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You’ll never know how much I hate writing at times. The types of emotional abuse served by some politicians, I sure hope and pray that everyone understands what being mature means because these people don’t. There are times when one must do his or her best for the good of all and try as best they can to not add further harm. I certainly wanted none of this yet when others take over your life to harm you for nothing more than money, pride or just covering their ass don’t sit back and take it. These people who use the rest of us for political gains make me sick. So before I write any more let’s look at Jim Hood and see what he claims he is doing for us. I’ve been here before seeking help but my family doesn’t exist. Just R $$$

Attorney Generals Office  Publications    Jim HoodJim Hood

Crime Prevention and Victim Services. Crime Victim Compensation Division.  Victim Services Division. Our goal is to provide services to victims of crime and assist in their recovery. We provide specialized services to crime victims,technical assistance, promotes and advocates for the rights of victims and serves as a point of contact for crime victims, service providers and the criminal justice professionals throughout the State…………………………………………………………………………………………….

CV…..OK that’s all that horse shit I can stand. Either Jimmy is bipolar or he doesn’t know whats going on or he’s a liar. I’ll vote three for three. Now you see why I don’t like writing. I have nothing for any of these people. I don’t hate them as a believer in God they’ll be dealt with. But they are the ones stealing, kidnapping and looking the other way if some murderer kills someone they viewed as a threat. Or some possible involvement in a death like my cousins. But for now my entire family as well I’m certain many others are suffering over the intentional incompetence to allow all form of criminal activity for personal gain to advance career and life.

CV… It’s a fact that anyone gaining a seat of authority also gains a little god like mentality which becomes evident in behaviour. How much of a god you feel you are will dictate your behaviour upon others. How much godlike do they claim. Given what’s going on they would have us believe we couldn’t stand to even look at them. They aren’t the god of lecture oh, no these gods dictate over life and death and all the money it gains them. It isn’t easy to write these things but someone has to. 

CV… I find it odd that after years of corruption in what looks like a clean up of old criminal activities someone [ and I’d check the local DA parts along with the rest] suddenly calls Jim Hood. And after years of no answers being an insider of certain information of the past and with the recent tragic death of another member of the Polk family. Jim Hood has new evidence with some claimed DNA. Do we all look stupid to Hood? I smell the smell of fish and rat mixed, do you?

If not for knowing the level of evil some would stoop to I wouldn’t bring it up. I’m asking that everyone please understand I mean the most respect to all the victims as others seek the truth. Because there always seems to be more. Kind of like Ollie North and that un-named Marion County ranch where he would land his big helicopter. Aw, you know the one with all those folks with guns around it. Ollie the Iran dope smuggling c-130 from South America trade for weapons dude. 

Why is it that I’m the one who recalls and seems to be in places as something happens. Things that have others wondering what happened and why. So how do you deal with it. Perhaps the thought of ignoring my family over our lawsuit has placed us in a position to speak. The entire matter of the states extortion was to ignore us to death with attempts to incriminate us. Being erased by the state means I don’t exist that is until any crime I might do lands me in prison for life or the grave. That’s the plan and thus far the state, including Jim Hood is part of it with those other thieves in Hinds county. All state licensed law enforcement.

Now everyone be cool because I’m just a messenger of things I saw. But I say if law enforcement is involved they won’t arrest themselves. If I didn’t tell you this you may never know but you really need to.

So OK, let’s see where DNA state paid school equipment might do some real good here if it were used properly without a conflict of interest.  But first how does a person explain what I’m about to. Now I’m not going to find the exact date because it was such a horrible thing I’m sure you’ll remember. And since it involves the past AG working in Marion county it probably won’t matter like anything else I say. So we’ll just do a little deciphering here folks because even a Jim Hood should be able to understand not everyone is an idiot. I’m saying the money extorted from us was the leverage used by the locals to commit crimes Jackson ignored at that time.

Let’s turn the way back machine to a time when after attorneys followed us back to MS. to arrange the extortion plot with the courts to never grant us relief as we were used for awards. To think we could have been treated humane and not known anything about this had the court acted like a court of law and gave us what is ours instead of acting like a den of thieves I would have been home in my own pool. Now this is just a guess because I don’t have DNA. Without it I won’t mention names. Except for one at the ending of this post.

So the * had a niece the baby of his sister. We’ll call her #. One day the *’s # was swimming at the creek. There was another person there, a young black male. We’ll call him %.  I was under the impression they were a couple. A nice one at that till I was informed who # was. Knowing this. I was hoping the best for her and them with her family. I knew how they were. I heard how they spoke of Black people.

It meant nothing to me they seem to be in love. I was brought up with Blacks and Indians as well Cajuns. My mother was full-blooded Indian my dad French. I didn’t know what racism was till I moved to Marion County at 17. I thought for a while I was going to have to fight the whites like back home for calling my mom a Sabine.

Folks here had my nephew crying at the age 10 at his Martial arts class for what folks here said about Black people. I explained the world is full of ass holes. Kinda like the ass holes fucking with my family now. His mother my sister divorced an Indian and remarried a Black man from Marion County. My people accepted him with love and open arms in South Louisiana, he vowed over 18 years ago not to ever return and he hasn’t yet. I think I understand why. So hope your up on this, please understand it is not my intent to stir trouble but to find answers.

Sometime after this swimming incident the entire county and all sorts of news agencies from all over America wanted to know if the young black male with so much to live for had really hung himself in the front yard of his parents home. And we may never know. But what I suspect gives me the understanding that some think they can handle anything and hide from the whole world. So how about it? Is it worth it to try to find a reason it might have been murder or is that also a conflict of interest. You see # became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. DNA ? ………….. Motive?

Protests Planned For Suspected Lynching

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said today he would lead a two-day march in Mississippi to draw attention to the “mysterious” hanging death in the once deeply segregated Southern state.

Jackson, said the planned march was prompted by the death of Raynard Johnson, a 17-year-old black teenager who was found hanging from a pecan tree outside his family’s house in Kokomo, on June 15. Local authorities ruled Johnson’s death a suicide, but Jackson said there were suspicions local whites had targeted the teenager for dating white girls in the small town. “I’m suggesting that Raynard Johnson was murdered. The hostility toward him and his brother was very substantial,” said Jackson, who noted that graffiti bearing the words “Kill all niggers” had been scrawled on a bridge near Kokomo where white supremacists held a recent rally.

Johnson’s death was investigated by the Marion County  *Sheriff’s* Office in Columbia, Miss. Police concluded it was a suicide. Jackson, a former presidential candidate, said the deaths were suspicious. When asked about the allegations, Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore declined to comment.

Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore said state and local investigators had tracked down every lead received from Johnson’s family and Jackson’s organization. The federal investigation was conducted by the civil rights division, the U.S. attorney’s office for the southern district of Mississippi and the FBI.

 It was reported that a relative of one of the girls was a Marion County sheriff’s deputy who was upset that his niece was friendly with a black youth. A group of white supremacists recently held a rally in Kokomo—in rural southern Mississippi not far from the Louisiana border—and sprayed the words “Kill All Niggers” along the bridge.

Despite the suspicious circumstances, local authorities rapidly ruled the death a suicide. State Medical Examiner Stephen Hayne said the body showed “marks and injuries consistent with suicide  The official autopsy noted an absence of injuries such as broken bones, gunshot wounds or stab wounds, or marks indicating a beating. Marion County Coroner Norma Williamson cited this evidence as proof of suicide. The coroner also noted that there were no initials, writings or messages left at or near the body from any hate group.

CV…  Hayne’s Hayne’s, wasn’t he found to be a crooked liar? Isn’t it the victim which leaves the note? Look at this shit. During the obsession with the Gaylord lawsuit everyone connected Mississippi to the Louisiana border to that Magic City. And I have been repeatedly saying the money gained from the suit forced tolerance of these crimes for a cut. I think they all knew something but wanted the money promised from the lawsuit. My step dad did solicited claims for attorneys.

CV……     There was an arrest one night an officer got into a fight with a suspect sprayed him with pepper spray as they both went through a window at the hospital. The next day the news paper reported a toxic release was reported at the hospital.

CV….    I had removed this but since it might have something to do with something else. The bridge spoken of here is nowhere near Louisiana and it was rumoured to be where the murders of Jimmy Dale Alford held up and did drugs after he was killed. The lie was a double fold The millions or billions on the mind of everyone.

CV….  I’d say right now that too much is being made of the fact no struggle was had. I suspect my cousin was poisoned and now he may have not been the only one. We all know nothing gets done so this is enough for now more in a few days.  


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