obama2012  But Mr. President we were extorted and gave at the courts.

 Sources have confirmed,International Paper’s $3.7 billion buyout of Temple-Inland has been finalized. The sale closed a process that began last summer when IP offered a $3.3 billion bid with agreement for $3.7 billion in September, subject to a Department of Justice review. The DOJ approved the deal this past week.

IP is committed to the Bogalusa facility. The mill is one of Washington Parish’s largest employers. IP spokesperson Thomas Ryan said. “We will be counting on Bogalusa, as well as the other newly acquired mills, to help us continue to meet customer needs through safe and reliable operations.” Temple-Inland officials on Monday referred all questions to International Paper.

And the award and name placed upon the Wall of Tolerance from the Southern Poverty Law Center goes to (certificate), Rebecca Marie. Hum??? Identity Theft Contribution??


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  1. I regard something really interesting about your blog so I saved to favorites .

  2. Sheryl says:

    I support you and the Polk family to the fullest on this. Just over three years ago, my home was broke in to. We had over $20,000 stolen from us in this robery. We knew when it happened as soon as it happened who did it. We gave names, addresses, phone numbers, and tag numbers to the investigating officers. We did EVERY bit of the leg work for them. Well since then, we were told by a former officer that they never had any intentions of investigating our break-in….they figured “we had insurance and we could afford it.” Nothing ever turned out from it – go figure!!!!….Since then, one of the ones involvled in the robbery has threatened my step daughter and myself along with my husband…..All because he was stupid enough to bring some of it back. He agreed to get us all our stuff back if I wouldn’t press charges…..He didn’t so I did!!! Once again…Go figure
    Since then, a couple of them have fessed up to what they have done, but to date none have been prosecuted – not by my choice…..because they have kin folks that work for the city/county………I left Marion County knowing that this would either cost me my life or my marriage…….both have the same value to me, so I figured “leave it alone.”
    The Polk’s have been a part of my life since I was a baby….my Aunt Nell is Brownie’s first cousin….Brownie is Peanut’s mom….I can remember as a baby falling asleep listening to Joe and James K. playing their guitars while they were cooking crawfish on my daddy’s pond dam….Howard Earl and Joe always had something going on…and you can bet it was pretty mischevious…..
    I remember one night, they all came over to float the river to look for frogs – they were planning on some frog legs for supper. My uncle Willie was there that time. They went back there and set up camp. Joe ended up catching and eel…..he convinced my Uncle Willie it was a catfish……needless to say once they shined the light on the sucker, my Uncle Willie saw it and thought it was a snake!!!! It was on then…..My dad died back in 2008…..he laughed about that up until he died…..I can only imagine what really happened….there were some pretty serious looks that got passed back and forth afterwards…
    Guess what I’m trying to say is the Polk’s have always been good people until someone crossed them. They’ve never been the type people that really just go out looking for trouble – I had a bar and there really are people that come out just for that – even when I had the bar, Joe would come in from time to time…….anytime he ever got “out of the way” with anyone, he was more than cool with either leaving or behaving himself……
    The day that Howard Earl killed the cops…..he was on his was to kill Brownie when I happened up in front of them at a redlight…….I looked up in the rear view mirror and there was some people fighting in the truck behind me……he grabbed her hair, she jerked loose, and the next thing I know she is standing at my passenger door trying to get in……Well needless to say,,,the door was locked for some reason….She didn’t have time to get me to let her in and she went to the car in front of me…….they went thru the intersection pf 98/13 backwards to get away from him…..
    I still clearly remembering when he pointed the gun…..he went for that driver’s head, and then he would drop it to the guy’s tires – back and forth………..I just knew he was gonna blow that guys head off…..
    then it was over in a matter of seconds……..he turned around and looked at me……it was kinda weird…..the only thing I could think of was to tell him….”Howard Earl, You know me…..I’m Clifton’s girl…….Sheryl… know the one that work’s at Bob’s” Not sure if he was done there of if he heard what I said. All I know is he got back in his truck and the red light turned green,,,,,so I got away from there……
    I saw Brownie about a month after all that – she came in the part store to buy something – I couldn’t help but appoligize for not being able to open the door for her ( at the time I was 6 months pregnant), she told me it was
    good that I didn’t…

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