WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Marion County has come a long way in the last five years with regards to its law enforcement. In fact the men and women of law in this county could actually hold the title of peace officers. Perhaps there was once a quota process which require abusive behaviour in the past. Progress in progress.


Main Street Columbia 1920. There’s the court-house at the upper left. …………….. 

Four men were arrested  on drug charges in a multi-county raid after their arrests Wednesday.

Tighe Jarod Lee, 32, of Columbia faces up to 60 years in prison with $5 million dollars in fines. Alfredric Antwain James, 27, of Columbia is facing 40 years with $5 million dollars in fines after his arrest as well. The charges range from  possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute cocaine hydrochloride and possession with intent to distribute more than 28 grams of crack cocaine.
 Tony Ervin, 36, and Terris Russell Jefferson, 31. From Kokomo were charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine hydrochloride and possession with intent to distribute more than 28 grams of crack cocaine. Jefferson is charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute cocaine hydrochloride.
Penalties include  65 years in prison and a $3 million fine. maximum prison term of 80 years and a $5 million fine. The arrests are part of an investigation dubbed “Operation Run This Town,” targeting illegal drug distribution in Marion, Pike, Forrest and Lincoln counties and Washington Parish, La. Eleven people were arrested and one remains at large.
QUESTION? WAS BILL ARATA A TARGET OF OPERATION RUN THIS TOWN? ______________________________________________________________________
Pulp and Paper Mill                 Bogalusa Pulp and Paper Mill, Bogalusa, Louisiana 1930.

The Bogalusa Daily News is reporting that International Paper of Bogalusa is still working to comply with orders issued from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.  An untreated wastewater discharge from Gaylord led to a  fish kill on the Pearl River in August 2011. 

Todd Crutcher, Manager offered a status update for the local mill with other improvements at the Bogalusa facility. A portion of that change involves environmental concerns. Change under way in Bogalusa in terms of how we manage business,” he said. The August incident at the Gaylord facility took place months before IP acquired T-I in February.

Crutcher pointed to a highly educated, experienced person for mill’s new manager of Environment, Health and Safety; Mike Steltenkamp. A couple of new engineers, with different areas of expertise, have joined the department. The team’s major initial focus is addressing environmental compliance for its permits and the compliance orders from the state. ……………

    The most insane person I’ve known other than attorneys regarding the greed of money and limitless actions to get as much as they could from this chemical release would be my mother. Saying in the face of our injuries and loss “your lawsuit is like a lotto ticket” she was plagued with greed from birth. Having receiving her settlement she had purchased a brand of car she wanted as a child. Receiving her check Thursday she was broke and borrowing money from me by Monday. She stays in demand of money. It has consumed her thoughts and speech constantly. Perhaps you know the type.

  Countless books and tapes on how to acquire money. A present thought that the state of Mississippi will receive most of what was Mr. Stringer’s awards has placed her in deep distress. She is subjecting my step brother to the same shit as my step dad. Her recent financial demands to cover her assumed amounts from un-hatched eggs may require a vacation boys and girls. Say April 13 to April 26 nothing special just peace and quite. My mom is very old fashion. She tells me regardless what we know we can’t prove anything. But mommy dearest.


Given the many events maybe it’s time to simmer. The crap appears to be stirred up pretty good. Completion of (estate ?) which I’ve been paying for is set for June. An agreement for reimbursement from the only heir of monies paying land and home mortgage by me since my step dad’s death has no doubt upset my mother. My brother had requested in writing aid with the monthly mortgage payments pending the lawsuit. He stated he is unable to pay. My mother insisted she would never pay a damn dime and that no one would including my step brother will get the property. What about attorneys, the settlement and the morgage?

Police in Picayune, Mississippi, decide to use the wheel of justice on drug offenders.

Wow, don’t get me started…..  The release of Mississippi Department of Corrections inmate number N8787 is scheduled for April 30th, 2012. The inmate will be released and placed on parole till October 2012. Inmate N8787 has been in state custody in some form or fashion since she was 14.

Hopefully the state will feel it has successfully rehabilitated her prior A-B school grades as well made improvements to the four years she chaired first in band. She will returned having not seen her family for seven months thus far. Maybe a little R&R will do her some good. If I’m lucky she wouldn’t see this.An up date on a drag along court action of the fraudulent Political, Governmental Corporate Gaylord Chemical release in Bogalusa, Louisiana on 10-23-95.  Wait!

Uh, wait. This was in fact a real action of sort in that my step dad acquired his injuries in our home. Because we refuse to enter our home, something our condition wouldn’t tolerate. My sept dad and mom tried to recover family photos which were copied then destroyed by fire. That night was Jerry’s first doctor visit and he wasn’t putting on about not being able to breathe.

 Not that any court every cared but that home which had a toxic cloud land on it was ours. It was never replaced. No right of home was ever honored. During their divorce of my mom from my step dad she only requested one of the two trailers on the three acre plot. My step dad was given the newer home and the ownership of the land. My mother’s plan was to gain a monthly check and she was successful. She injected herself as overseer of the uh, estate. Before long one of two lies will be clarified. Shouldn’t attorneys have cared for paying the estate? ClassVagabond?

Paradise lost:  Who knows how many were effected. Other than friends and family we met a lot of folks during the warmer months of caring for as well as riding horses through the trails around Angie, Louisiana’s Clear water resort. Parts of the trail ran near our home and we’d often stop for a cold drink or water.


Please feel free to leave a comment till we return. There should be more on the arrest of Duke Pope by the Mississippi Attorney Generals Office regarding a death in Marion County which occurred 19 years ago in a Columbia school yard of an 18, year old female. More on the trial of those arrested on drug charges reported on this post.

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