In covering the backroad, backroom dealings of Mississippi state governmental corporate relations and the tale of two cities. Classvictim will from time to time leave the odd and mystical politics of the Hinds County court to post local events from Marion County, as well our neighbouring communities like Bogalusa Louisiana. The final decision of a earilier thought to share local news stories in a post was a comment by News 4 You. If confirmed it’s news to us. But first.

     WDAM News and The Columbian Progress are reporting:  Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded Monday to a call near a wooded area off Hwy 13 South, in the Lampton Community. When officers arrived a man sitting in a vehicle, shot himself and died. During a search of the scene, authorities discovered a body of a female.

Special agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations and Marion County Coroner Norma Williamson also responded.The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Crime Scene Unit were called in to assist with the case. Authorities were told by the family McCoy and Williams were having problems. Both had been living in New Orleans and one may have been from Marion County.

The dead man was identified as Kevin McCoy, 30. The female was identified as Jammie Williams, 31. Family members of Williams say she was the ex-wife of McCoy and that he kidnapped her from her New Orleans home early Monday morning with the intent of taking her back to Marion County and killing her and himself. Williams leaves behind a 12-year-old child.

 In still un-confirmed but hopefully up dated news comes the possiblity that Bill Arata was arrested on a drug charge. From our comments section here’s part of that as we welcome, News 4 You.

        News 4 You: I was just informed that Billy Arata was arrested today by federal agents in Bogalusa and charged with felony drug violations. Oxycontin…..”hillbilly heroin”. News is so fresh it will not make Daily news until Sunday.

When I saw the blog, I thought you might get a little pleasure from the information. It was a purchase/possession charge. I bet the Bar Association won’t like that! I will post a link to the local news as soon as I have one. :)

 We would encourge any one having a story of value or personal knowledge to engage in democracy and free speach. Classvictim wants to thank News 4 You on a good job, well done.



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3 Responses to NEWS 4 YOU MAKES NEWS FOR US.

  1. blue eyes says:

    It was schedule 2 narcotics ……it doesn’t make it any better…..but not as bad as what is being said!!!

    • News 4 You says:

      The man in question is an attorney. He is supposed to uphold the law, not break it. He certainly should not have been caught behind his office purchasing illegal drugs from a drug dealer. The DEA was involved which shows that this was not just a local police man who happened upon a drug deal. It was reported that this was the result of “an ongoing investigation”. Obviously there must have been previous issues with Mr. Arata or the DEA would not have been involved. So, what are they saying that is worse than the facts? Sounds pretty bad to me.

  2. Robert says:

    blue eyes, “but not as bad as what is being said!!!” and that would be?????

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