LEARNING FROM THE PAST AS WE EXAMINE THE DOMINATING PROBLEMS WITH MISSISSIPPI’S ………..House Bill 16. In writing this blog post I must acknowledge the actions presented here occurred in the state of Louisiana. They are however part of ongoing events related to the elimination of our public freedoms and all connected to the actions of this lawsuit. In a closer look at this bill, we see we are solidifying the governments war or police state over its citizens. 

In May 1997 the court and state officials of Bogalusa Louisiana took actions to protect the towns major employer Gaylord Paper from legal actions against intentional negligence. The only visible threat to the corporate empire were a family of three. A married couple and their one child. Regardless the number, the process of warfare is to divide and conquer. The Corporate Chemical destruction of our home presented a grand opportunity to apply the concept via their fraudulent corporate deals with attorneys and its conspiracy plot.

With my wife child and I made homeless, our child was sent to live with her grandparent my mother. My wife and I lived in motels, our car and eventually tents. We were separated for months from our child awaiting some action on our home. No it didn’t feel the least bit right but sick and legally helpless there we were. The unit of St. Tammany health department along with us complained to the state to no avail.

With my step-dad and mother accepting whatever was offered them to betray us.  The actions by the state officials on behalf the corporations to eliminate us began. 



Page one left to right is a letter delivered to our camper by our daughter. On May 12th, 1997, it requested a meeting with our attorneys which was a trap. Page two reflects the reporting of events to attorneys through the day of the 13th, as City government officials, the court, attorneys and my parents decided to strike. Calls to Dulac and Houma were made by my mother. Her side of these events were needed first to relatives to justify her insanity. It’s similar to the monetary insanity which infected the Hinds County court and its members in Mississippi when our claims were taken there.  Page three is receipt of bonding out of false charges cost. $ 40,000 total.

The total of charges escalated to include, child neglect, mental and emotional problems, street drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, knowledge of a sexual act by a minor. Failure to provide a home. But mostly because we held an enormous legal cause. It all began to fall apart for the state in the first court hearing. The very agency handling the child protection testified all about the fact this matter was before the court due the destruction of our home had by the chemical release as well the fact we had rented a home. The alleged abuse of days old bruises on our child and obvious fact they didn’t match with our weekly visit pissed the court off.

With Bill 16 a person alledges on a family member that family alledges others might have known and before long you can eliminate the entire family the state might consider a political or social threat. Angered that the very first action confirmed a great degree of involvement by the release regarding our situation. That wouldn’t do for a cause to hide the facts before a court of law. The entire matter was dismissed as have been many others for the same reason. We were never given any knowledge of who the actual person making the charges against us.

Is one purpose of this new Bill to protect those making allegations as it seems to require a quicker action for simply an allegation, as where prior proof was needed.  We were informed upon our release of false charges that is was the secretary of the law-firm who filed charges. A person who didn’t know us or anything about us. Bill 16 attempts to have any allegation made by anyone, the authoritative reason and cause alone to enact these stricter laws. This Bill, further heightens aggressiveness upon a possible innocent person when the crimes listed already having laws against them which make them clearly illegal.

The Bill attempts to invoke violence in hope of securing an arrest one way or another. Get picked up charged, beaten and mistreated for something you didn’t do can cause you to reject such attempts in the future. For a person such as my mother since the on set of this type of attacks, she’s contstantly complined that if allegations need not be proven we would have been eliminated long ago. Now that is about a governmental backed corrporate conspiracy statement if one was ever made. Dispose of those who hinder your greed. Hum! 

In a later attempt to falsely charge us with crimes, it was clear at that time we might not survive our exposure. However, upon returning to Mississippi the state of Louisiana claimed a conclusion of its arrest attempts on us but somehow held the actions against us regarding our child. When we returned to Mississippi the state of Mississippi just moved right on in with us.

Bill 16 will allow the state to move in on you and your family then if you’re done as we were, they’ll rob you blind before dumping you to the void. Looking at the documents on these blogs we post and you can see the trail of destruction by the blood sucking state officials. That’s monetary insanity and that type of insanity requires special laws like Bill 16. It allows politicians to put government on the back of anyone for political, or in a case like this for the purpose of protecting corporate corruption. The Bill seeks aggression as a back-up for lack of evidence or proof that any actual crime ever occurred. Bill 16 given possible increase of fines and any other oddity. This Bill is the state’s version of a detention law upon everyone without due process.


 The Mississippi house passed House Bill 16. This new bill requires fetal tissue to determine whether an adult impregnated the minor of abortions. It requires every teachers, health-care providers, clergy, parents and others to report possible abuse to local law enforcement or other government agency within 48 hours of learning of it.

Failure to report carries a $5,000 fine and/or a year in prison.
There is already laws requiring teachers and others to report child abuse to DHS. Some say HB16 is full of vague language with potentially unintended consequences. In debate many questioned why this bill was needed saying this Bill would require reporting if two 15 year old were seen riding in the backseat of a car.

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  1. I am not real fantastic with English but I find this really easy to translate.

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