It’s been a month of many oddities which shouldn’t be kept any longer. We’re back with the latest and would have to wonder what would you do? The well, well, well post featured below was written on   4/24/2012. Parts of our next post was written on 4/25/2012. With all these denials of existence and rights.  We’ve uncovered who is playing puppet master to a cause of trouble. The Natives (my mother was restless). Make their weapon your own. You know sociology, human behaviours and toxicology as well the word of God are all written of in books. Failed trial, failed appeal, a class joinder remains over a death perceived. By no less than that great and power OZ known as the State. The State VS. Robert Maire. Still a failed joinder trial, failed appeal and intended manner of collection thus far failed. Is it a failed Mission impossible? It is what it is. Back in a bit. A recent up date on where does it goes from here coming up.

 Meantime I’m trying to figure out my step brother’s attempted relentless attack on me. With no question he intended to cause harm. The force is strong in this one.  Even knowing why now still makes little sense. With the group he’s hanging with he’s a victim of that same Taxes lawyer using them to harass. They just don’t get it. Here’s one of his favorites, ya Ray I guess it’s ok. Nice tune. Stop Drinking So Much! It won’t help.

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