What happens when your part of a team which extorted hundreds of millions allowed by your government in conspiracy and make claims to great wonders as you stand to be divided. If your military you move on. You’ve been trained to understand the nature and most if not all aspects of your job. But these everyday corrupted people chosen from the public back-stabbing buddy pool of under achievers and you get this Order slapping unlawful bullshit trying to appear as some sort of law.

    With the pride of Mississippi extortion. These babies cry for every little thing they want and because the amount extorted is such that they usually get it, it’s evident the crime involved too much money and to many politicians to fail. Does unjust rulings concern the court?

Deeds speak loader than words. Our entire lawsuit was extorted by a self-imposed and legally useless order. Why if not for it being a magical jurisdiction real law would rule and what then?

ACT I. The Sheriff:  

  MISSISSIPPI, Hinds County:  The Sheriff attempted to transfer several bailiffs to other duties and reduce the rank of some who are not certified law enforcement officers. Sheriff Tyrone Lewis was confronted over personal change in the Hinds County Court and its bailiffs. The Sheriff states that.

1. The Sheriffs claims 30 employees were assigned as bailiffs: two captains, five sergeants, three corporals, and twenty-one deputies, of these. Only one captain and two deputies are certified. 

2. The Sheriff also said bailiffs not certified were going to be reduced to the rank of deputy unless certified and reduced to deputy pay as well. Sheriff Lewis said he is reorganizing with an emphasis placed on deputies who are certified law enforcement officers.

Law 3. The appointment, with the certificate of the oath, shall be filed and preserved in the office of the clerk of the board of supervisors.

 ACT II. The Law:

The sheriff shall have power to appoint one or more deputies to assist him in carrying out the duties of his office, every such appointment to be in writing, to remove them at pleasure, Their compensation, subject to the budget for the sheriff’s office approved by the county board of supervisors.

Law: 2.  Every deputy sheriff, except such as may be appointed to do a particular act only, before he enters on the duties of office, shall take an oath faithfully to execute the office of deputy sheriff, according to the best of his skill and judgment. 

Law 3. “Therefore, a deputy who is serving as bailiff may be removed from office at will by the sheriff or may be removed from office by a circuit judge after notice and a hearing, if the public interest will be served. All sheriffs shall be liable for the acts of their deputies, and for money collected by them.

Law: 4. Prior to appointing any person a deputy sheriff, the sheriff shall determine that the proposed appointee is of good moral character and is capable of fairly and impartially enforcing the law of the State of Mississippi.”

5. Each deputy sheriff shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, a qualified elector of the State of Mississippi, and shall not have been convicted of a felony.



    In Hinds County, Mississippi Circuit Judge Tomie Green told Sheriff Lewis his authority over his employees ends at the courthouse doors. Judge Green issued an order late this afternoon preventing Sheriff Tyrone Lewis from transferring, demoting, or reducing the salaries of any bailiffs without her consent.

       The action was supported and signed in concurrence by Judges Melvin Priester, Patricia Wise and Bill Gowan,

We can only assume that the    Patricia Wise is with or was with the law-firm of Carter, Wise the attorneys involved in this extortion. More on this below. These Bailiffs are no more than bodyguards and court instigators to the litigants before the courts. Like Reagan cutting food stamps to hire more bodyguards to protect him for doing it. ……………………………….. Can you say dumb shit boys and girls?

 The recent order of the great and wonderful know it all of that magical jurisdiction of Mississippi judge Green has refered to a previous order issued by the circuit court in 1996 establishing the rules and procedures for bailiffs serving Hinds County. The latest order states Sheriff Lewis entered special orders on February 15, 2012 that “adversely affected” bailiffs attached to the courts of Hinds County.

Judge Green. claims the orders also demote, transfer, and reduce the pay of said personnel without the “notice and consent of the Circuit Court of Hinds County.” Judge Green decreed the orders are in direct violation of the 1996 order. Judge Green also said the 1996 order states the Sheriff can not discharge bailiffs without the consent of the judge and must set their salaries on an “equitable basis”

The 1996 order refers to the bailiffs as “officers of the court” and said they “do not function as party of any law enforcement agency.” The 1996 order states the bailiff is “a confidential employee of the judge” and the Sheriff “may remove” them for “good cause upon advice and consent of the judge.” ………………………………………………………

CLASSVICTIM: Well, that’s enough confession’s from the mentally corrupted for me folks. Hey boys and girls let’s go over a few things here before moving on to more of the utterly embedded horse shit which rules the Mississippi government and its love of corporate America. Green is suggesting the court pay the Bailiffs.

    Don’t make me do it! I’ll hit you up side the head! This is my court! Yeah, Why ya’ll, we’ll just swing this little ole gavel at everything!

1. Of all the counties in all the states of this demoralizing country, this judge states her consent is needed for a legal action where her nose dosen’t even belong. Why?

2. That an order wrote up in 1996 by a bunch of thieves is law if she agrees to it being so. How so? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

3. Please note that on December 18th,1996 Rebecca Marie of Classvictim blog was deposed for the purpose of the 1995 Gaylord Bogalusa chemical release. The entire matter of millions and or billions started there. How long before these actions was this bailiffs offensive protection planned installed? Cover sheet, AG’s opinion below.


What’s this about? It’s about stealing the court won awards of someone’s personal injury cause. Little to no one appears for these class-actions as many are fraudulent. Knowing the entire state had agreed through its legal system of authority to deny us legal, civl rights. The court knowing the injured might appear for relief and knowing it would denied relief repeatedly even before asked. Who and how many persons would you want to train to recognize a certain face, or target. Look boys and girls were a living libility.

It should be pointed out the orders do not cite any law from the Mississippi Code or Constitution nor is any case law mentioned. Section 19-25-19 of the Mississippi Code.  There is no statutory provision that gives the court the authority to “veto” or invalidate a sheriff’s decision to transfer a deputy serving as bailiff.”

  The Mississippi Attorney General issued an opinion on the matter of who has the power to hire and fire bailiffs in a 1998 opinion (Opinion No. 98-0687)*:

Is Opinion No. 98-0687 imply this opinion was written in 1998 the year the $84 million was accepted on me. Close proximity, August 28th court accepts awards offer. September met with judge Graves with an opinion by the AG’s office. Perhaps with all circuit court judges agreeing to this order for that particular reason there is no doubt that the Attorney General’s Office knew as well. And what does that mean boy’s and girls ? Well that means these low life mofo’s had it in for our ass from the start. The judge makes clear their bailiffs are of no part of any law enforcement. Add to wit reporting to the justice department ( spit ) and the Whitehouse I understand the push to take this before the supreme court (fart)! Less than one percent submitted is even accepted by the higher court. As well these actions dismissed by the court of appeals was a civil lawsuit against the attorneys not a rehash of the settled awards. They were presented as extortion, embezzlement and failure to perform a legal duty. Our claims by the mere violation of any legal avenue to adress civil wrong doings remain very viable. Each and everyday of the rest of our life we are denied our civil rights to redress regardless how much MS. extorted.

 We can do it Bubba, We can steal it all !!!!!!


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