Not wanting to be the critic of all things Mississippi, is it alright to ask just what went on it this county in the not to long past? It’s sad that a lot of folks felt it was all about money, but where did it go?

The Columbia court-house is currently seeking to have their court files reorganized after discoveries that monies paid to the court weren’t found in court records. Reflective to the problems with this is a report by the Marion County Informer, dated April 22, 2010 – A list of Marion County residents owing past due child support is discovered by the Informer through a public records request filed with the Mississippi……. There are hundreds of cases in Marion County in which fathers either refuse to pay their child support or do not have the means.

Apparently it wouldn’t have mattered. As there are horror stories of several persons said to have been arrested and made to pay cost for release. The irony is that without records or a receipt Marion County law-enforcement have a job to do.


The Columbia Board of Aldermen approved the hiring of a company to electronically scan court records and hired two deputy court clerks during a nearly four-hour meeting Monday night. In their most recent actions one member of the Board of Aldermen stated he was tired of the mess. The board voted 3 – 1 to accept the contract. Some questions were brought up by the city attorney and one person reported that a similar system in Laurel cost the court there $150,000………

In a related story after my mother-in-law read her copy of The Columbian Progress she calls to inform us that the files regarding her son, my brother-in-law, Todd Terrell were missing as well. Todd whom I have labeled a political prisoner was initially arrested for capital murder which became accessory to the fact which became apparent horse shit. Todd was also one of those injured in our home.

I was a bit un-amused that she had implied an attorney had made a recent request and no records were found. However, I was corrected to the understanding that this occurred during the time just prior to him being taken to Pearl River County for sentencing. I fail to understand how or why his attorney made such a claim to her and not use it to the advantage to stop all proceedings till the records were found. We do understand the state’s eraser process and how it uses emotional abuse maybe telling her was simply a part of that. It appears in Marion County a need to tie up criminal loose ends by the very criminals doing them is underway.

7-13-2009 12;56;33 PM The Columbian Progress reported the August 26th, 1999 death of 50-year-old Jimmy Dale Alford. Due to evidence of a struggle the death was determined to be a homicide. Like other similar atrocities in Marion County time passed as the matter was investigated. I can’t help but to instill the rumor at the time. That Mr. Alford had received some sort of settlement and that drug addicts who had been released from the jail had killed him for his money and medication.

Sometime there after well over a year or perhaps two Todd was arrested and although not clear what the arrest was for he was eventually charged with that murder. Recalling that Todd was on the coast at the time our initial action was to gain notorized statements from those he lived with on the coast at that time. We were able to do a good deal better in that confirmation. This confirmation of Todd being on the coast and not being involve in this murder came from a better source.

7-13-2009 12;24;42 PMAs evident by this documented medical record there can be no doubt at all that Todd Terrell had any thing to do with the murder of Jimmy Dale Alford. A predicate act is one which leaves a pattern. A pattern like the arrest and conviction of an innocent person for the murder done by someone else. It requires two such occurrences for the court to rule in conspiracies.

Rumors are rumors, like gossip or hearsay but those connected to all this take the cake. We are told countless things about crime and most of it is bad. We are next expected to not ask why but to simply repeat what we hear, like nothing can be done. With nothing being done the enforcing agencies just grow and get bigger and bigger. Having us all believe more money and man power is needed. And it is but not for us. It is for government control to evade judgement.  Could anything be done? Look at the way those marching against corporate greed on wall street and check out how your government has all the might to not only prevent it in some places it also controls the media to give its version of events. What happen to the tax dollars? What happen to the money stolen from citizens. So what and who has it paid and what has it bought ? NO JUSTICE THAT’S FOR CERTAIN!

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