Welcome The Return Of N8787 The Reunion Of The Troubled Triad And Hope For The Faithful Five.


Wow, boys and girls, we sure have come a long way from the days of Isaiah. Guess when a state takes control of the live’s of others the immunity for whence it came is all so powerful. Thank God nothing worse has happened. Not like it isn’t bad now. April M, aka N8787 has always favored silence regarding that incident in Bogalusa. When, she gets back we can start dealing with what’s left.

 Yet regarding this. It wasn’t any denial of wrong by the judges but a self-justified jurisdictional authoritative immunity, of any criminal actions. I tell you boys and girls there’s an Order of Green Magic in that court but it’s murky we can’t see it all.


At this point with all the talk of final settlements folks is the state done with us now? One can only wonder what’s next, right? But wait! Could it be that the court can no longer help itself of its behaviour? If it’s all over why keep the Bodyguards?  The Hinds County court in Jackson [ Land Of Magical Jurisdictions ] has issued two, make that three orders issued by sheer magic. Surely it couldn’t be? 

  Bailiff’s Turn Bodyguard As State Turns To Corrupt Court Magic:    



In search of a heart, courage and a brain we question if the Bailiffs turned hocus pocus Personal Bodyguards in 1996 wasn’t to protect a heighten situation via un-heard actions and unusual or even un-lawful court rulings? They should have clarify the Special Magic in their special appearance and motion to dismiss 

These orders seem to have been conveniently made available from Pandora’s box and leave to many questions for this post. If you know the requirements of filing a court action. These actions speak the volumes of crap. And ask yourself, what types of people need bodyguards?  Question? Are judges escorted to and from their cars, just saying. Hum, let’s see. If its real here’s the courts order and opinion

It’s probably an everyday thing to miss something regarding the filing of court papers. What happens with such, is the court corresponds a request to amend the filing. The filing process and requirements are a must. As such these uh, titles seem lacking on naming the parties with recent actions made to look like the older ones.

  Example Of Magical Ruling To Dismiss the injuried with property loss and keep awards ka-dabra.

Below is a description of the Hinds County Court from Legal Match for attorneys. Next to the rules of civil procedure in Hinds County Mississippi. The court hates plaintiffs for one sided justice. Were we used to write the new Hinds County uh, law book? Non attorney spoke person.


LEGAL MATCH:  Hinds County Mississippi:  In Hinds County civil litigation can be extremely complicated. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the rules of civil procedure can also be fairly complex. After all, they govern everything from the first document filed by the plaintiff, to the last ruling issued by an appeals court..

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