Walter Reed, Bill Arata: SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE Pt. 2. WHO’S NEXT?


 Photo of Walter P. ReedDistrict Attorney Walter Reed, 22nd Judicial District, Louisiana

A GENTLEMAN CROOK FOR ALL SEASONS. During the first attack stage of this battle the brilliant minds attempting the disposal were engaged in ass protection. The clear intentional release turned into shut the Marie’s up before this gets out deal. We did the jail thing they did that and the take your child thing. Guess the left cooked hand didn’t know what the other crooked hand was doing. The state hooked us up with that now submerged attorney poster boy Bill Arata his counterpart fuck us over buddy was Walter Reed DA Washington Parish.

Walter, is the Washington Parish DA, still. I showed up at their court for the false charges connected to the kidnapping of our child. I wasn’t on the docket never met this ass hole ever. I asked who I might speak with about the charges against me and was directed to him. I approach him to say my name is Robert Marie, I wasn’t listed on the docket could you tell me if I’m supposed to be here?

He replied, what did you say your name is? I repeated my name as his face grew in anger he told me to follow him. He took me to the front of the court to the first row of seats and told me “you sit your ass down right there”  No he didn’t know me, but it was really clear he was told a lot. Then the men in black showed up called him over and spoke with him before he returned to tell us we could leave that there was no report of anything on us. So what’s this other Temple Inland thug doing these days? If we are lucky we’ll see the wheel of what when around come around to many of these players. Maybe he’ll just hang under the radar with Will, Billy boy A-rat-a.  All this horse shit demonic maneuvers against us began with down play of our moral character before this is over we’ll these ass holes are worse than we could ever be.  ____________________________________________________________


WALTER:  A dispute totaling nearly $1 million involving Washington Parish and St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed’s office is a contributing to a potential $200,000 deficit in the Washington Parish budget. Sources say the controversy centers around a gentlemen’s agreement between the parish and the DA’s office stipulating the DA would pick up the tab for expenses in Washington Parish when Reed wanted to expand the Franklinton office. Although it remains unclear who was involved and when the agreement was reached Parish Finance Director Donna Alonzo said records indicate the agreement dates to 1998.

Classvictim: We must all be stupid, thinking it took jobs and employment to run a country the folks in Bogalusa are running state government on gentlemen agreements.  Ain’t it grand? Hum here I go again, 1998 was the year of the first Vicksburg offer action of $84 million. See how all that inside information is shared by the states. This wasn’t, isn’t or ever was an attorney court grab class action. And look it was clear the folks in Bogalusa, needed a king to made decisions that the court wouldn’t allow as we move right along here.

Daily news: The parish did not have an elected president until 1996 when the current home rule charter form of government replaced the old police jury. State law mandates the parish fund the district attorney’s office, as well as other sub agencies, including the offices of clerk of court sheriff and assessor. However, several parish officials said Reed expressed a desire to expand his Washington Parish office, but parish officials said there was no available funding.

Alonzo and Parish Councilman Ken Wheat said the district attorney’s office agreed to reimburse the parish for the costs of those additional employees. Alonzo said the DA’s office paid the parish nearly $25,000 a month “religiously” through July 2007. “It was a direct reimbursement,” Alonzo said. However, records obtained by The Daily News show Reed’s office stopped payments for nearly 18 months beginning in August 2007 leaving a gaping hole in the budget. Alonzo said. The parish is hoping to at least collect the remaining $159,413 from Reed.

The consequences of the shortfall are numerous, to the point where the parish may likely get an exception from the state for its 2011 audit. Alonzo said the reimbursement has been listed as accounts receivable through the years, and not a budget item, although the mandated expenses are on the budget.

“We have been illegal legal all these years until recently,” Wheat said. “We are probably going to get an exception. The exception is the district attorney has decided he’s not going to pay us anymore.” More pressing is Reed’s decision not to reimburse the parish which may create a deficit in the general fund of almost $210,000 at the end of 2012, this is after Alonzo transfers in a combined $630,000 from two separate tax accounts. Not only will the general fund come in as a negative, Alonzo said the parish would only have a cushion of $247,000 in the event of any emergencies.

Further complicating the issue is a letter sent by Reed to a request from parish attorney Wayne Kuhn. Kuhn, who is also an assistant district attorney, sent a letter to the district attorney’s office Friday attempting to reach an agreement on payment. In the letter, First Assistant District Attorney Houston Gascon describes the reimbursement concept as “incorrectly described” and reminds the parish of its “mandatory requirement under state law” that the parish fund the “necessary and reasonable operations” of the district attorney’s office.

Additionally, Gascon states the payments are advances on the “parish’s obligation” to fund the office and are “for that purpose only and not an obligation of the District Attorney to Washington Parish.” “They are saying they do not have to give it to us,” Parish President Richard Thomas said. “It’s a little bit more serious. This has been going on for years.” “In 2007 they quit sending us anything,” he added. “The more I think about it, I think that it was just to show us the lesson they are teaching us, that they don’t have to pay us.”



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