Drug court


Bogalusa, attorney Bill Arata, 48, was arrested in his office Thursday morning by the Bogalusa Police Department and charged with possession of a schedule II narcotic. A complaint investigated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and the Attorney General’s Office, confirmed an arrest by law enforcement officials  of Arata for the drug Oxycontin.

Chief Joe Culpepper, said  “I think they turned him over to us for state charges here because he didn’t meet federal standards for prosecution,” Culpepper said. “The amount (of drugs) involved has to be really high for them to prosecute.” He could not say specifically how much of the drug Arata had in his possession at the time of his arrest but did say the attorney did not have a prescription for Oxycontin.

Arata was booked into Bogalusa City Jail before noon and later transported to Washington Parish Jail in Franklinton for bonding. Commissioner Dan Foil is reported to have set the bond at $10,000. _________________________

CLASSVICTIM: Does the state of Louisiana owe Bill Arata any favors?  In 1997 he was fully aware of a corporate state judicial conspiracy by the city of Bogalusa, to protect the town’s major corporations. The first hand knowledge of the situation amounted to extortion work by state authority in return for money from the Gaylord class action fraud. The city’s government is due to receive even more money in the next best scenario recently reported. The scenario given here is money placed aside to fight any attempt to seek actions by us against state or corporate actions as described in the attorney and court agreement of 2004. The court persuade these actions after an attempted joiner of claims failed at trial. Actions regarding the Bogalusa Gaylord Chemical Release in Bogalusa was in relation to Punitive Damages for a class whose Mississippi trial  failed.

     One of the biggest drama actions in present day of law enforcement and our government is drug abuse. With lines as well as lives becoming blurred as to who is supplying the drugs and those using them regarding penalties. The average person gets nailed to the wall in charges and their drug use is used repeatedly against them to demonize the person into prison having labeled them for life. What might we expect when public officials and attorneys for the city give unlawful monetary power to the state? In such an event would the state’s corporate monetary interest be better maintained by protection for such an attorney?  Is the fix in? The conclusion being it was a state charge alleged by a federal agency.? Maybe a citizen arrest huh? Well Billy, if Gaylord made you rich. Look at the bright side for just a little while you’ll be famous.

CV. In reality the sellers and users of drugs cross a broad line of individuals and isn’t only your average person on the street. In the given state or federal attack of drug purchase, use and abuse on some in ruling authority. No one is addressing the harm caused by any elected official for being addicted or influenced in a judicial decision by their drug abuse. Fraudulent class-actions have paved the way for fraudulent claims and related pill mills, which support further law enforcement funds in a vicious circle of abuse and cost for these white-collar crimes

Compared To Real Emergency Responders The Sheriff’s Emergency Responders Of 1995 October 23rd Chemical Release Disregarded Life.

A Message from the late Sheriff Blair, never before in the history of our Nation has the problem of drug abuse and drug related crime been more serious. When we put one drug dealer in jail , another takes his place. Like any other business , dealers know not the tragedy , destruction and death it leaves in its wake. There is no black or white to a drug dealer it’s only a business.  Sincerely , Duane Blair Sheriff.

 Washington Parish D.A.R.E. In Washington Parish , D.A.R.E. was implemented by Sheriff Blair during the 1992-’93 school year.The local D.A.R.E. program has grown since then from one officer teaching the core curriculum to three officer’s teaching the K-4 visitations , the core curriculum , the jr. high curriculum , and the D.A.R.E. Parent Program. Since the implementation of the program over 18 , 000 residents of  Washington Parish have graduated from the D.A.R.E. program, beginning with the kindergarten level through the parent program.

CV. ..  D.A.R.E. – Right, Here’s what everyone should understand. If you have half a brain and can total the cost drugs are just not worth it. D.A.R.E. Drugs Are Really Expensive.  


It would do little to wonder if drugs played any part in the personal attacks against us by city and state officials in Bogalusa, during the time their toxic cloud landed on our home. Given the amounts had with our cause before the court and our known injuries and property loss. With a threat from Arata the state never looses will this be reflected. The directional authority of corporate, political and judicial corporate city power of state should be evident in the best case scenario.


People in the small towns of Washington Parish were stunned when Sheriff, Duane Blair was charged with a drug crime. Blair was considered a pillar of the community.And for the last 9 years was the sheriff of Washington Parish in Louisiana. Blair illegally upped his dosage by forging his own prescriptions.

And now , this former sheriff , who still faces sentencing , now lives with pain no drug can heal. After his doctor prescribed Oxycontin for his chronic back pain.Blair says relief soon turned to reliance , then addiction. He blames himself but also the drug’s developer Purdue Pharma for downplaying the danger of synthetic morphine. I took it as was prescribed , but the point was I had to take more than was being prescribed to me because eventually your body has a tolerance for what it is. And the more you put in , basically , the more you need , says Blair.

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  1. James says:

    You are apeshit insane and you have grammar.

  2. Apparently the Bogalusa News doesn’t like reporting on its corporate Media poster boy. I’ll just comment on the issues here. Bill is a cold-hearted, arrogant slithering snake. Grammar the city of Bogalusa, its elected officials and monetary corporate back-up attempted an unlawful disposal which destroyed all these people’s property and severely injured them. To make matters worse the courts along with Mr. Arata used these people to gain hundreds of millions or possibly billions of dollars and left them for dead.

  3. Robert says:

    Dear James, come out to play. In all the many years that I have dealt with the truly insane and mentally corrupt individuals who have destroyed my possessions, engaged in extortion into the hundreds of millions known and left my family with suffered injuries. Nothing ever said of them by me is ever denied. When I express a hatered of thieves, murderers and kidnappers anyone with factual knowledge of us and the Gaylord Bogalusa event knows clear and well who I am referring to. If there is something other than publically making these bastards known I’m all ears. The court have all unlawfully decided to not allow us any legal action. So how bout it Jim defy and elaborate on your term apeshit. If that isn’t what’s on your nose then explain.

    One of the very first of attacks from the state master race was evaluations. After three of their own one I sought to verify the record. Seems the master race had gone apeshit for the money involved. Then you show up here with an apeshit comment to something you know little to nothing about. Were you a class action client of the massive hysteria? Please feel free to further respond.

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