Waiting To Clear Out The Court For Us Makes Me Hungry


Some guys complaining about the time it’s taking to get to his case. Glad I had breakfast. I tell him, you must have something interesting. I sure do he said. They always keep those for last I told him. It’s pretty weird he said. Oh yeah? If your around wait till you get a load of this one pointing at my little black pouch.

I’ve never been fond of Justice court. There’s a big absents of recording what is going on at that level except for the charge made and the outcome of them. My court date 4-22-2012 was for two things and two things only. 1. An other attempt by Alice Stringer to gain an arrest. 2. A way out for all involved in a lower court if it failed.  I went after my law diploma today boys and girls and it was sweet. 

      My opponent in Justice court was the Bitch from hell, my greed driven money hungry mother and a state double agent. I also found where the Plaintiffs attorney’s for the Defendants were created. The city DA played a double role as DA of both causes. That was till Ms. Stringer retracted  ie, dropped her charges against me. Sure I wasn’t here for that anyway.


I’ll accept that dismissal of her charges against me but maintained my charges on her. I explained to the court unless we clear these issues the false charging would continue. Ms. Stringer took the stand and cut away at me. Just as with the Sheriff’s deputy who arrived at our location the night they were called. Not a word about me going in her house. As I said it’s all about the perceived authority given her over the property and settlement in return for the conspired actions against us to obtain it.

        Ms. Stringer demand we move off her property. Objection. There is no proof the ex-wife of Mr. Stringer has any authority to make this request. Your honor by what authority is she making this demand. There is a question as to our grandchild being left out of Mr. Stringers dying request to have his guardianship grandchild as a benefactor of his death.mommy dearest confessed on stand that she had held the insurance papers since sometime right after right after Mr.Stringers death. I’ve considered a property lien to enforce the agreement to be reimbursed of payments. After a back and forth trip of which court would handle the matter it was suggested in 4 of the 5 calls made that we get an attorney. Motion for discoveries right about now. But wait! That Order forbidding any court action against anyone involved in ………


    Oh course we ran into friction with the actual cause of Ms. Stringer’s behaviour to have us arrested over acts which started in 1997. Being related to the chemical release the court tried to play off the no connection ploy. The same woman the same form of false accusations directed by the same attorney for th same purpose. To deny legal rights and steal from this family. And if the shoe fits put it on.


I stated that if a decision was already made I’ll just start my appeal. I was told if I had no questions regarding the incident of the night in question to shut up. Shut up? Yes shut up! said the DA.  The bailiff moved. Your honor, I was first handed an attorney waiver. I’m here by self-representation I’d like the opportunity to do so. I don’t have to put up with this. DA, yes you do!  CV. Shut up? DA well be quite.

I’ll reframe the question. Ms. Stringer you held constant actions for years to have me arrested. Have you done something which brings fear of some criminal action against me?  Does this, the 1997 calls, or this, the guardianship of our grandchild for money on our death or this, the grandchild  abandonment at Mr. Stringers death to take what he left her. Perhaps this?  We journeyed through the fact there was a divorce and the latest loan on the entire property was on Mr. Stringer and the closest thing to a will was the fact that Mr.Stringer named the grandchildren or at least one of them as benefactor of his life insurance policy. I have no complaint of the process except to say that the self litigant is rarely honored by the court for any positive legal action. The DA was Ok but it isn’t shut up. It’s I object!

        Move along nothing here. This is the Just-us Court. The only folks that will know is just us. I was ordered to stay away from Ms. Stringers home and she was ordered to stay away from me and ours. That being the official ruling it will have to do. I wonder how that will go over with her obsession of getting at me.  She left the court insisting we would have to leave. Stating she would sell the property, to the judge. We said we would agree to a sell if we were reimbursement of mortgage already paid.

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