With Claimed Crime Fighting Improvements The City Of  Columbia Fires & Hires A New Chief Of Its Police Department. Is There An Effort To Silence The Past?  The Larger Picture Of Present Day Marion County

  As reported by NBC’s WDAM station:                               

What is being described as a tight-lipped situation has Marion County politicians running. WDAM,  has new information shedding light onto the Columbia Board of Alderman’s 3-2 vote Monday night to fire Police Chief, Jim Kinslow. who stated he didn’t make the most popular decisions but rather sought the right one.  I’m a public servant not a politician. It’s that type of attitude in Marion County that might have led to his termination. 

Ward 1 Alderman, Wendell Hammond made the motion to fire Kinslow.  Records show that Hammond’s son has not one or two, but seven warrants out for his arrest. Exact reasons for firing a man who many credit with cleaning up Columbia are still unclear but  “That is one possibility,” said Kinslow. Mayor Reed Houston when asked about the warrants he said he hadn’t even heard about them. 

 Attorney for the City, Lawrence Hahn spoke after the meeting concluded and said a majority of the Board determined that a change was necessary,” Hahn said. Read more on The Columbian-Progress.
Update: City Attorney Lawrence Hahn has announced on the Columbian -Progress that the City has hired Clint McMurry as acting Chief.
PUBLIC NOTICE: Of non specific federal and state actors involved in recent drug arrest.  Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) and the District Attorney (DA) for the 15th Judicial District of Mississippi. So we have unnamed persons from Marion County’s past steering these drug arrest. Guess when they get it all looking like they want they’ll inform the public what they want everyone to believe. Why are the arresting parties not being made known? Let me act like I don’t know and ask. What do they have to hide?
Proven un-able to prosecute his friends (monetary supporters)  & family, Hood provides Scapgoating authority to the known and wide-spread Corruption in the City of Marion  County, Mississippi. 
                 Jim Hood   Jim Hood    Jim Hood     Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, who with others needs his head examined, announced several weeks ago that Polk, 41, of Foxworth had been indicted on Capital Murder charges. According to the indictment, Polk allegedly shot and killed 18-year-old Kimberly Gaye Rowell on Aug. 25, 1993, on the property of the Columbia Primary School. Polk was asked by Harrell if he could afford an attorney and he responded, “No.”“I’ll have you fill out an affidavit and we’ll appoint two lawyers. Because of conflicts with public defenders, it is necessary to appoint Scott Schwartz and Thomas Schwartz. They have multiple capital case experience.” Harrell then set a tentative trial date of Oct. 2, 2012.
Having our child hauled off to the North Westren part of the state near a river and an other state after being extorted of hundreds of millions. Has the hit been paid? Mississippi and murder for hire go hand and hand. It might be interesting to see who the actual person’s are involved in over a decade of murdering, drug dealings and countless other crimes before an opened court its reporter and who all feel that their state authority will aid their friends for the monetary support they recieved for such. Even in the recent actions here there are dots. After all it never was a normal town.



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