Foxworth MS.: On April 24th, 2012, to anyone reading the Well, Well, Well post. Bet you didn’t  think much of the words Bravo Ecko written within that earlier April 24th, post. Bravo Ecko was the call sign for our starting point on information collection on the final lawsuit corruptions which appears to be going on right now. We’ll share the goods of a greater conspiracy in this post.

  Hinds County Mississippi.  

Before April of this year everything kinda started heating up. I thought it would be interesting at that time to relate a reality of being a victim of fraudulent State, political extortion actions. Some interesting things are going on with the infamous RE: Bogalusa Chemical Release Civil Actions 251-96-493 and 251-98-1061 in Hinds County Mississippi and else where. As State class actions near there ends. Within court documents is one which reads that the Stringers as in Jerry Stringer and the Marie’s as in Robert, Jane and April Marie McNabb would be the last individuals to receive their settlement awards. Looks like problems, here comes the abuse.

It would appear as though the Class Action has reached the end of its road and rope with no one minding the court funds. From Classvictim, here’s a behind the scenes look at how the State my mother and George Fleming go on the attack to conclude awards and probably related matters. We couldn’t over look past actions of the State and its ability to simply say why not steal this and ignore or get rid of the Marie’s. We certainly can not control their actions. As recent discoveries will explain increased hostilities by State actions and Texas attorneys cleaning efforts.

Lawyers continue to hold Mr. Stringer’s awards with a new question now as to who the actual heir’s are. More on this below. As to our money, well.  Remember This any dismissed claim would be held  by the court to its desecration. As stated in the class action Hinds County, attorney for Fleming & Associates, Texas  Client Brief .

If you wish to skip some of the latest drama of another false and desperate attempt to get me arrested, being jumped on by my brother or an odd meeting with an attorney.  You may wish to advance to The Fleming attorney actions in Hinds County to unlawfully exclude our grandchild from her Paw, paw’s dying wish. Look for the Scumbag!

    MR. Stringers life policy:  At the time of writing this we were trying to speak to an attorney. Sometime late April we spoke to two attorneys about the grandchildren being heirs of a life insurance policy purchased with an auto loan left to them by Mr. Stringer, as was stated by his ex-wife my mother. Some days later she gave me a copy of the agreement[citi financial]. 

Why did they want me to have this now. Everything done regarding Mr. Stringer went through  Fleming firm from Texas, my mother and local attorneys. The lawsuit is winding down to its last. Something is going on. This will be kept in private mode till which time I want to convey an apparent covert action now over requested documents and attempts to once more acquire an arrest. This post was started April 25th, 2012. An attack is on the way!

On or around April 28th, 2012 an attorney looking at the insurance policy left to  our recently adopted grandchildren said he would do so conditionally. He wanted copies of our Gaylord Chemical Release Court actions from Hinds County. I think he an another attorney spoken to were told by state officials and politicians however to stay clear. An attorney spoken to in the past responses in a letter similar to one written by him in the past. Meaning the attack is on to take further actions against us for actual involvement to the Chemical lawsuit. Guess that claimed dismissal brainwashing never took. Wonder how much was placed in that dismissed case being controlled by the State Court?  


Give it a break:  As legal guardian of her children our daughter was never informed of any life policy directed towards her children after the death of her grandparent. My mother continues to aid Texas attorneys with an unfinished class action and money held by the State Court. All these connections looks like actions to get rid of us and/or conceal final conclusions with some further crimes as will be shown to be documented below. But First.

  That Attorney Meeting:                            

This was the first attorney we spoke to before the one we knew from the past and responded by letter.

 I won’t say why I felt we were taken to a special yellow room. It had a desk no computer (no computer) lots of papers mostly yellow. A comfortable couch and chair a lot of court documents in bag type suit cases to my right in a smaller joining green colored room. Red shirt, white beard about 68 my guess. Colonial Sanders. To his left what looked like a 2 foot by 4 foot table type desk with pictures. I’ve noticed an attempt by certain law firms to instill moods in their clients with room decor. 

About the papers on the desk, to his left were two one hundred-dollar bills on top one pile of papers. I twice wondered what the hell that was about. To pay for those copies? Nothing of it was said. But wait we informed him of having copies. If I had copies no dough or talk of it was needed. I’m going to travel his assumption we might be dismissed [bull-shit] in another post. Adding to this that the threats at home from mommy dearest had increased recently with arrest attempts ten fold.  

This attorney said he would check into the policy on a contingency fee bases by incorporating the life policy to the chemical suit. Not that we signed anything but no signature of contract was had. Did he need the States approval first?  That was the feeling. We talked about other attempts to gain our files by other attorneys in the last year or so, at our exclusion. What was the reason for a claimed dismissal. Possible statues of life long constitutional rights expiring and his willingness to check our files for possible actions against attorneys.

Just drop the files over to us he said. We don’t need to met again I’ll be busy I’ll have to go over them and check the statues. Yeah right, does vaseline come with that?  Here’s what I’m thinking. No way I’m turning anything over to anyone that’s been over three weeks ago and it ain’t happening. If any of these needs are upon us to participate in, it’s over.

       NOT !

I was scared to touch the walls for fear they would move or fall over as I left his office. It’s not about him just being an attorney, it’s about whats wrong with this? Did that just happen? Like the surrender deal of Jane’s x-rays so she would receive a needed surgery. We’re asked to surrender our court documents for the children’s inheritance in a time of finalizing court actions on hundreds of millions in a lawsuit? The old class action is definitely a repetitive process of existence isn’t it?

Since the start of all this in 1996 State authorities wondered about this legal cause till joining the courts counterpart attorneys of George Fleming in 1997, starting with Stuart Smith. The join venture of these have done their best to treat us like mushrooms. Keeping us in the dark and feeding us their dismissed horse shit, in their now open extortion plot. So let’s apply deductive reasoning here. About a current situation. As always we’re left to deal with all reailties some thing not yet shared by a group of indivisuals undisiplined to their greed.


 Three years ago 2009, a matter occured in which the Marie family through their grandchild could have addressed a matter affording the family some money with a life insurance policy left by Mr. Stringer. Why attack the children? Might we have left the state? Is that the problem with real un-compleated court actions?

Given the reports on this post and the trashing of these state paid officials. Why wouldn’t they want us to leave? [ money] It’s obvious that the state wants such as  arrest, pain and suffering with all of the crimes against us in our face and even the death of us is a desired effect to love of money. But we’re not to seek safety?  At the core of actions is that Teaxs firm my mother and once more the State.

You’d have to wonder if the adoption attorney who took two years to settle a three-month long action knew in their investigation about the policy or perhaps may have worked themselves some class claims? Is all this the obvious possibilities?  

After 16 years of greed and envy driven confrontational battles with a self minded corrupt group of attorneys and state empowered and supported criminal authority. Two state courts, three district courts and the court of appeals promoting of a fraudulent act with Mississippi’s judge James Graves and his 1998 January Order. Which erroneously claims authority to dismiss us as our action and awards remain under control of the state in and through the court funds. And now were to believe some attorney wants to go to court with this? And even take on other attorneys. What’s wrong with this Ugly picture.

No Attorney will touch this, so…. 

Early April 2012, my mother’s ability to get us arrested for nothing is weakening but she remains hell-bent for something once more to call the law on us. She threatens us daily and is also presently unable to get a grandson with countless charges on him arrested out of Jail, which use to be piece of cake regardless the crimes of the inner group for aid. I think sure she will be able to help him. Or maybe I’m wondering.  What would you do for a Klondike Bar.

UPDATE The Alliance Holds My Nephew is freed. Add to wit, I had my mother picked up about a year and a half ago for pointing a loaded rifle at my wife and our two-year old grandchild. She walked right through that revolving door.

 What is going on now is directed by the law-firm of Fleming and Associated’s from Houston Texas. They are the ones directing Mr. Stringer’s affairs through Ms. Stringer and her ex-husband estate as adminstrtrix [overseeing] of Mr. Stringer’s settlement. Papers used by them to anger us reveal further criminal actions. I will post them below in order of their events. As far as surviving the lawsuit attack.

George Fleming

Our assistance to extort us further under State authorities will hopefully end. Stating there were more checks on the way. I have informed everyone my mother including all attorneys spoken to if further action required our signatures for other attorneys to continue as has recently been suggested with present actions ended. It’s all about to die. Even the phone attempts to gain medical aid for us is not being responded to. We get nothing. They get nothing more.  At least in any honest way without greater open and public corruption or maybe murder of us. The push presently for a criminal charge against me is impressive. She’s threatening constently now.

 What isn’t obvious to many is the state’s attempted action to keep its class-joined action going on. The matter by which method they intend to use is the question of the moment involving us.  I’ll get you and your little dog attitude  as well, certain attempts to again get an arrest of us are on the way but the court feedback has not defined of the states process in directing what it wants. Something is upsetting certain person’s and it shows. Problem being, the grave or jail. Options given such for classvictims.  Being their one time only hope, here we go again to conclude their actions. Its more than something in the air. The open aggressions are mounting. Fleming attorneys are no doubt making demands

On or about the weekend of April 28th, 2012 I couldn’t take the repetitive loud mother harassing bull-shit given me by my mother any more. Arriving in town I approached an officer named Joshua Messer to report the harassing and repeated attempts of a neighbor to have us arrested for some sort of domestic charge. 

He asked the person’s name and I told him Alice Stringer. It was the weekend and had just received a call. He had to attend to the call but stated that he would return should I wish to wait. Suggesting I would just return Monday, he stated that he would acknowledge my reporting to him of harassment for the purpose of obtaining an arrest.

With my mother injecting herself into her ex-husbands lawsuit she recently engages in an attempted full-scale attack to have us arrested and removed from my step dads property. I suspect she’s being told the settlement will soon conclude and doesn’t want to repay a loan agreement. But it is much more serious than that. As we review all actions shared with us through my mother to cause emotional distress and anger directed recently through the (spit) Fleming law firm.

  Decision Time : I do well to trust my instincts. Sometime after Jerry’s settlement was transferred to other attorneys and not paid out. We recalled the document listing the last two actions to be had. Thinking my family members might not engage with aid to the court. We might limit actions concerning us in reality coming out of all that magical whatever screwing us from the Hinds county court. Would it be better to share the possibility with my step-brother and mother that unless we die or are somehow done away with they may never get Mr. Stringers settlement awards. A possibility exist that his settlement is being used to hold ours.

The upside to yes was if they were told about this, their behaviour directing their  intent would show. My mother has stated that she would continue to receive checks in this matter. My wife tells me my mother’s more recent letter shown to her stated this is your last settlement check regarding the Gaylord Chemical cause. Interesting isn’t it? Of my understanding regarding the lawsuit Stringer and Marie were to be the last get settlement.  We do nothing.

    Of the only two attorneys we ever had. The first attorney Smith, signed on other attorneys through George Fleming for a fraudulent joined action. The second attorney we got took the fraudulent claims before the court and it failed. Leaving Stringer and Marie as a supposed and documented final settlement. This being an unchanged agreement of actions and orders of Judge Graves. If we could Slither into their shoes we see and feel an elimination process at work here which we will revel another purpose for.  

I’m guessing that drugs are playing a bigger part of my step brother’s life at this time. He stays drunk regardless our concern for him. He raises three kinds of hell with us that my mother is constantly demanding money from him daily. His long-suffering seems to be a major topic of discussion to everyone he knows with claims he supports us all. States that our oldest grandchild is as his own with custody. All this talk from him and my mom paint a weird program.

My mother engages in constant threats to all of us living here to an attempted and total control and arrest. They both get monthly checks for mental conditions and are deserving of every damned penny. Did I mention they are member of the local Masonic Lodge. My step brother is a Shriner My mother an Eastern Star. I ‘ve been told that I should bow down to them. I’m not joking.

Likewise, my mother complains of my step brother to us, collects his monthly check taking a portion of it and any other money he gets through the month.  I told him to stop supporting her. He refuses to stop because of what is being sought from his intent. Which is what she seeks which is a constant of the entire process of George Fleming in the State of Mississippi. 

My brother supports my mother with hopes my mother will anger me into killing her. Or that she kills me. He’s said as much. My mother continues to attempt an arrest as the State and the Fleming firm hopes someone gets murdered. Attorneys instigate my mother. She instigates me and my step brother all the time with hopes one of us will kill the other. Anything to change the equation won’t happen neither my step brother or mother understand any of this. Their thinking is as attorneys, that were just in the way.

We’ve been cut down lower than grass about caring for the Kids by my mom as I paid every bill around here. I’ve even helped her with gas and sometimes food. Something I stop doing about three months ago when it appeared she was getting worse with verbal abuses.  For nearly three years a family of four survived on my monthly income of $1,300 . During that whole time mommy dearest is holding a life policy of at least one of the grandkids. But if she or Ray can’t get it no one will. Yes they attack children. And we’ve heard those words from attorneys before to.

        From The Front Lines:                                                                               The False Arrest Files

The following is the reaction of family members angered with attorneys actions to maintain control of Mr. Stringer’s awards in the court without granting complete control of money to my mother. She long claims being over my step dads affairs what was his, was and is her’s.

On the 1st, of May 2012 my brother came home drink again and started his bitching. Don’t remember the last time I had drunk a few beers but today I did. It was the matter of the days first threat of my mother she wasn’t going to have that kind of stuff around here. My brother is never told any anything [ money ] he just pulls up all messed up. He’s walks over rasing hell to us about mom again. I told him I didn’t want to hear it. We’ve been hearing a lot for a long time now. He goes around telling everyone he supports everyone living on his step dads mortgaged land that somehow it’s his place. In truth it really belongs to a loan company. I know. I make the monthly payments and have for three years now since his death. Its gotten to the point others are telling us that he is nagging them with complaints.

I suspect my step brother is attempting to hide his drug purchases by claiming to support everyone.The objections to hear a problem he was creating got louder from the both of us. I told him if we had to depend on him we would starve. Mom comes to her back door. It looks like Ray had started bitching earlier because his tv looked like it had been thrown to the floor was busted and placed by the door for disposal. At her back door as always the threats from my mother started. 

1. No later than tomorrow y’all going to have to move. 2. y’all won’t wind up with this place like you think. You need to be put in jail, somethings she’s been repeating for the last three days obsessively. I’m going to get your lights turned off.  I tell her to shove it.  She adds that no later than tomorrow Ray my step-brother, will whip my ass. After repeating this around three times. Ray says something like “hell ya why wait till tomorrow” and starts at me. My wife intervenes between us telling me to go inside. Yes dear I start in.

We are in the area between the two mobile homes where we park our automobiles. Ray views my retreat as weakness and increases his verbal attack. Knowing I don’t want to fight him. He got me angry at all the harassing that’s been going on lately and it getting worse. I turned and asked him if my step dad wanted the kids to have something from him if something happened to him why was he and mom being the way they were about what he wanted. A question I’ll ask again in court.


Going around my wife in quick manner he began swinging hard trying to hit me. I was able to evade for a while before he hit me two or three times as I blocked I pushed him back off of me at least three times. He comes back and he’s high and drinking. This will be our second fight ever. Ray can fight I know we trained together. We never took the confidence away from anyone in training. No one knows the outcome of a fight.

I have no choice, he’s mad, confident and won’t stop.  We exchange a few hits. Feeling he’s at a lost from being knocked down twice he tried attacking me from behind as I tried to walk away. He ran behind me attempting a head lock as he tackled me to the ground. That’s about all I recall. We get up fighting. I see him going down he’s kicking at me with leg locks and I try to turn away as he comes again this happens about three more times before I realized unless I sting him good he’s not stopping. Another 15-20 seconds it’s over. Ask the neighbors across the highway. There’s nothing more pleasing to some members of my family or married relatives than making a skeptical ass of themselves or having me look like one before others. What’s the word here? SHAME. Understanding he can’t take me doesn’t mean he can’t kill me. Still these suppose to be family battles are shameful.

He no longer wants to fight now but my wife and mother is telling him not to drive away because he’s getting in his truck and has been drinking. So I even tried reasoning with him but after being cursed. I told him go ahead you stupid ass. He leaves and minutes later here comes the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

Their doing their job. And their really good these day’s. But this is my mom again. After hearing the issues the officer was right informing us that what we have is a legal issue for a civil action regarding the fact that Mr. Stringer named one or both of his grandchildren as benefactors to a life policy and we had adopted them. We also stated we had reason to believe that perhaps Ms. Stringer holds no legal right to maintain her residence simply for the purpose of harassing and threatening our family away from what may belong to the grandchildren.   

My brother drives up gets out his truck staggers up to the officers telling them that he started everything and was to blame. He was arrested, cuffed and taken to jail for DUI. He told me he hates me.

   Alice in Wonderland.

This had nothing to do with my mother than a chance to get me arrested again. She wasn’t really involved however the moment was right. My mother presses a charge on me the next morning for disturbing the peace. Probably a life sentence.

I was at court that morning for the same reason I’ve really had enough. Time to give consideration to the truth. I first chose not to press charges against her and simply defend myself but she’ll just try something else. They are working to finalize their crimes endangering our family unit with unknown actions recently discovered for the last three years.  

     Allow me to lay the foundation of defenses to blow this attack from Texassissippi’s Magical Hinds County Court actions from the water before they try to float it. We’ll view an action to remove and exclude Mr.Stringer’s chosen benefactor. We didn’t know this was just the tip of a huge bunch of actions going on for the last three years this being the final chapter. Here’s the real reason’s for the attacking actions and folks, it’s a hell of a mess and were in the way of what they created.

Jerry and Alice Stringer had knowledge of our condition and assuming our death had worked with attorneys to incarcerate our child and next gaining custody of our grandchild Amber. In these later years Jerry related to Jane my wife some form of ability to aid the children in an untimely event to him. He also stated that they were unable to adopt the children but that we could. Before this however.

Was the actions of Alice and Jerry Stringer with our grandchild Amber’s Court ordered  Establishment of Guardianship , The unopposed and agreed to by all parties action was had filed in court January 9th, 2006. Custodian benefactor.

Remember on April 3rd, 2007 Mr. Stringer purchases a life insurance policy naming his grandchild now under his guardianship as benefactor. The matter involved an auto loan with  CITIFINANCIAL .     

On April 25th, 2009 Mr. Stringer passes away. He and Alice had claimed a guardianship for any money they could get if we died but this is all different now. Wanting any of the money left by Mr.Stringer, Alice Stringer begins her work to eliminate others from Mr. Stringers awards and insurance money. After trying to by-pass their divorce for direct control which fails. She contacts Texas attorneys to aid eliminate their custody of Amber and use of Ray Stringer Mr. Stringer’s son.  

They fail to understand they have given full authority to the court from Texas attorneys through Mississippi attorneys over Mr. Stringer’s settlement. They are resorting to old tactics of attacking us with hopes it produces a release of any money owed Mr. Stringer. These two idiots have no idea what they did or what’s going on. As seen in and by their agreed to  Judgment For Authority to Compromise and Settle Claim             

The present charges seem to be easing my mothers stressed out situation. Being told to sign some waiver of arrest I was actually handed a waiver of attorney. A bad thing if this attack is by the state to eliminate or jail me for a long time. That was a similar action had in 1997 during actions in Hinds County back then to eliminate. However this could all be my mother. Her understanding is that harming us please’s the Texas attorneys. Making matters worse is that she was paid well in the past to cause that harm. Maybe she already understood that if we’re not somehow done away with the lawsuit drags on without any action. Court day May 22nd, 2012 and by the way the fact your income is such that your address suggest the two food stamp cards under the same roof and income your commiting food stamp fraud.

 ______________________________________________________ PS.

 DUKE POLK , IN RE: Statements made here in connection with knowledge of certain local events. A relative and friend of a Mr. Polk ( Prescilla Oxner ) asked if I would be available to testify at court. My answer was yes, but I had nothing more to say other than what was said here in post till then. I’m told Mr. Polk’s attorneys would like to speak to me. We’ll see.

Would you believe I’ve already ran into a discrepancy with what is being portrayed by the locals already. . The local paper’s reporting isn’t the same released during the time this event occurred. Both a story and pictures are missing in my opinion. A photo with the Sheriff and others around the body and story describing the murder scene is absent of court copies of the local news. I’m told it would be impossible to tamper with these books as they are blinded. That confirmation was my clue.

I’m told by the company that they handle bi weekly, six month and yearly bindings except for special needs or ordered work. The murder of Kimberly Rowell occured in 1993. This means the latest binding of that action for the court would be 1994. Why did the binding company date appear January 2000 atop the page? Columbian Progress

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