Marion County, This Town Needs An Enema


I would like to begin this with a huge thank you to this member of Mr. Polks family for giving this interview. As someone who knows about the cruel people of this area we hope true justice would be served for everyone and we wish Duke the best.

Now as I’ve repeatedly said many things about our experience with the master race here in Marion County, who sought fit to aid both the folks with magic from the south by using their horse shit magic from the north to extort from us with the entire state sponsored attack package. Fucking thank you very much.

You might wonder why I haven’t shown more anger over this dumb shit. It’s for times such as these in-where the truth is told by someone other then us. Understanding about this little, good ole boys town is a matter of suvival. These fucking ass holes from the past are a fucking joke. Believe two things here, this person is speaking the truth about the last regime and yeah, these are the thug motherfuckers the state of Mississippi used on us for money. One child and brother-in-law in prison. Both were setup. A dead cousin, after losing all our property and health before being used to gain a lot of money via that Gaylord lawsuit shit and left for dead.



It’s much that my family lived around the folks running the county guess they didn’t know us after all, and about folks from the past gone missing for what they know, hum! About cleaning things up in this town what kinda mop would you like?

Hey folks my commenting on news of this has been prevented on some reporting. So I’ll just post that here. Cut and paste response to request for prayer. WDAM.

Pray someone tells the truth won’t work. The truth will be ignored. The last Sheriff took to drug dealings and there was a lot of violence and maybe if that was all he would have done he may had to answer for his actions now. However in 1996 a trail of extortion,murder,kidnapping and false arrest began which goes from Bogalusa Louisiana all the way up to Jackson Mississippi to hide an extortion plot. My mother married into this family that’s one way I know. The other way is that my family are the victims of that extortion. Hundreds of millions extorted and the members of the group did as they pleased to us and everyone else. They provide their own protection via crime. So presently we have ex-sheriff, judges, Marion county and their elected officials involved as well countless state officals so if one is arrested and found guilty the others would be charged with after the fact for knowing. And since one of the extortion attorneys works in the AG’s office or did that puts Jim Hood in it to his eyeballs, doesn’t it Jim? Here again like releasing those convicts by Barbour Jim jumps to action before understanding he’s part of the problem.Court documented actions of Mississippi corruption

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10 Responses to Marion County, This Town Needs An Enema

  1. Sheryl says:

    I support you and the Polk family to the fullest on this. Just over three years ago, my home was broke in to. We had over $20,000 stolen from us in this robbery. We knew when it happened as soon as it happened who did it. We gave names, addresses, phone numbers, and tag numbers to the investigating officers. We did EVERY bit of the leg work for them. Well since then, we were told by a former officer that they never had any intentions of investigating our break-in….they figured “we had insurance and we could afford it.” Nothing ever turned out from it – go figure!!!!….Since then, one of the ones involvled in the robbery has threatened my step daughter and myself along with my husband…..All because he was stupid enough to bring some of it back. He agreed to get us all our stuff back if I wouldn’t press charges…..He didn’t so I did!!! Once again…Go figure!!!!
    The Polk’s have been a part of my life since I was a baby….my Aunt Nell is Brownie’s first cousin….Brownie is Peanut’s mom….I can remember as a baby falling asleep listening to Joe and James K. playing their guitars while they were cooking crawfish on my daddy’s pond dam….Howard Earl and Joe always had something going on…and you can bet it was pretty mischevious…..
    I remember one night, they all came over to float the river to look for frogs – they were planning on some frog legs for supper. My uncle Willie was there that time. They went back there and set up camp. Joe ended up catching and eel…..he convinced my Uncle Willie it was a catfish……needless to say once they shined the light on the sucker, my Uncle Willie saw it and thought it was a snake!!!! It was on then…..My dad died back in 2008…..he laughed about that up until he died…..I can only imagine what really happened….there were some pretty serious looks that got passed back and forth afterwards…
    Guess what I’m trying to say is the Polk’s have always been good people until someone crossed them. They’ve never been the type people that really just go out looking for trouble – I had a bar and there really are people that come out just for that – even when I had the bar, Joe would come in from time to time…….anytime he ever got “out of the way” with anyone, he was more than cool with either leaving or behaving himself……
    The day that Howard Earl killed the cops…..he was on his was to kill Brownie when I happened up in front of them at a redlight…….I looked up in the rear view mirror and there was some people fighting in the truck behind me……he grabbed her hair, she jerked loose, and the next thing I know she is standing at my passenger door trying to get in……Well needless to say,,,the door was locked for some reason….She didn’t have time to get me to let her in and she went to the car in front of me…….they went thru the intersection pf 98/13 backwards to get away from him…..
    I still clearly remembering when he pointed the gun…..he went for that driver’s head, and then he would drop it to the guy’s tires – back and forth………..I just knew he was gonna blow that guys head off…..
    then it was over in a matter of seconds……..he turned around and looked at me……it was kinda weird…..the only thing I could think of was to tell him….”Howard Earl, You know me…..I’m Clifton’s girl…….Sheryl… know the one that work’s at Bob’s” Not sure if he was done there of if he heard what I said. All I know is he got back in his truck and the red light turned green,,,,,so I got away from there……
    I saw Brownie about a month after all that – she came in the parts store to buy something – I couldn’t help but appoligize for not being able to open the door for her ( at the time I was 6 months pregnant), she told me it was
    good that I didn’t……..
    Really and truly all that I just said is pretty much irrellavant……..we all know how folks are in Marion County…..we all have to abide by whoever that has the most political pull………
    Wondering now….if whoever this is that started this blog is really kin to both the Polks and the Stringers……this is definetly going to be interesting…….and I have to say….I’ll be following from now on out from here in Houston (where I can feel safe) to see how it turns out…..

    • classvictim says:

      Sheryl, Thanks for the comment and support. I’m sure many were victimized by a like of action to suggest more money is needed to fight crime when what is spent is nothing more than waste and criminals run free. I was truely touched by your memories of you and your family. My name is Robert Marie this blog is mine. Back when these crimes were committed no one dreamed that those abused would ever had a word in the matters and I’m certain many are still fearful to speak. I’m not from here and for all that some have gained through corruption I have no tolerance for murders theives and kidnappers whether they wear a badge or not. I lost a cousin whom I loved dearly and did much of the investigation to discover he had been given a drink by a person who was aided with a car and driver’s licencse as he was being sought for by warrant. That wittnesses saw him take given drink by this person and pour the remaining out before staring to stumble around. Sometime between 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. he was loaded into this person’s vehicle supposely headed to the hospital. He was delivered to our home around 4:00 p.m. he was blue, cold and nonresponsive via interstate transportation from one state to another.

      I do recall meeting Peanut once through other friends. Both our conservation centered around Marion County’s corrupt law enforcement. This was on St. Paul Road where we lived which was about 400 yards from Rip Stringer’s house down the road. After my friends left an entire fleet of Marion County Sheriff’s cars were in pursuit. We got in our car and followed them to find them pulled over and held at gun point with one officier on Peanut as he layed on the ground. I was told a few days later that he was held down on a pile of ants and he had shown me the bites. My relation to the Stringer’s was by my mother’s marriage to Rip’s uncle. Of interest was the fact Peanut stated that they had somehow heard our conversation and repeated much of it back to him during the abuse.

      As to how this will turn out is anyone’s guess. Much of what was done was for money and drugs and somehow still is and as I understand it the state is deeply in love with money. As for casting away the life of others under the assumption that those doing it are just, maybe it’s time they prove it.
      Glad you’re with us and more to come.

  2. Jane Marie says:

    Sheryl, with the corruption proven it’s clear these people who are doing this are insane. The court needs to release our money to us so we can get on with our life. Waiting on a family to die to take their money is a crock of shit.

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    • classvictim says:

      Hi Cumberland Hotel London official website we would love for you to share our website with your facebook group and anyone else who might be interested. Thanks for visiting our website.

  4. Brittany says:

    You don’t know them as well as you think you do. Trust me.

    • classvictim says:

      Low life, homo, faggot, queers, can’t make it on their own without stealing from others. Spit swapping children of Satan doing his end times work. Are we to think they have given up a desire for our death? No the one and only way to lawfully fake the ownership of our awards is our death. Not worth the bullet needed in their fucking head to end their fucking misery. But it’s funny to say I don’t know them because although we are allowed our right to speak freely don’t ever think I have said anything near what I think feel or would love to do to these pieces of useless shit. I think the folks wanting to take these assholes to trial before shooting them has the right ideal. Group planning failures of lying horseshit and sorry excuse to even consider them human, NOT worth the time mommy and daddy took fucking to make them. Praised by those who fear them. Oh yeah I know these evil motherfucks. And by the way after all this shit you should know I trust no one. My trust and faith are in my Father his Son and what I do know. But if by chance I missed something, enlighten me please.

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