Mississippi: Court Thieves From Hinds County Gather

Hinds County Crooked Ass Circuit Judges To Meet With Mississippi Counterpart Attorney Thieves In Its Lowlife High And Mighty Main Court Of Criminal Authority.

   Hinds County Court. Behind The Scenes Action:

 It is 2012 and what do we know? We know Mississippi government is a sewer. We know for years this state has held and maintained an image of being at the bottom of everything which could be good or better. Don’t fight the feelings or the facts. This states government supports criminal actions as a means of survival. Even Mississippi’s educated population are taught a system of surviving which all past criminals used. What is that all-knowing mindset. That good ole boy way?

These types are always gathering with their horse-shit and making use of others because frankly it’s all they know. The rest of the country knows it in the following terms. Bias, Arrogant, Selfish etc. These folks know it all. We know their about as fucking stupid as an individual can be, why? Learn here from this. You can’t tell a stupid dumbass mother fucker anything. They will not admit the truth before their own face. Absent God, they cater to man. Man is their authority and after getting their nose up authorities ass you can’t tell them anything because they already know it all! They can suck ass and brown nose to their own delight.

What time these folks aren’t sucking asses and brown-nosing they’re at their other extremities. Backroad deals and murder for hire. The real problem is governmental state authority has given power and authorizes to those with the mindset of less than decent children. They are taught here in Mississippi to never question a unknown perceived authority. In Mississippi if authority tells you a shit sandwich is good you better not talk back! You’ll find yourself picking yourself off the floor. Oh yeah?

Here is the latest on that hit and run in Hinds County. After planning their crime and acting upon criminal activities those whom committed crimes for personal and political gains from the Hinds County court seek to further hide their criminal actions and will be aided by the states higher court. That’s the real story here.


 The Mississippi Supreme Court [a division of Washington protection from legal actions] wants to meet with judges from Hinds County Circuit Court to help conceal criminal actions to settle a dispute over criminal case assignments. In an order Thursday, Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. said the meeting will be held June 27 or June 28 and include all four circuit judges Tomie Green, Bill Gowan, Winston Kidd and Jeff Weill Sr.

Green, the senior insane judge of the Hinds court, had issued an other magical order effective Aug. 1 that she and Gowan will handle only criminal cases and no longer civil cases they extorted judge Kidd and Weill will handle only civil cases in hopes the Marie’s will find it hopeless to ever recover Under the current court extortion system, both civil and criminal cases are randomly assigned to the judges. [This is a fucking lie this court directs all actions] But Weill said the plan is  fraud  flawed and will be costly. He filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court.

Is the court moving the held awards of others to these other judges? Your fucking thieves you’ll always be fucking thieves. Thieves, liars and nothing more. You couldn’t survive without an brown nose advantage in criminal ways. You’ve extorted and now want to hide in another agency of the court. You were born and breaded this way, useless. You know nothing but evil. It’s how you were brought up. Your parents failed. Being a thief you must lie. Just get others to agree, wrong or right never mattered its Mississippi. Brown nosing no account useless get in the fucking way lying thieves. If others could buy these worthless ass holes two bit pieces of shit for their worth and sell them for what they felt they were worth the profits alone could pay off the national debt. Do they still keep the bodyguards?


The Minds Eye: Data suggest the self glorified need to prove justification of their criminal behaviour. In this case the thinking is. If you associate these crooked ass judges to actions against other said to be worse. If you are stupid enough and can find that this will work.  You still can’t deny the greater fact of all this thing called Mississippi government and its propping up of a phoney democracy. The truth is. You have persons engaged in use of countless crimes to extort passing judgement on others. That’s Horse-Shit! This violates the humane with the insane.

These two are saying they can’t handle this court any better than the crooks before them like judge Graves and feel it would be harder to prove their as shity in criminal court as they are in civil court. Like that attorney in Bogalusa Bill Arata, their wanting off the radar screen. Louisiana has taylor fashioned law for their court use criminals will Mississippi follow?

But the real question remains, just how much were we left to die with? Guess in those cases in where the money is little these judges rule to give the victim what is proper. But in our case they just can’t do it.  At every ruling they remember how they were so wrong to abse and attack and they are. Still they must do the works of their father the Devil and hopefully soon they can reunite with him in the lake.

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