A Closer Look Under The Hood.

     If your old enough to remember some of the Muscle Cars from the past you may recall how folks would just love racing their street cars. During that time unless after market products were added to the 250 plus horse power off the show room floor it wasn’t always clear who would win. One reason was regardless the body style car manufactures had begun placing higher performance engines in certain cars which had previously had much lower horse power. So is this a car post? NO! This is a factual POST!  It’s a Jim Hood post. How so?


 Well, while were all running the old dismissed and worn out constitution and bill of civil rights of false assumptions. Jim Hood has every after market product that Political corruption affords him.  And do others benefit from his actions?

THE MISSISSIPPI BAR: Boy’s In The Hood.  The Mississippi Bar will take up a complaint filed against Attorney General Jim Hood. Brian Alexander of Bay St. Louis filed a complaint last November that  alleged Hood ran a political campaign ad tied to the killing of a Louisiana priest that ran during his re-election campaign last year.  Hood had referred to Jeremy Wayne Manieri as someone who murdered a 70-year-old priest in cold blood. Alexander had represented Manieri, who died in prison in January in an apparent suicide before going to trial.

The bar could conduct an investigation into allegations in the complaint that Hood,  tainted the prospective jury pool with his campaign. Hood, an incumbent Democrat, defeated Republican Steve Simpson in the Nov. 8 election. The commercial portrayed his opponent a former judge, as being weak on crime.

CLASSVICTIM FOCUS.: Is classvictim, suggesting all of Mississippi’s state government is corrupted? All these agencies were forewarded complaints of our extorted civil action. Let me ask a question. If all of Mississippi were corrupted, why would the Mississippi Bar investigate Hood?

ANSWER: BP.  With unsolved murders and crime by state officials and politicians and no end in sight the state resolves its problems with selective prosecutions in its efford to pull wool over the eyes of state citizens. What were really seeing is LEVERAGE by the Mississippi Bar. Classvictim only sees two sentences in this reported event.

1.  The bar could conduct an investigation into allegations in the complaint. COULD

2.  Manieri died in prison in an apparent suicide before going to trial. APPARENT

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