There Is A Report That The Files On Those Recently Released By Ex-Governor’ Barbour Are Missing.

Tom Freeland over at NMC’s Bog, has a story on the recent actions of the ex-governor pardons. Mr.Freeland is an attorney in north Mississippi. It seems a request by the Associated Press has revealed that the files are presently missing or unattainable. Tom made a comment that was very intresting given the fact I’ve found most reporting of Mississippi to be bias. One possiblity is once its known who’s behind this type of stuff in this state we’ll be closer to maybe finding out who holds authortity to erase or alter history. We’ll get back to this later when we cover an attack on our citizenship by the great Eraser.  Here’s Tom’s comment.

I’ve been convinced since the beginning that a careful look at these pardons– where they originated, who was seeking them, what political connections might have been involved– would produce some interesting stories, and I have the impression there are a number of folks working on it.                                                                                   ————————————————————————————–

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI — A man accused in an armed robbery and attempted sexual battery, a suspect in a robbery and murder, alleged drug peddlers, non-compliant sex offenders, alleged burglars and people wanted on credit card fraud are on the latest list of South Mississippi’s most-wanted criminal suspects.

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You would think these things going on with the ex-governor would be news. As we said here before. There exist a group of individuals corporate / political who are thus far beyond laws applying to all others. Looking at the local news and not a word.

Local Stuff In Our State Controled Media.

NEW ORLEANS — A former BP employee has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the company, claiming he was fired over concerns with cleanup of Mississippi’s shoreline after the oil spill. August Walter alledged one of his BP bosses manipulated data on shoreline cleanup in a federal suit filed last Friday in New Orleans. Walter, was a Covington, La., resident who helped develop BP’s cleanup plans in Mississippi after the 2010 spill began. He states that he was fired last month in retaliation for complaining that BP wasn’t following environmental regulations.

GULFPORT — Gulfport police said a citizen who saw news reports of a damaged car sought in the fatal hit-and-run of a teenage girl pointed police to the car Wednesday, leading to the arrest of Jermel Maurice Bogan.

GULFPORT —  Police are investigating the death of a pedestrian who was killed Wednesday while walking across Chicot Street in Pascagoula.

CAMP SHELBY MILITARY BASE. A manhunt for an attacker who opened fire on a Camp Shelby military police officer took a strange turn Monday night.Police arrested 30-year-old Tiffany Wright on charges of shooting her husband, Britain Wright, a Camp Shelby military policeman, in the chest at approximately midnight on Friday. According to authorities.

FORREST COUNTY, MS. Forrest County, authorities are looking for two, or possibly three, suspects who robbed Jerry Watts, 64, at gunpoint after he came home and surprised them trying to burglarized his house. 

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  1. Hello. magnificent job. I did not anticipate this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

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