All through the ages survival depended on how adaptive you were to accepting your real family which wasn’t always your blood relatives. In the armed forces your fellow solider. Your follow athlete in team sports like football. Some cultures of the pass were so hard pressed their conditions created family groups of non-blood relatives. Many of these groups accomplished incredible things. Others not so. Some of the more popular groups became known as clans.

     So being down the road of “it’s all about money” hopefully by this point some are seeing the bigger picture. Eventually the government will have all sectors of civil life divided, conquered or controled. The problem is we can not support the ongoing and unstoppable corruption which feeds the governmental beast. 

  The new family has lowered its standard to what ever it takes for state government to hold control and win monetary gains. American government has grown with all the steroids the weapons contractors can provide. A recent report that social programs are planned for cuts with an increase in military spending should have Americans asking who the governments friends are and who it perceives as its future enemy.

   The Present Extensive American Prison Complex with benefit of laws supporting governmental actions and the ignoring of those which don’t. We see this as nothing more than a military take over of every American in this country. It’s all about money?


Collecting on selected prosecution of public crimes. Allowing political and corporate family crimes to rule with mob like mentality. Saving on cuts? How much could a war for profit even at home provide the friends of government? I see soldiers marching the streets. No Lawyers. No courts. No justice and no peace. And as familys end and more die the weapons builder are still being paid and look a government against its own people growing more powerful each and everyday.


Attorney statement “If we can’t have your claims no one will” No shit Sherlock?   Sure you want to pay for that life insurance policy? Are you friends of the state or Jim Hood? On the evening of May 1st, 2012 I was physically attacked by my-step brother who decided after fighting with me, he wanted more beer. By the time he returned my mother stuck gold with an opportunity to call law enforcement on me. Bad move! My step brother returns to get arrested for D.U.I. My mother being the cause of the attack it was two days later before we realized what was up. She’s evil but has a family in support. Her supports are the Office of Child Protection, Department Of Health and Humane Services and all supporting state agencies and a Texas law firm running the fifth circuit. This bunch holds no limit to who they are willing to attack over control of other people’s money. Would you believe a baby months old and an 8 years old. Mr. Stringer in fact purchased a life insurance policy which has some how come under control by the state and attorneys to prevent payment. M-O.

Funeral : Bearers are carrying a coffin out of a mourning carFuneral : Funeral CasketFuneral : Funeral procession on the white. Isolated 3D image Stock Photo

It appears that after repeated attempts by my mother and step brother to have the policy benefactors changed from the children to them failed. We now know why the adoption was so opposed by her. Why the attorney paid for adoption rejects the children having what is theirs is another question. Thinking that my step dad being dead for three years would run the limitations out. Three years and three days after his death my mother hands over a copy of document showing the policy. Demonic bitch. Thinking my step dad’s settlement is near she is attempting to not repay the three years of morgage payments. The trouble was for my arrest. It looks more and more as though the life policy was a will of sort and pehaps without the Texas attorneys steering her ass around Mr. Stringers settlement might actually belong to the children. What a bunch of Douch Bags.

The entire matter of my mother staying in Mississippi is by a request of Texas attorney’s. The lawsuit claimed over with everyone but Mr. Stringer being paid.  If the problem was knowing the parents of these children that’s was settled last year. Those limit’s won’t run out for two more years. Not that it helps knowing the Chemical Release thieves who own the state courts don’t approve of us having anything. Question? What is the problem now? Other than their fucking ass holes.  Calling these low life bottom feeders names doesn’t bother them at all. Why with the kind of stealing their allowed just don’t call them broke without money. You know they love your blog when anything affording escape from their torment is prevented. But the children, you attack the children. The people running and ruining the U.S. courts in Jackson Mississippi and their counterpart thieves are about bunch of sick puppies.

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