Welcome to another instalment of those legal wonders and mystic rulings from that magical jurisdiction known as Hinds County Mississippi. A place which introduced the fame plaintiffs attorney for the defense. A place where the Attorney Generals represent the states inmates. First lets check another lawsuit on behalf that money generating BS., I mean Mississippi’s renown magical and mystical rulings which defy all known law. Excuse me, here’s a BP. Oil Spill Update.

 Gulfport, Mississippi, Oil giant BP has told the city of Gulfport, Miss., that it has no documents to support a claim for $11.8 million in compensation for community damages from the Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion and spill. BP initially offered the city $76,000 for tax losses, but the city rejected that offer. City officials are hoping the claim can be settled without a lawsuit.

Specifically, BP said the city failed to document any sales or property tax losses from the oil spill through the height of the 2010 tourist season.  The city sought almost $4.2 million in lost sales taxes, $1.5 million for property taxes and $6.1 million in “community damages.” ————————————————-


 This moment of humorous clowning is brought to you via the present judicial system of the state of Mississippi.

Have you ever notice the writings of attorneys and or the courts in general and how much is left to interpretations. Obviously those not involved in court actions are assumed to be without understanding. The lay person is left to deal with what they understand by what is done as opposed to what is said or sometimes written. Let’s take the recent reported actions of the state sponsored fraudulent class action in Louisiana and an attempt once more to Abra Gadaba our settlement awards right before our very eyes.

This presentation will require using the way back machine. Right off I’m going to take the opportunity to lay the threats [ which remain ] aside [ shake this stuff off my leg ] and tell you in short what happened. Once the rail tank car of poison started leaking at the Gaylord Bogalusa, facility it couldn’t be moved fearing an unknown location of possible eruption. It couldn’t be unloaded due safety devices built into the equipment. The chemical toxins were not only poisonous they were highly corrosive as well. Simply stated this multi trillion-dollar company failed to purchase proper safety equipment. Failed to report the problem to the proper authority. Gaylord took matters into their own hands and used the time of day and weather conditions to attempt a disposal. Their actions landed a cloud of toxic absorbing chemicals on our home. It takes a minute to connect certain dots but the picture is pretty ugly.

 November, 1995 the law-firm of Stuart Smith contracts agreement to represent Robert and Rebecca Marie regarding the October 1995 chemical release. Attorneys initial out of court agreement of 10 million in four months withdrawn, all aid is replaced by threats to be silent of actual events. Refusing to take any action other than threatening and having us arrested. The Smith law firm is fired on March 1997. Mr. Smith’s firm refuses to release court files till ordered by judge Graves 16 months later. Judge Graves however insisted an attorney is needed to negotiate any relief we sought. At the time of meeting with judge Graves he gives no indication that he had weeks prior accepted the Vicksburg Chemical offer on me. Graves, ultimately gains a cooperating attorney to maintain actions in violations of to many rights and laws to mention. Enters next on behalf a state court action is David Baria.

 Mr. Baria wasn’t our first choice, he was requested by the attorneys we had first questioned about our claims. Attorneys Kevin Camp and Beth Winsor had claimed to be working with Mr. Baria for the up coming trial. When suddenly the firms and attorneys began to avoid us and wouldn’t return calls. We were abandoned not knowing we were used to collect the suits first offer. Attorneys told my parents  the entire trial would be over before we knew it. There was no need to involve us.

 I didn’t know it could be so obvious to understand the given court testimonies that in attorney and judge statements and actions it was clear where and why the court was steering the matter to a desired outcome. Misrepresentation of chemicals were in support of hiding the criminal actions of the corporations. Namely the paper manufacture’s DMSO involvements and possible fatal issues. Knowing this is Mississippi and any legal action is rejected what are we to do. Liar, liar.

Recapping The Court Of Hinds County Mississippi….  Mid 1999, other than the eighty-four million of accepted offer on me, the entire amount of awards are placed thereafter on my family of three. This included me, my wife and child. The Mississippi Hinds County fraudulent Court trial failed. Hopes to mend the problems failed along with the appeal. The court has always refused to release any of our awards to us. Now that’s one part of this, lets cover a few others as we consider the failures were an intended part of a greater plot to attach awards to the deceased. This could afford a more direct control by the states court.

District Court ….     In 2001 we entered an action in district court and took the matter clean to the court of appeals. Best that is understood is that since the action wasn’t directly connected to the Hinds county action. Meaning the civil action number in district court, it wasn’t the number used to gain the awards but simply a cause referring to it. Even in actions solely against the attorneys the federal court draw upon the January 15th, 1998 New Kirk order having nothing to do with the cause we held before the court. All discovery was had for settlement. Judge Graves order was seven months expired when he excepted the Vicksburg 84 million offer. Conclusions manifest into magic rulings to connect the New Kirk Order to the Marie cause.

Hello…. What part about hey, their corrupt didn’t you understand. District court filings ended sometime late 2009 followed by other actions but nothing rock the boat like trying to legally gain relief from actual settled claims in a legal fashion. District and Appeal courts ruled that in use of the New Kirk Order, the only court with jurisdiction was self-imposed by Hinds County. Action is accepted to the conclusions of these matters by all parties but is not acted upon. We were directed in every action to return to the court of origin. In all pleadings to the higher courts we clearly alleged as well proved the Hinds county court rejected our requested relief. You already know it.

The Deal…. A punitive cause was held later in Washington Parish Louisiana. Our claims and cause was the only compensatory one before the court. Compensatory settlement is required before seeking punitive actions and ours was connect to the Bogalusa action. Through various actions in Louisiana and stall tactics implemented in Mississippi. The state used class attorneys and our awards to maintain the fraudulent failed trial claims as though their actions were a full success. There is no legal cause to join our awards. They have been held in the present manner by the court and will remain least any public legal out cry for justice. With out the proper Magic they feel their secured in state and lobbying powers to finalize their actions. Hence Mr. lobby remains.

  WHERE ARE WE …. As proven by legal court documents my family was used to gain the compensatory prior to an attempt to somehow join our claims to merit-less ones. The merit-less cause before the court rightfully failed as did its appeal. The district court could have been lead to believe regardless all violation that the Marie’s would receive some form of compensation as suggested repeatedly in pleadings. One of many issues for a court of law. The pleadings paled to the statements made by the clowns filing them. When nothing the court does will add up any way they present it, and yet they maintain to the highest courts a clear and bias attitude to rule unlawfully it feels like a personal attack by the very person you’re suing. Are we suppose to act as though these rulings are law and that there’s no form of reward……………

   We’ll see the sealing of faith and hope of justice in 2005 goes down by that Hell Hole, Hillbilly, hee-haw, Mississippi Hinds County Magical Jurisdictional Court of Corruption. As a legal request for relief is denied. We litigate an action to dismiss or transfer a cause claimed by this court in district court actions, to not even exist. Hocus Pocus.

As the ex-governor has direct FEMA funds to operation MEMA in Mississippi. An operation ran from a newly named building honoring ex-gov. Barbour. As well his joining this particular law firm after leaving the Governor’s Mansion, time will tell.

The possibility is such now that hurricanes and possibly large lawsuits could become a tool of lobbying efforts in the great deep south. Add to wit, this alleged corruption against these persons in a matter which we are only victimized generates great concern. We’ll cover that before heading to a family reunion.

How one can justify the use of other people’s lives given much uncertainties that all will be fine. The absents of injuries loss and damages go a long way for those greed driven. We’ll conclude other matters with the Vicksburg millions and Erie connections in part two as we dissect the recent disbursements to the fraudulent class and that money claimed held by Vicksburg and or other defending attorneys. We can understand here that sadly any money directed to a proven and failed court action relies on more than just law or justice to acquire its means.


In part two of this we’ll review the other members of this Impossible Mission Force of Corporate sworn elite. We’ll review the latest reported class settlement actions and unriddled the hocus pocus of the Vicksburg offer. Although unlawfully applied to a class that particular and first Marie cause of action held no legal requirement to be joined under the class to others. The Marie cause did however hold a legal authority to be awarded the total of all awards due the classes failed appeal. When we look closely at the recent action of class payments it appears with regards to us nothing has or will change under the current hold of political oppression. The greatest possibilities of related further troubles by bad circumstances really suck……

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  1. Hi Classvictim,
    Thanks you for your post, What specific and realistic actions can individuals take part in to make a measurable difference with the problem of poverty in a big city?
    Catch you again soon!

    • classvictim says:

      Please checkout this site for further details. Thank you.

      Now to this very important question. For starters we need to reduce present corruption. That would mean setting examples of legal action before the entire constitution is done away with.Make the actions public.A perfect example sits here before your very eyes. Monies taken, lobbied, stolen or extorted are usually done by corrupt courts and politicians.Once there it is used to purchase the service of huge corporations. Corporattions seek profit. This money is stored away for the bragging rights of the wealthy as profitable gain it is never circulated among the poor and needy to equate actual social domestic needs or investments toward a better future for everyone.Having said this, I would have no problem after working my part to ship billions in food to other countries in return for my personal item list of overseas goods.Tv.washer,vcr, camcorder etc. From the water dock to the warehouse then delivered to your home,no money needed.We also badly need another form of fuel [bio] to power our transport systems. I’ve suggested that all Americans engage in work to become the world’s largest food producer. Rarely does one bite the hand that feeds them. Everyone has to eat. I would also highly advise that we begin some type of trade which reduces the use of money. City dwellers could work in and support of food production.The related industries become endless. A worker is a worker regardless where they might wish to live. Folks from the city may require day shifts regarding their employment. Something similar to the oil industry. The benefits in day shifts say 7 on 7 off or 14 and 14 or 14 and seven off would allow for quality time for development of other labors and interest during employee home time. For some requiring less employment time we could impliment the 4 day week week.In short I think we need to beat our spears into plows and go to work, start thinking outside the box before Uncle Sam closes it.

  2. Emil Philip says:

    Wohh just what I was searching for, thank you for putting up.

  3. I dugg some of you post as I cerebrated they were extremely helpful invaluable

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