As many in America as well all over the world are preparing to deal with unfair and corrupted rulings of our governments, Regardless which side you take, Anonymous walks tall in opposition with endless avenues of attacks from countless and unknown locations. They are spoken of and hated by various world governments because of their covert effectiveness. Something no longer had by a ruling class.


Anonymous Hacktivists Collective have compromised data from a massive correctional facility management firm and have defaced the website as a prison industrial complex is the latest victim of Anonymous’ #FuckFBIFriday campaign. The website for a Florida-based management firm with clients worldwide, has been targeted by operatives with the online collective Anonymous. The campaign has in past weeks targeted and successfully taken down the sites of the CIA, FBI and US Department of Justice.


A statement from Anonymous, claimed retaliation for a corrupt system that immensely profits off of the detainment of Americans across the country. As the prison industrial complex booms, management companies such as GEO have been tied to controversies. 

 As RT reported last week, Corrections Corporation of America, the largest operator of for-profit prisons in the US, has spent millions of dollars lobbying Washington for stricter laws that would ensure that their facilities are regularly close to total capacity. As these companies spend money to make new laws and expand on others that target non-violent criminals, the companies responsible generate mass income from operating the facilities.

As the GEO Group lobbies for legislation, it boasted a companywide occupancy rate of 96.6 percent in 2008. Lobbying for stricter immigration laws across America. Lobbyists for the GEO Group, including Austin, Texas’ Lionel “Leo” Aguirre, rake in thousands each year persuading Washington to revamp legislation that will keep prisons packed as well.

“While most folks are suffering under the economy, many billions of dollars are being funneled into this sinister conniving alliance of capitalist and statist forces to try to build dozens upon dozens of new [p]risons across the world,” reads the Anonymous-penned statement published Friday.

              “Despite the well documented history of corruption, scandal and atrocities that companies like GEO perpetuate each and every minute our friends are locked behind their prison walls, the private prison industry is still booming,” adds the collective, Anonymous. The Corrections Corporation of America recently appealed to 48 states across America, asking for them to consider selling off their prisons to the privately-run group. In their case, they insist that contracts will only be made if states can guarantee facilities maintain an inmate population close to capacity. Some say that this is accomplished by unjustly imprisoning many innocent Americans.


“We are acting in solidarity with all those who have ever been wrongfully profiled, arrested, brutalized, incarcerated and have had all dignity and humanity stripped from them as they are cast into the gulags of America,” states Anonymous.


“When our comrades are locked up struggling against a repressive regime that has no concern for due process, we do not forget. When our comrades are ripped off their civil liberties and human rights, we do not forgive,” they add. Anonymous has also altered the site so that visitors to are exposed to an audio recording of the track “Mumia 911,” which is performed by artists including Pharoahe Monch, Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine. Anonymous has also publicized logs of their hack on the GEO Group and have included a copy of “God Only Knows What Devils We Are,” a document recently released by The Institute for Experimental Freedom and


Anonymous adds that later this month on February 28, hacktivists and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement will wage a mass protest together against the prison system. They say they “will be marching in the streets of the US to demand an end to the suppression of the occupation movement.”


“But our solidarity does not extend only to occupiers or political prisoners,” continues the statement. “[W]e do not give any legitimacy or credibility to a justice system that look after their own prosecutors and pigs who get away with brutality and corruption, while they routinely murder innocent people on death row and locks up immigrants they deem ‘illegal’.  “We will abolish their prisons in all forms, and run the pigs off of our streets. We will burn down their prison society, because only on the ashes of the old world can we hope to rebuild a new one,” adds the group.

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2 Responses to ANONYMOUS T.G.I.F.

  1. classvictim says:

    In the beginning they were known as Senator’s, Congressmen and women and Representatives today they all share one title. LAWMARKERS. But are known as one name. LAWBREAKERS.

  2. I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, thank you for putting up.

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