TEMPLE INLAND: Who was Jim Norris?


All Victims Of Crime Seek Justice: Although we haven’t covered a great deal on the medical, suffices to say that our condition was bad enough that 1. Everyone including the court’s, state and local general public [ class-action ] felt comfortable in making use of our lives to benefit their own. 2. Having done so without the perceived death occurring we’re allowed a better view of the overall actions of the many involved from the uh, Mississippi and Louisiana courts.


Just how long these murdering, extorting, low life sons of bitching thieves thought we’d be silent about our loss and injuries isn’t sure. If you would like to see violent criminal action done by someone, just go and dump toxin poisons on any of the countless hypocrites home who have aided with these crimes against us. If they are able to steal from others leaving them for dead. It speaks volumes of their character.  It’s clear how high up the fucking pole they feel they are. Excuses me I’m out of blood pressure medicine. 

With less than enough room to curse their actions lets look at some of the oddities and awareness of them. In time of pain and suffering I hope they recall their crimes. So far only one person has spoken his regret of attacking us and if not mistaken he has passed away. A thing I look forward too with the rest of them. However, I’ve not forgotten vengeance is mine say it the Lord of the second death.


Two years of waiting among threats to condition us to be silent Jane was finally given her right to speak in a deposition. None of these actions did us any good. As noted the Hinds County court in 1996 was in need of a real claim in the matter as well bodyguards for the judges who had agreed to never give us anything from the courts actions from our cause regardless injury or property rights of law.

[ see, recent Bailiff’s uproar Hinds county Sheriff  T. Lewis V. Judge Green  ]

The Mississippi’s Attorney General’s Office took part in a ruling on the matter and given all the reporting of this crime to all state and federal agencies the AG’s ruling was no doubt against any action to allow the American state, federal or even constitutional law or rights of the Plaintiff’s to proceed..

Louisiana, Mississippi’s co-conspirator: There are many events not covered from the first actions to clearly take over the state’s hit and run tactic against us. For now let’s cover some events from the state’s arrest of us 1997. 

 There is a slimy little bastard, two-bit piece of shit named Bill Arata. He’s the poster boy for the Daily News paper in Bogulausa, La. and its corporate Media. He was our court appointed lawyer handling Louisiana’s version of kidnapping our child before it was transferred to the Mississippi kidnapping.  I could eat fucking nails as I write this. I’d say think of me when you die motherfuckers, you never hid anything from me and if I understand so does God. So give it hell while you can.

The 22nd Judicial District of Louisiana had a brand new NCIC computer scanner brought in just to fingerprint us. And I bet I know who bought it for them. It arrived two hours after we were did after transportation from Mairon (more spit) County. Their great and wonderful machine was rendered totally useless from our exposure. The Dinitrogen Tetroxide, N2O4 absorbing of anything created a side effect. Human fume venting. Just like our home we were venting fumes full-time.

  They tried for quite a while to fingerprint us but that glowing of venting fumes kind of screwed it up. Not that if would have mattered. Being deeply religious I left school at 9 to go to work and help support our family. Began paying taxes at the age of 15 hit the land oilfields and marriage at 17 going offshore at the age of 18 till which time I was injured at 21 and was no longer able to work. I’m not an under achieving crook, I worked for a living maybe others can understand my hate of these lazy sorry ass no account criminals. I hope their death is slow and painful where as they can give a thought in their little minds. It isn’t that what was done hasn’t cost them already.


The Arrest:  If you haven’t seen the arrest report let me fill you in. With a family  of five living in what seemed like a 20 x 16 shed maybe eight miles from our home in Angie Louisiana. It wasn’t the condition of our living quarters a genuine cause of action against us. It was being forced out our home by toxins that we had no home.

 Jane and I were charged with drug abuse for the two years that doctors were treating our exposure. We were charged with street drug abuse of drugs which we held no knowledge of and still don’t.  We were charged with not providing a home for our child when in fact she had to live with her grandparents as we moved into a camper in our back yard because our home and all in it was emitting toxic fumes.

Although the trailer was covered with plastic. The plastic crumbled and everything in the yard was effected. We were told by folks with protection suits if the chemical was actually what we said it was they weren’t getting around it.  Additionally at the time of these charges we had rented a home in Bogalusa. In fact, it seemed at every point in where we did our best to recover on our own we were attacked over the lawsuit. When child protection services stated in a court of law 22nd jubie, that we were homeless because the cloud of toxins from the paper mill landed on our home. The states created a need to prevent our child any freedom on behalf the corporations involved to recover those court records by arrest and imprisonment. So the ideology understood is allow the crime and dispose the injured or witnesses.

Jim Norris:  So who was Jim Norris? While in jail for being the victim of countless intentional negligent actions of multiple major corporations, we’re paid a visit. Jimmy claimed he was an investigator and brought us into a room to question us with the first question being were you beaten? Oh, everyone knew what the goal was to just kill us. He arranged a bond for $20,000 each for me and $20,000 for Jane and left. Not bad for false charges. With a friend of the family putting up his home and property and who just couldn’t believe the horse shit we were bonded out. It’s clear at this point we’re in a battle and our opponents are insane.

A return to the court had me ask the DA, if we were on the court docket because our names were absent the docket listings. When I told him my name he became inflamed and said come with me, took me to a seat before the court and said sit your ass down right there. Clearly he was in on the deal.

At 34 years of age and in my prime all my years of martial arts training down the drain except for my discipline. For this sorry bastard and many to come like him. I could fantasize about my palm striking and driving his nose bones into his brain or other actions for starters but I could never act on it. With state authority who is like the beast? ie Government. Who can make war with it? Killing one leaves all the others. Every physical confrontation had included at least five or more attacking me when it came to that. But you strike an officer of (spit) law enforcement and it’s 25 years in prison. The good book states that we would be lawfully ruled to our own harm.

So if this Jim Norris was there to aid us what happened to him? Last week my wife is going over her facebook and sees a Jim Norris Jr. She left a message that asked if Mr. Norris Sr. was the person we might have met in Bogalusa, in 1997.  He said that it might have been and asked under what circumstances we had met. Yep, that’s the right question. So after a line or two and directing him to our blog site. Jim Norris Jr. has deleted himself. Hum, hey heavenly father I know you see this. 

After 17 years, this will follow us to our end simply because Temple Inland has a greed which will never stop. Or will it?  Bless God.  And heads up because family members along with my mother are trying to take my step dads portion of awards from my step-brother. Additionally the present local’s might have played their hand. When after being warned of something I held no knowledge of, a claimed arrest was in the works but this time it included the accuser whose jaw dropped. Yet taking away any trust gained law enforcement left with them to visit with them afterwards. But hey it’s going to be alright. The process is to give the feeling of hopelessness. And praise God I can even share that with the theft of our money.

Today’s Devotional: To the states judicial clowns. You kids listen up. Now don’t feel bad if you didn’t know this because you’re not worth a flip at extorting and not being caught either. In the words of Bill Arata a once claimed Deacon of his church. We will put the state against you’ll and the state never looses. Ah, that hopeless feeling. Same to you, you little wormy piece of horse etc… Pay attention!

Satan requires four powers or dynasties in his bit against God. 1. Education, like all these school grants doing no good because nothing taught will work any more. 2. Political, like the whole world protesting for democracy and free elections. 3. Monetary control like the up coming change regarding the IMF. And lastly like you all say. 4. Satan will personally implement his one world religion.  1,  2 & 3 are in progress 4 is on the way and you can’t stop any of it. Put that in your bank account. So the states never lose huh? Never say never. The mark will make your money worthless and it looks like the season nears us all. Repent The Kingdom is near.

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12 Responses to TEMPLE INLAND: Who was Jim Norris?

  1. News 4 You says:

    I was just informed that Billy Arata was arrested today by federal agents in Bogalusa and charged with felony drug violations.

  2. classvictim says:

    News, Thanks for the tip and the inspiration for our next post.

  3. News 4 You says:

    Call Washington Parish Jail at 985-839-3434, he bonded out today. Oxycontin…..”hillbilly heroin”. News is so fresh it will not make Daily news until Sunday. You can call and ask them about it. He looked real nice in hand cuffs!

  4. News 4 You says:

    Where are you located? The story will be on FOX 8 news in the New Orleans area at 9pm

  5. Robert says:

    News 4 You, we’re on 35 South Foxworth Ms. Yeah bet he was the sight. I’ll be checking in or posting goods. THANKS AGAIN! Was it a sell charge or puchase/possession? Please, feel free to update us.

  6. News 4 You says:

    When I saw the blog, I thought you might get a little pleasure from the information. It was a purchase/possession charge. I bet the Bar Association won’t like that! I will post a link to the local news as soon as I have one. 🙂

  7. Come Here says:

    It’s a shame John Walker isn’t doing My WP News any more. He would have had the whole she-bang by mid-afternoon and the Bogarag Noose would still be waiting on their next edition to reach all 5 readers.

  8. Jenn says:

    Karma is a bitch isn’t she?

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