water. Why? When the sell was attempted a few weeks back I thought, I’m going to stop this shit! How? Well hell, I’ve been paying on land abandoned by my mother and own a drawn up agreement for repay of the last three years I’ve paid in mortgage bills. Although my mother and brother had changed their mind about selling the property. The time to end this shit is now.


My plan, get a judgment lien on the property. Request an order from the court to have the finance company release the records of Jerry Wilson Stringer. If Mr. Stringer’s custodian child was his benefactor or if both grandchildren were named that would go a long way in settling the horse shit. So I write-up a complaint seeking a judgment in lien on the property, requested order for finance documents and for better measure an injunction to prevent sell, till the entire shit is legally sorted out.


Legal, legally, wait I’m in Mississippi. My family and I have been extorted of untold amounts of money to the point there is no respect of us in any court of this state that I know. My filings, and for the first time I was going to pay because the Pro’ se filings is about the only joke happening. You can’t afford to file. You can’t afford to fight. An agreement and proof of payment is enough for a judgment on a lien. But it’s us. The Marie’s. The state’s chosen enemies. Those motherfuckers who lived after we took everything from them, thinking they would die. So I can’t waste our income just to have the court jerk us off. For what we know the state wants us out.

We are owed around $5,000 dollars. We weren’t paid at the time of these ass holes getting their money from their fraudulent endevors and they have no money to pay us now. If we file a lien they will lose the property. Sunday I’m told the sell will be Monday. Right out the blue and hadn’t file that complaint in the courts that hate us yet, I don’t know if I could. Were burnt. Monday I go out and pay bills other bills than the mortgage, bill’s like that monthly kidnapping note of our daughter to MDOC. I’ve had enough. Tuesday I ask Ray and Alice if they have the monthly payment and they say no. I tell them they better find it I’m never paying again. They called the buyer. A net profit of $4,000 for three arcers and a 16 x 80 mobile home. Were out of here. Finally we’ll get rid of living around dumbshit. Was it all my grandchild’s property and life policy benefactor? Who knows? Certainly not the classvictim. Here’s one thing though, the courts need to be compleately destroyed because they only serve people who have no other way to survive without their criminal actions in this toilet paper and useless and expensive bull shit called the courts of law.


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