Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin’s most sought-after and expensive One-77 has been wrecked in China in a high-speed accident. This is the first ever known road incident involving the British supercar. Limited to just 77 copies, the model has now become even rarer.

The Aston Martin One-77 was released in 2009. The whole line sold out long before production started to customers who pre-ordered their expensive toys.

                        Photo from

Chinese site published a photo of the silver-hued lacerated pride of British piled on a low loader truck. The vehicle is believed to have hit a curb at high speed. Reportedly delivered just weeks ago, the One-77 did not have any plates and was probably neither registered nor insured. The main hull of the carbon fibre monocoque appears to be intact. The vehicle’s 7.0-litre V12 engine producing 522kW/750Nm looks to be salvageable too. While looking nasty, the car certainly could be repaired, but to do so the owner will have to pay to get the damaged beauty to the Aston Martin factory in the UK. 



Crisis-enduring Greece received a bit of hope for belated justice. A re-trial of Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates in Athens, the very city that sentenced him to death in 399 BC, ended with his acquittal. The philosopher spoke for himself at trial before more than 500 jurors. The result was his sentencing to either death by drinking a hemlock-based liquid or permanent exile from the polis. Socrates opted for the former punishment.      


Featherweight boxer Johnny Tapia of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was upgraded from critical to serious condition at a Las Vegas hospital after falling at his home and losing consciousness early January 12, 2003 (Reuters/Steve Marcus/Files)   Boxer Johnny Tapia has been found dead at his home in Albuquerque. The former WBA, WBO and IBF champion in three different divisions, whose thorny career has involved alcohol, cocaine addiction and troubles with the law, passed away at 45. __________________________________________________________

image by twitter user @brooklynleexxx   Former President Bill Clinton is once again getting close with a woman in a blue dress, but this incident involves neither Oval Office sexcapades nor a White House intern. No, no, no — the ex-chief exec has graduated to porn stars.

A woman is detained by police while taking part in a march in protest of NATO Summit in Chicago May 21, 2012 (Reuters/Adrees Latif)  Regardless of if you condemn or condone the Chicago Police Department’s handling of last week’s NATO Summit protests, there’s no denying that the Windy City cops were indeed on the job. Why then, ask the officers, aren’t they being properly paid? ________________________________________

May 28th, Update:  A helicopter stated to be simular to this one has crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s the latest.

On  Monday a helicopter crashed  35 miles southwest of Grand Isle, killing the pilot, as reported by the Coast Guard. The crash occured about 4 p.m. Petty Officer Steve Lehmann said. The pilot, Arturo LeBron of Lafayette, was the only one on board and was found inside the helicopter. The pilot’s body was recovered by a dive team about 8:10 p.m.

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