Bobby DeLaughter Wants To Be A Ghost Of Mississppi’s Past


Ex-Hinds County Judge And Convict: Bobby DeLaughter Wants Out. To Plead 5th.

  Former Hinds Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter does not want to appear for a hearing Monday in which imprisoned former attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs seeks to overturn his 2009 conviction in a judicial corruption case.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports DeLaughter filed the motion Friday in U.S. District Court in Oxford. DeLaughter says all he will do, if compelled to testify, is assert his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. A judge has not ruled on the request.  DeLaughter and Scruggs of Oxford were indicted together in 2009 on federal charges that Scruggs bribed DeLaughter to rule in his favor on a legal-fees lawsuit against Scruggs and others.

              White Man From Town

There’s a lot Bobby doesn’t want to talk about. In 2005 the high courts all in agreement issued a ruling that the Marie’s were to return to Hinds County for any actons on their claims. Seeking relief since 2001 the district court engaged in the extortion plot created by the state court by ignoring the full complain filed by the Marie’s. The state court had denied every civil and property right of the plaintiffs in the lower courts pursuit of fraudulent claims. That on-going out of court actions to harrass the plaintiffs was a constant action of attorneys and state officials. Upon filing of evidence the court wouldn’t even allow an oral aurgument. The State ruling Fox and all his back up was placed over the hen house. Could you be a judge?

You Make The Call : How would you have ruled? After lead plaintiff is used to gain awards the class trial failed. Placing the entire family of three on documents to collect the entire amount of awards. The court stalls any payment to the plaintiffs. Plaintiffs file in the district and others only to be returned to Hinds County in 2005.



 $84 million                  Lead Plaintiff          Failed trial             Confirmed failed

Let’s recall attorneys connect to Bobby said to the extent that some Judges could be bought off they ( the attorneys ) could file a motion on a napkin. I take this to imply that what ever attorneys wanted that the judge would comply. We spent a small fortune filing with three diffrent courts but we couldn’t beat a napkin.


1 of 3 Motions 2005         Judge Grave 1998 Order      Judge Graves 1999 Order

I’d say these the Marie’s had been put through enough and grant relief but I guess not. We covered everything regading our property loss and our injuries and need for other medical care and surgeries we couldn’t afford. Denied, Denied, Denied!  We gained offers and awards. The attorneys class action trial failed. Just who is claiming legal rights to keep and even refuse us relief is clear. The court has placed the money in a court trust fund. Isn’t that right Judge GreedGreen?

So in 2005 while in panic Green claims to transfer the awards to Bobby DeLaughter. So Bobby gets some filings from us as well. Before we cover that. Please understand the 1998 Graves Order used by all courts has nothing to do with our claims before this court. The Order states that any discovery not had by January 1998 will be dismissed. Additionally any claim dismissed must be reinstated by this court alone. My settlement offer was had in September 1998.    Additionally Graves 1999 Order denying motion to dismiss list my wife and child. So even arguing the dismissal with the high court meant nothing. The district and appeals court used to Order to force us back to Hinds County.

      8-7-2009 9;57;48 AM            8-7-2009 9;59;50 AM                  8-7-2009 10;01;49 AM

We have told our story countless times. Our actions for relief were as before. As DeLaughter filed an Order to dismiss us from our awrds from the court. In an action filed in Marion County against the attorneys for recovery of justifiable relief. The judge suggested writing judge Graves to ask of our awards as he dismissed our cause and issued an Order forbidding any legal action against any of the defendants or the attorneys and judges involved. Writing to judge Graves caused a visit by the Mississippi division of the FBI. We were warned not to ever write the judge again.

State Court Civil Rights Turned To A Total Mississippi Hate Crime!

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