Here’s a post to explain a thing or two. Seems our site is getting a little slow so between up-dating the Hinds County, Jerry Stringer and a new cause to examine and place further documents to post. In a bit we’ll be getting up to speed as well.

A word to our readers. Guest Postings. For those of you wishing to write a post regarding this matter and the issues therein. Or other stories of interest. Your welcome to submit ideas for reviewing. I’m sure given my 4th, grade education there are many out there who could elaborate these events or others with a lot less typo’s and error in grammar. As far as having a fourth grade education, looks like the money spent by present day attorneys were paid to be part of the club. How damned smart can these people be ? I’ve figure out their criminal dumb shit.


Subject Matter: Although I agree that we should widen our blog to include other topics. We find that this ongoing criminal reporting on activities by the Un-united States of a screwed up-country will do for now. believe it or not we haven’t scratched the surface of corruptions in this matter. We wouldn’t be surprised if a large percent of Judges and their counterpart cooked ass attorneys from Jackson all the way down to New Orleans are in on this. That billions may have been collected for our assumed death and its aftermath will reveal many actions which won’t be legal but will be shown here.

Again: We have a cause to review our documents and will be placing other events from this to post soon. Although it’s the story of one event. As attorneys involved have said. This is a big deal! Oh yeah, how big? Enjoy what we offer as we work to produce more. We’ll probably have something of further interest in a few days and more on the Bailiffs Personal Bodyguards of Hinds County and the life policy of Mr. Stringer even sooner.


There was a life insurance policy on Mr. Stringer, which to given events suggest our grandchildren were named as beneficiaries. However were having a time with transfer of document to its post. The battle over the spawned Bailiffs / Personal Bodyguards of Hinds County via an order from that magical Jurisdiction suggest the extortioners plan to take the long track. Wait till you see the names of the original order and remembering that the AG’s office claims to have ruled with the judges regarding this matter to have what are undeniably personal bodyguards.

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