In depth coverage of the BP oil spill has some wondering if it was all intentional. As reported by RT. On April 20th, 2012, the worse environmental event in U.S. history kill 11 and injured 17 others when the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig exploded releasing around 2 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mexico during a three-month period. Last month BP agreed to settle the largest class action lawsuit in history with over one hundred million people and companies for 7.8 billion dollars. BP claims that an additional 8 billions was paid over the present offer.

Some attorneys are saying that the out of court actions of attorneys has cheated some of the real victims out of recovery.  With 1.2 billion gallons of disbursement’s used. It is feared that long-term effects associated to disbursement’s of Corexit will elude redress.  Reports show a decline in health of people and sea-life from Corexit disbursement’s used. 

Two years after Deepwater Horizon the death of thousands of dolphins and sea-life mutations are being blamed on the Corexit disbursements. The number of sea food caught is about the same. However, many are showing signs of abnormalities and mutations. Shrimp without eyes, crawless crabs and fish with out fully formed hearts. With fear of health problems from eating the sea-food. Some attorneys question the like of this issue being added to the suit.

 The assumption is that even more could be recovered for victims of the BP lawsuit. [well that’s self-explanatory] The out of court settlement is viewed as the result of intentional negligence for the purpose of greed with $600 million in attorneys fees.

THE WAR FOR THE DOUGH:….    JACKSON:  Legislative effort to control BP oil disaster fund money expected to come to Mississippi spawned a political battle at the Capitol between Senate leaders and the House and the Governor. A threat to hold up Gov. Phil Bryant’s reappointment of Bill Walker to head the Department of Marine Resources Wednesday.


As chairman of the Ports and Marine Resources Committee, Wiggins will preside over a confirmation hearing for Walker today. Wiggins co-authored granting legislative control of BP money. Wiggins said he had met with the Governor’s Office and others and was hopeful a compromise could be reached, and was uncertain whether he might try to derail Walker’s appointment.

A similar battle ensued when the state received billions for Hurricane Katrina recovery, with then-Gov. Haley Barbour winning out and state agencies controlling most of the spending. Wiggins noted that resulted in some Katrina funds being spent on projects far inland from the storm’s destruction. _________________________________________________________

BAD MOVES AND THE OTHER VICTIMS:    [SPILL]  In the first criminal charge to result from the sweeping federal probe into the 2010 BP oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon a former BP engineer Kurt Mix, who resigned from BP in January, was charged in a criminal complaint filed Monday in federal court in New Orleans. He was arrested by FBI agents Tuesday on charges of obstruction of justice. That he allegedly deleted hundreds of text messages from his iPhone that estimated the rate at which oil was spewing from the busted well. The complaint on Kurt Mix was supported by an affidavit from FBI………………………..


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