In a recent post it was suggested that my mother was behind the trouble being caused due her greed and that of my step brother. That they have blown their lawsuit money and were trying to sell the property left to someone other than them via a named benefactor of a life insurance policy. Was this all a long term plan to rid us? Well it’s time to up date.

I’m sitting here with one paper showing a month after his death my step dad’s life insurance has paid off his first mortgage that being a 16 x 80 mobile home and an automobile. Some form of mortgage remains on the land which my wife and I have paid since the death of my step dad. Yesterday July 3rd, 2012 we were informed the sell of property will be finalized, Monday July 9th, 2012 and that we have so many days to move out. Is that right?


We spoke to an honest attorney who suggested that the life policy must have some direct connection to us. I’m guessing our grandchild Amber. The attorney had also suggested that the same group of attorneys involved in the extortion of our law suit awards were involved in this matter as well. My mother is repeatedly stating that her attorneys have given her full permission to sell the property left to another. And here are the conditions. I’d like to say being owed about $5000 dollars with almost $11,000 still owed on the loan made my mother and step brother are asking $15,000 for three acres and the mobile home. What’s that said about something being to good to be true because it isn’t. Still the policy has been held and hid from us for three years. Was that a legal need by attorneys to prevent us actions So is it the policy listing benefactor useless?

Of the $15,000 my mother and step brother are saying there is nothing owed on the loan and they have no intention of making any repayment to anyone. Me for paying the mortgage or the loan made with the finance company. At present the $11,000 still owed and the $5,000 owed us, with the sell price of $ 15,000 that would leave them nothing. But then again maybe the states extortion bit has run its milking and its time to get rid of the victims. This might actually be an action of the state. A legal document in Mississippi means little in the face of full-blown corruption as we get more of the same these documents might as well be toilet paper.


I approached the new buyer to inform him once more that if these two idiots were trying to sell this property to him that they didn’t actually owned it. He tells me that the sell will be finalized on Monday the 9th, and thereafter he wants everyone off the property. I show him the monthly statements showing payments being made. I point out that the land and trailer weren’t clear of this loan made. I show him the pay off of the trailer and a car with the only few papers showing my step dad’s life policy paying everyone but a first loan on the land with an unknown or listed benefactor. What did the drunk have to say.

He says, let me tell you something “I don’t give a damn about those papers” sounds like the Mississippi court’s huh? He tells me the best thing I could do would be to take those papers and get my ass back in my home. Say what? Hey motherfucker, let me tell you something. Don’t you talk to me like that, you don’t own this fucking place yet. And I’ll tell you something else, I’m due to receive information from the finance company regarding my payments and the policy purchased by my step dad and if I find that these two sold you a trailer which belongs to my grandchild something will be done about it. I gave the ass hole an opportunity to fight like he was acting if that’s what he wanted, but no I guess not.

Tell you what I’ve told you what the deal is here. That trailer and car was paid off by a life policy which didn’t named either one of these idiots as benefactor so how is it they can sell property they don’t own? But I’ve told and shown you what gives here and that’s about all I need to do for now.


I’ve contacted the mortgage company to inform them of the attorney problems given us in this state. They have agreed to a full disclosure of documents. I’ll be contacting them again about this sell after the 4th, . Our grandchild was adopted by us in 2010, how is it the attorney missed that she was the benefactor of some policy. They didn’t. I’m told that countless attorneys were envy of us. Given our suffering I don’t understand that one. SOB’S want and have everything but the injury, suffering and loss that they stole it all should be their only concern.

Attorneys from Texas describe the benefactor in all this as an unknown heir of Mr. Stringer. The only honorable attorney trusted in this matter will not take action on our behalf as before because of the known corruptions of the court and other attorneys. With one lying excuse over the other it’s clear what was extorted that the state intents to use every tactic it can to keep what was thus far stolen. You probably couldn’t pry it from dead fingers.

Well, there seems to be an urgent need by Ray and Alice or is it the state to sell, even if it means being out on the street broke. At least we’ll be displaced once more by the Gaylord Mississippi, court extortion plot. That should go a long way to slow classvictim to a crawl or maybe kill it for awhile.  Much will be lost again if this other bunch of crime is allowed to aid with other previous crimes had. Don’t know what happened since that little deal at the court-house in where my mother was told by the clerk that there was definitely a mortgage on the property. Guess Ray and Alice have seen the courts hit and run tactics to extort from us and maybe they figure if the state can do it so can they.

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