The State Of Louisiana, William Arata And Wal-Mart. The State Of Mississippi, Daivid Baria And Bell South. They Do What They Want?

 BILL ARATA ATTORNEY?   Although our search engine indicated more was being sought on the Bill Arata story. Since William Dollar Bill Arata boy isn’t one of my greatest fans all we have is his part in the extortion of my family’s awards. These payments under guise of fraudulent class action was made to Bill for the countless threats to not sue the towns major employer. Temple Inland paper mill and related corporations.  As I had stated in an earlier post, does the state owe Bill Arata? Meaning will Bill be set free of drug charges regardless his guilt? He played a major role to prevent our legal rights against Gaylord with the first attempted abduction of our child through the Office of Child Protection Services in Bogalusa.  An abduction later taken up by the state of Mississippi regarding said extortion plot. Allowing our child to wed at an early age broke his grip on us.

With what was nothing more the abduction of our child by Arata and state. Our child April was given a line of credit or account from Wal-Mart store. Some shit huh, Defendant Wal-Mart? Ok, they meant well. With no further word as to why he’s not lawyering presently Billy appears to be AWOL. Question? Was / is  Arata really an attorney? He claims to have attended law school could he have gotten a law license / degree through his dad and the state of Louisiana for the purpose of the Gaylord Chemical Release. You just can’t tell any more.

He played the part well but was his knowledge of law given to him by his dad alone? Nothing has been reported of the Bogalusa Daily News’s poster boy. Has the Louisiana Bar suspended Arata? Did the Bar find he wasn’t really an attorney at all. Look for an attorney in Bogalusa and you’ll find this on William Arata. . 

William H. Arata 

William H. Arata is a Lawyer in Bogalusa, Louisiana
Phone number not available
View Web Site  Website not available
 William H. Arata is a Lawyer in Bogalusa, Louisiana  Phone number not available.
The Louisiana court seal the faith of our child when a case worker got up and stated to the court “that the cloud of toxins from the mill  landed on and destroyed our home” Thus the reason that Mississippi politicians needed to incarcerate her with authority to prevent her from going to Louisiana to recover those court actions. Do we suppose that Wal-Mart records in the child’s case still exsit?
Re-writing the history of the Gaylord events are noted. In 1998 prior to the failed trial David Baira was with the law-firm of Hubbard Pierce. Sometime after the attorney deal to pursue the class or joined claims. Like Arata becoming a lawyer in 1995. Baria makes claims of a new law-firm in 1999 which was established in 1995 and it ain’t Hubbard Pierce either. Bell South having ran prior advertisement for the firm of Hubbard Pierce and Baria in 1998 was now running this wire fraud.
Back to the future with Bell South and  David Baria
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