ACT I.  Understanding legal fear.  Right before the release of toxin’s by the multi corporate criminal soldiers employed by Gaylord Bogalusa, you can tell these folks had all the balls in the world right there at their facility. They had a secret. Now stop for a minute here. This is Bogalusa Louisiana, right next to the state of Mississippi and they have a secret. Two states with history’s of race violence abuse and drug addicted authority has a secret worth money. You already know where it’s going.

The facility has a rail tank car leaking toxins. So what? It’s been leaking for over two weeks. So what? They have a plan and here it is in the third person. We’ll wait and catch the wind blowing to the North-West and release the poison so the wind will carry it away from the city and to a less populated area of the parish. Wind blowing that way is always followed by rain so it will wash away the chemical once it hits the ground. Checking days before release we can judge at what time the wind will stop blowing before dark and guess on release time so as to stop and drop the cloud before it spreads into Mississippi. QUESTION who was the commander of this shit?

I use the word soldiers lowly here. I’ve spoken to combat veterans about severing to protect the rights and freedoms of the people of this country adding what has happened to us by the, uh elite ass holes of the court. It’s a real good thing it wasn’t their home and family being fucked with. Way I hear it, neither the Mill or many of the folks involved would even be around today. Guess Uncle Sam’s training could use God’s armour. These men weren’t just saying kill they used words like blowing up.

Act II. The attempt to rectify.  Right after the facts of the release of poison which missed the public at large. Attorneys began to work the problem with legal intent. Thinking no one knew the release was intentional, we were approached and offered 10 million dollars for damages and what injuries were known then. Why were we made this offer? Because their planned accident sent their cloud of poison right over our home and that was also the area where the cloud hit the ground as the wind stopped blowing. Nice slide rule. The four-month waiting for our 10 mil, agreement turned into an attack when it was clear there was an intent by the attorneys to stall us to a perceived death.

Act III. The states become monetarily insane over possiblities. Let classvictim  translate the following statement of corporate Temple Inland state  court owership to the Maire’s through their grouped attorneys and what it will really means.

1. First confrontation: Upon returning to the lawyers of Sacks and Smith 6 months after the 10 million agreement. Questions about the need to replace our home was met with anger. We were informed that the agreement had been withdrawn and we would be taken to trial. Bring em on! The fact is the attorneys had already spoken to my mother and step dad about our possible death and their class action.

TRANSLATED: No one must ever know what we did or allow your family any legal rights in this matter. Fuck ever law ever written or life lost over fighting for or  protecting the constitution of this country. We envy you and your family and out raged that the laws of the court could award you everything. We will take this from you regardless your rights. You will be removed from this cause.

MY TRANSLATION: They need to be sued really, really bad. I’ll never believe they can’t be touched. I will accept that our country is being ran by big wussies and nothing more. There is nothing here that could not be beaten into submission since our laws provide no absents in these matters of any legal right and does not support just the criminal actions had.  A 2 X 4 baseball bat, and shared property damages might work to drive home the point to gathering enemies.

2. Second confrontation. In our next meeting we were explained the attorney class action and threatened that we would not have our claims brought before any court, ever. That we weren’t getting all the money and that our child was too young to inherit that kind of money. That if we didn’t shut up about the chemical release we would have our child taken away from us and we would be sent to jail and prison.

TRANSLATION: Even though we think you’ll are going to die, we don’t want others knowing what we are doing. We need to silence you to your death about this. It’s illegal and criminal and you’d better shut up. We know if we take your case to trial it will prove that there are really no other claims which looks even close to ya’ll’s and no one else would be left anything if the truth came out.

RESULTS: For the next few years every serious condition which threatened our lives were handled by ER visits at what ever hospital handled the particular medical injury given us by the ass holes elite. The used of the ER for those medical problems continue. Our A-B student child is taken away eventually imprisoned to turn into less of a human being for the purpose of attorneys, the court and state fraudulent extortion plot. After her non precondition she’s sent home to cause further problems with her cell block 6 attitude. This bring us to the recent medical problem had now which never existed before Gaylord.

Being a victim of this shit was like having a life sentence handed you for the crimes of another. It has been 17 years now. Around 1999 we became aware of the allergic reactions to medication we never had before. One substance were allergic to is anesthesia. Doctors lean on the nerve medication for internal operations.  As far as the outside injuries we’re fucked. My biggest problem is with these un-named cores of bone which now develop on me from Gaylord’s chemicals.

Why am I certain it’s Gaylord?  I’ve never had these before my exposure. In other people these infections are said to be by contact. We are home bodies yet not even the care or home treatments have ever spreaded to anyone else.  Our social list is short. After being put through this kind of hell no one needs to have others trying to compare to your problems because some crooked lawyer gave them chump change.

The problem here is from the need to heat our bodies up enough to cause the chemicals which frezze at  60 degrees to flow through our bodies and not pool up. If we remain inactive the chemicals in us become stagnated and eat away at our insides. Being as active as possible aids with filtering of body fluids which are no doubt saturated by the organic toxins N2O4 dinitrogen teteroxide.  

Home Remedy ——————————————————————-

HOME REMEDY. The process at home. Getting it before it grows and develops the center core. I’m guessing with the laughing going on something was used to prevent pain here.  Pushing the infection out feels like being stung by a wasp at each and every push. The harden puss can be hard to remove at times. Once it is removed the area needs to be treated. I use Hydrogen Peroxide to boil out the remaining infection. This can take another 4 or 5 hours before the infections starts going away.

THE INFECTIONS MUTATE. After having 3 of these removed by a doctor in the ER without anything to deaden it I began home attempts to treat myself. Something new occurred at about the third time. Having killed the infection of one of these another popped up before the first one was gotten rid of. So where is this infection? It’s in our blood that’s where and as such can appear at anytime.

Last week one treated became two treated which became three then a total of six. After killing the first two the third required a syringe the diameter of a quarter and huge needle to draw out about three inches of puss before having to be again cut opened and having gause stuffed into the infected area under the skin. The first bone core was prevented from development but infected the area below it deep within my elbow. To the least Gaylord’s toxins prevent any relief to the pain because of reactions to needed medication.

In this case while keeping the bodies heat up all the while remaining at home. This infection simply starts because our immune system weakens or there is something I’am missing about something being a direct cause.  Gaylord already has us infected from post toxic exposures. The developing and growing bone core creates a huge infection which has to be lanced. Lancing is a common action in the ER but is usually done under the use of anesthesia. Anesthesia doesn’t mix with the organic N2O4 that remains in our bodies so we don’t get any. Except for seeing the dig an extraction of the core bone. If you’d like to see the normal deaden process of the removal of infection check out the video. Just remember this person rarely feels what is being done here but I feel it just watching.

MONEY DEALS MADE. In part two we’ll cover a few deals made by certain persons back then and even now which suggest a lot of money was had, spent and is missing and its all around the time Temple Inland and the states of Louisiana and Mississippi got money by using us as they went on the attack.

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