LET’S HAVE A LOOK AT THAT MAGIC CITY, THAT GREEN EMPIRE WHOSE MAGICAL JURISDICTIONAL HORSE SHIT IS APPLIED THROUGH SELECTIVE PROSECUTIONS. WHEN KIDS HAVE AUTHORITY AND DRUGS Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, is the only city in Washington Parish. “The Magic City“, “The Green Empire”, — slogans of past years, are as appropriate today as ever.


As one can see the average person not employed by the state’s or cities of this demoralizing country are often subjected to state jurisdictional horse shit of those working state government. The state is fully aware of its corporate governmental political crime and who they against us. The corporate paid protection extented to all involved. Even present day criminals involved in these matters in Mississppi.

Case In Point: Who is Bill Arata? Bill Arata was the first attorney the state of Louisiana would use against us in an government corporate extortion plot to leave my family for dead as the fifth circuit courts collected billions in our awards. That’s Bill Arata. The city of Bogalusa’s attorney at law the name says it all. A RAT A.


Does anyone believe the story of Bill Arata’s arrest as it is presently being portrayed in the towns corporate monetary attorney control Media report? Huh?  In fear of tarnishing poster boy, perhaps someone from Bog might clear up any invalided statement here. The latest is that these drug deals were being made behind his office. That federal agents had worked months on this particular case. That this was a charge for Oxycontin without prescription.

It all smells. Federal agents are known for monitoring drug sells and dealers not usually the buyer. So the DEA has changed its tactic. No loner will the drug dealer be arrested they want the buyer,??? hum??… So do we believe that in the months investigation that the only drug bought or sold was Oxycontin? Doesn’t this sound more as though agents were investigating the sell of drugs for months maybe right behinds Arata’s office and the only one being sold without a prescription was Oxycontin? After all hasn’t the federal action already been turned into a state affair with all the supporting corporate, criminal and corrupted factions that a magical jurisdictional city of horse shit can provide. Why would I say this? Read on!

 A lot of folks believe you only know what they tell you. When it comes to Bogalusa, folks were told in 1995 that there was a tank car leaking that exploded and the cloud of poison went everywhere. That’s a lie told by Gaylord, Bogalusa and the courts of three state, it was a lie when told and it’s still a lie today. The Gaylord Bogalusa Chemical Release any one responsible held government immunity.


What Gaylord and the city of Bogalusa doesn’t want you to know is that when a tank car of poison toxins were leaking on their property that they had no way what so ever to safely deal with it and no ones safety was a concern to anyone. That they had no intention to report it to Haz-Mat or any other proper agency. That some high-ranking official and others came up with a plan to dispose of the toxic poison as best they could and took criminal actions into their own hands. That they waited weeks to catch the wind blowing to the North-West away from the more populated area of the Parish. That wind blowing to the North-West is generally followed by rain. Which holding to their plot would have washed away the chemicals released.

All this along with the final timing of release. As noted by hunters and fishermen the wind will stop blowing an hour before daylight as well an hour before dark. With all this we have a means by which the released cloud of poison could be carried off to the North-West a pre-Dawn or pre-Dusk release handled the cloud travel and attempted stop and drop of the cloud before going into Mississippi.  Had the water been applied for release occurred in the morning it would have been seen all day long. Thus the afternoon release was aided by the darkness which followed. On October 23rd,1995 Temple Inland aka Gaylord was set to go. The plan was fixed.


So R.I.P. Billy. Attorneys know Billy Ray, and so did we. That was a long ride up to Jackson for those depositions. Billy spoke his mind. So when Gaylord officials began complaining that the cloud didn’t raise up and travel in a direction they wanted fast enough to suit them, Billy asked did they think he could control the damned wind?

Now look close because everyone has heard that what goes up, will also come down. The master race of plotters no doubt knew this as well. So let’s recap. The known pressure increase caused by introducing water would cause the rupture and release of tank car toxins. The North-West winds would carry the cloud up and away from the city. Once out over the pine tree framing area of the Parish an hour before dark the wind stops blowing dropping the cloud to the ground to be washed away with the following rain. Just one problem and it seems to be all my problem. That place or spot this cloud of deadly N2O4 gases were going to land was exactly where my home was. As refered to by attorneys’ as “Ground Zero”.

  Ground Zero, to property loss. Ground zero to injuries. Ground zero to the repeated attacks by this greed driven corporation and all the little giblet fuckers wanting a piece of the actions. So yeah, we were ground zero to all the awards money. But the Arata attorney groups have attacked to extort and that’s where we are today as we were yesterday and the day before. MAGIC CITY MAINTAINS JURISDICTIONAL HORSE SHIT!

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