FACT: All bible scholars agree that the parable of the fig tree written of in the bible implies the last generation signaled by the rebirth of Israel, and the return of Christ. After thousands of years Israel became a nation once more in 1948. The book of Exodus claims the sins of those parents would affect the children unto the fourth generation. That’s like my mom, me, my child and our grandchildren, hum. Looks like we’re all here. Is your State of mind effected? Let’s discuss the rooting of all evil and your love of money.  


Todd Terrell: Todd was spoken of in an earlier post. Mr. Terrell is a political prisoner of the state of Mississippi. The cause of his arrest has dwindle from murder to nothing, however. His real crime is as other members he is associated to. That would be a group of individuals holding a major legal cause against criminal corporate America and individual employees of a corrupt state and its judicial system preventing any legal actions by citizens of a state and country, America.

Todd had written of being released with certainty some 6 or 7 months ago. We haven’t seen him since he was incarcerated. When we wrote him he was always moved to some new location. He wrote his time in population was spent with gang members as a means of survival and other than this he is kept in lock down. In a more recent letter he tells us he has made changes in his life left the gangs and is kept in solitary confinement most of the time. He was scheduled to attend a federal hearing or trial regarding some type of gang violence and abuse in the prison system. His mother was recently informed that Todd’s prison time has been extended 24 additional months. It isn’t clear what cause he was involved in however, there was this recent report.


The Justice Department who knows how things are in Mississippi, says juveniles were subjected to sexual misconduct and other abuses at a privately run Mississippi prison. The report states sexual misconduct at the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility in central Mississippi “it was among the worst that we have seen in any facility anywhere in the nation.” Walnut Grove – which also houses adults – is run by GEO Group of Boca Raton, Fla., the nation’s second largest private prison company. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union and Jackson attorney Robert McDuff sued the state over conditions at the facility in 2010. 

The suit, filed on behalf of 13 plaintiffs, claimed guards smuggled drugs to inmates, had sex with some of them and denied others medical treatment. “The Department of Justice’s groundbreaking investigation into the GEO Group-operated Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility confirms what Mississippi’s communities have known for over a decade: the combination of a profit hungry private prisons and bad laws which victimized an innocent population. A recent lawsuit settlement by  the Southern Poverty Law Center. ban the practice of housing youth in long-term isolation.

DOJ investigative team reported that some of the Facility staff are involved in gangs. DOJ several staff members are actually members of various gangs and are involved in gang activity at the Facility. Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility opened in 2001 in Leake County  The Justice Department report listed numerous problems, including that the facility deliberately treated some indifferently to others. It also said the facility used excessive force on gang affiliations within the ranks of correctional staff and inmates which now posed danger to others…………..


         We were told that prisons were built to house real criminals. I tell you prison’s are being used to house and in instances are directing the intentional abuses of some like helpless animals in a cage. And although that might be fit for some demitted criminal mind involved in murdering, extortion tactics and kidnappings ask yourselves. Should prisons be used to silence opponents of corporate political crimes? Even envy in class warfare has played a part in the alledged Governmental Corporate Conspiracy Extortion by the state offical Master Class of Thugs in Mississippi.

  In many actions of a few to have something done to end the corruption, government authority steps in to prevent the suing of the state for wrongdoings. It is this protection which allows individuals to formulate groups within the government under state protection allowing all forms of crime. In Mississippi any extorted action making monetary gain and the politicians crimes with a cut are made moot. The entire civilian population is directed by the will of corporate greed and supported by governmental, political corruption. Corporation’s own everyone of authority including law enforcement and the courts. Those in public office who do corporate bidding are allowed abuse of those they hate without question. Marion County Mississippi’s recent past was plagued with such. The matter is compounded all the more when the corporate threat and the hated person are one and the same.

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