You may have heard of the Devil’s triangle being a bad place. We’ll that’s nothing compared to the full actions of the fifth district when it comes to some of its horror stories. Most of my reporting of events on this blog center around Mississippi political and court corruptions, sadly our own. However, would you believe even more dots connect to the Devil’s den in Jackson, that judicial hell hole. The reason I’ve used the Devil’s triangle as an example here will be addressed below. But first.

Have you ever wonder if politicians know anything about what and who supports them? With the types of request for support were getting lately we must to have given generously in the past. Given that past we’d like to respond……

 After receiving a letter in the mail which appeared to be from Social Security and addressed to my wife Jane. I was wondering if she might be getting medical aid. Still I kew any light at the end of this tunnel had to be a train. It turned out to be a solicitation for more money from Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic Party. The only democrat not asking for money so far is David Baria.

 Any money sent to anyone from us presently wouldn’t be enough to do any good. The pursuit of a class action cause a great denial of proper medical care to us. Almost every major medical need was and is handled by emergency situations. Did we mention civil rights and real property?


With chemicals eating away at her ear-drums and being promised a needed operation she was abandoned by attorneys who decided after Jane being deposed that aiding her would affect the definition of the class. So although we lost all our property and had real bad injuries needing medical attention and were used to gain all awards we couldn’t be given more aid than that which was given to the other class members. Cough Syrup. Nothing about the property loss and damages.

 Rebecca was told several weeks before her deposition that her ear would be cared for. This went on for a few months as we were put off waiting. Only surgery could repair the damage and stop the pain. Jane had no insurance. By February it was clear no amount of pain mattered to attorneys asking us to wait. It was as though the attorneys were waiting for Jane to think of committing suicide to stop the pain because it happened. I refused to do it !

When your loved one cries and begs you to kill them. To, Pleased! put them out of their misery. it was pass time for something to be done. It took countless trips and help from her family to get her treated for an operation at a Charity Hospital.

       That’s exactly what it looked like. 

Students of medicine did 12 hours of surgery on Jane with the unknown reactions of the chemicals causing all the damage. It was rough.  An attorney in Jane’s deposition wondered how that hole in her ear felt that he had difficulty understanding her condition and associated breathing problems, which they allowed to worsen. I’m thinking a no.2 pencil shoved in his ear would have helped him understand every time I’ve read or think of it. Guess what I’m saying is.

Having been robbed by politicians and attorneys from three states ie. the Fifth Circuit and from both Political Parties. As well are denied medical aid to a sought for death by the state of Mississippi. We reject promoting by monetary support to state authority that which prevents redress by law of its very victims.


 With whatever respect is due to the ignoring of complaints by us to the highest offices of government and both parties. Your lack of communication or knowledge of important criminal acts among state law makers is disturbing. SORRY! Extortion prevents any contribution from us at this time. Additionally, asking for a contribution via the guise of Medicare as we consider how we suffer,


  So let’s get on with this now extensive post. We’ll do connect a few dots from Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi as we understand how state corruption is driving our taxed paid judicial system of law into a self-serving circus of personal gains for all politicians. With every criminal act done under the guise of state authority. There should be concern that our government is allowing crime in government by politicians and courts which only supports a violence and corrupt government alone. BP. litigation of corruption.

   Two facts from 1995 and all this. 1. The first. What’s with triangles? the first area of the attorney action in Louisiana was a mile wide circle around the release. A legal battle ensued and the North won..  So instead of the mile circle the point of release became the tip or starting point of our court action which went from Bogalusa following the Pearl River North into Columbia then turned West toward McComb and back to Bogalusa. The state pays medicare, transportation, and other services with tax dollars. I think when the courts pay attorneys the cost of state is held by attorney with tax payers holding the bag. Getting back to the magical money triangle.

There were different forms of payments made which included a very huge economic loss and the circled area as well. We can see the amounts had on us are untold. In the bigger picture. Attorneys handling our claims were from New Orleans. With only three real clients this firm involved attorneys from Texas and state attorneys from Mississippi for a class trial. Although the trial failed the class from hell is a triangle of its own. This triangle of extorted actions extends from Houston Texas, to New Orleans and all the way into Jackson Mississippi before going back to Houston,Texas. Those satanic attorneys of the triaid are all doing the BP. thing.

2. The second thing. Basicly what we are allowed to see here as joined and court approved actions into the billions on BP. is the same action had on us. The only difference is that the court , state and federal government says on behalf the state that the actual three persons used to gain all of the money ( my family ) never ever existed. Anyone used this way may never know what their money paid for or bought. Our life was altered for the worse as thieves took full advantage of injuries.

ARE WE THE BLAME? NO WAY IT WAS ALL STOLEN!   In 1995 I would have doubted that some folks in politics now would not have been where they are presently if not for altering facts,breaking the law and using other identities. Around the time big time settlements on tobacco were going on in Mississippi.  There was a lot of talk about the huge amounts of money involved.


By March of 1996 we were being threatened no court would ever hear our real claims. That we would never be allowed to bankrupt the worlds largest corporations. No word on all this was had. Corporate controlled media is real. None of this made sense one defendant alone was stated to have $500 billion in insurance. The states were paid for protection. State employees, Mississippi’s elected officials raked in the personal dough.


In summary a bit of guilt follows a person used to gain unknown amounts of money. Some have climbed the ladder of political and judicial success claiming no wrong doing in their own mind. With opportunities for the chosen ones of attorneys class and still others given chump change. We weren’t so fortunate by use and targeted for defeat. Today many of the attorneys and judges in the BP. litigations are the same ones who handled our claims took the awards and threw us under the bus. There can be little doubt they paid for where they are with our money.

 Was it the unknown amounts in a criminal action against my family that propelled them to their current position. That forced acceptance by the good ole boys of drugs, violence and death. Has the hour of temptation passed? To my knowledge these attorneys have set their court actions in Florida. This news was followed by a report that Florida received more BP. money then any other state. And why not? Corruption is out doing law in the U.S. 10-1. What has Maire V. Vicksburg paid for? Todays political authority stems from yesterdays full-blown criminal conspiracies.

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood confirmed Tuesday that he has hired former Attorney General Mike Moore to handle the state’s claims against BP PLC stemming from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


Hood hired former state Supreme Court Justice Reuben Anderson and a forensic accounting firm to handle the state’s interests. Anderson works for the New Orleans-based Phelps Dunbar firm, while Moore heads his own firm in Flowood.
The hiring comes as Republican lawmakers consider curtailing Hood’s powers to hire outside lawyers and control litigation for state agencies. That dispute stems from past suits by Hood and Moore that have resulted in big awards for Mississippi and big fees for private lawyers.

Working with former Supreme Court Justice Ruben Anderson who has a reputation which is beyond reproach, for his gentlemanly negotiation skills and former Attorney General Mike Moore for his experience in negotiating the largest settlement on behalf of the state in the nation’s history. They will join a team of lawyers and experts to quickly develop an economic damage model and calculate the economic loss to the state in the BP case.

Hood said the firm is working with Florida and Louisiana in a similar capacity and has extensive experience in connection with BP oil spill claims.

CV….. Yes there were actions from the Gaylord Chemical release in Florida a well as California, Pennsylvania and if not Chicago then Chicago Now. Private Party ? How about a few picture to help understand the outcome of BP. litigations

Republicans have been critical of private lawyers who have grown rich on fees from state litigation. The House and the Senate have passed versions of bills to limit Hood’s power in the current session. Hood claims those bills are unconstitutional infringements on his position as the state’s chief legal officer and notes that he is already posting contracts with outside lawyers.


A contingency fee contract which was agreed to would allow the lawyers to share in the state’s recovery. Due to the gross negligence of BP and other responsible parties courts are allowed to make the defendants pay the attorney fees above and beyond the state’s recovery. Hood said lawyers will propose fees that a judge must agree to.

Lt. Gov Tate Reeves, a Republican said this was proof of a need for a law limiting Hood’s power. It’s unfortunate General Hood continues to put his own political interest before the taxpayers’ interest. We need a more transparent process that allows taxpayers to know how much of their money will go toward private legal counsel. 

Classvictim feels the message to everyone from Jim Hood is as follows!




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