___________________MURDER FOR HIRE_____________

    The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office claims its Agents killed an alleged hit-man in a shootout that wounded his accomplice. An attorney Lee Abraham was talking with agents about an alleged murder-for-hire scheme [pre-cog] when two men came into Abraham’s office Saturday night.

The victim 23-year-old Keaira Byrd was killed as reported by Leflore County Coroner Debra Sanders. Reporting he was shot several times, including a fatal head wound. Derrick Lacy was airlifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson with a bullet wound in the lower back, and an attorney general’s agent received a less serious wound. Mayor Carolyn McAdams says Abraham was unhurt __________________________________________________________

No doubt the head shot was one of the last shots taken. Unless it was the first. 23 huh? And one shot in the back. Folks in Mississippi have a choice in government to my little knowledge. Secret clan or pirates. It’s bad enough to have to meet some attorneys in day light very less a night meeting.

Just saying: The mind could really drift on this one. How does making an advance on an enemy target not be an advantage? Makes little sense meeting your victim in a room full of his Agents but then again he only was 23.  A Hitman that walks right into a group of Agents looking for his target? Bull shit. Were the Agents hid? Looks like a lot of things. Let’s make a deal. Ambush. I’m not paying you for your work. But that’s not the agreement.  

       Greenwood and Greenville are really close, huh?  This reminds me.  Our daughters release date from Greenville was moved from Monday the 30th, of April to Tuesday the 1st, of May. We haven’t seen her for six months. The reason being a suspected  attempt to get rid of us around Greenville over that Gaylord shit.

 Who knows?  If this is what happened. He the Hitman is no doubt pissed Right? To play out his hand in this fashion. But what’s wrong with me?  I think it looks more like maybe the money for a certain hit may have not been enough or perhaps the conditions had changed and the hitman might have been trying to re-negotiate a new deal or maybe an older deal which was being permitted just got canceled. Or perhaps another one was hired? A Hitman killer the murderer is the only one killed. This story is going to be good if or when the truth comes out.

UPDATE:  only gives more questions.  A 70-year-old man is accused of getting two men to kill a lawyer who represented his ex-wife’s divorced some time in the 90’s. Dr. Arnold Smith of Greenwood and William Paul Muller, 54, from Morgan City, are being held without bond and charged with conspiracy to kill attorney Lee Abraham, of Greenwood Mississippi.

The two men went to Abraham’s law office Saturday night, but agents from the Mississippi attorney general’s office were waiting. Not the FBI. Not the Sheriff’s department. Not the police department. But Agent’s invited to the Saturday night ? going on at the lawyer’s office. Abraham claims he contacted the FBI about an anonymous letter of slander against his family last week. Abraham was not hurt. Maybe he was a friend of Jim Hood. Judge Green should talk to Jim about body-guards for the Hinds Court to allow the Sheriffs deputies to work for the Sheriff.     ___________________________________________________________

Affidavit below: Being off on more than thinking this all stated in an Attorney Generals Office was a statement that. This occurred in an attorney’s office on saturday night and that it was an assassination attempt on an attorney with Attorney General Agents being present.  It is now suggested that what actually happened was a robbery in progress say Authorities. So that should do it till the trial. A recap and affidavit.

Agents from the Mississippi attorney general’s office were waiting for 23-year-old Keaira Byrd and 25-year-old Derrick Lacy Saturday night as they entered the Abraham’s law office. the report read Byrd was killed and Lacy being shot in the back was wounded in the gunfight that followed with an Attorney General Agent suffering a less serious wound. Arnold-Smith-search-affidavit

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