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MISSISSIPPI’S Ex-Gov Barbour issued pardons for more than 200 inmates. Barbour suspended some sentences and ordered conditional clemency for Irby, who pleaded guilty in 2010 to manslaughter in connection with the deaths of two doctors. Irby admitted that she had been drinking before getting behind the wheel of her Mercedes. The list grew to include pardons for more than 20 inmates convicted of murder, manslaughter or homicide. He also issued pardons to several others for charges ranging from rape to robbery.

 Mississippi’s Attorney General Jim Hood is challenging the pardons and has obtained a restraining order seeking to stop any further release of those pardoned by Barbour, based on whether they met a state constitutional requirement for notification.Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green issued the court order Wednesday requiring all those pardoned to prove at a Jan. 23rd hearing.


An attorney for four of the former Governor’s Mansion trusties – three convicted killers and man serving life for robbery – claims in court papers that Hood’s office should be disqualified from the case because an assistant attorney general helped with the notification process that Hood is now challenging. Hood issued a statement denying those claims, but his office has refused to answer questions from The Associated Press about whether or not it provided legal advice to Barbour’s office about the notification process. Hood’s spokeswoman, Jan Schaefer, said Monday. “Our detailed response will be in our court filings,”

The ex-Governor made a decision about the pardons in a staff meeting on November 23, 2011.  After that meeting, a staff member from the governor’s office called Christopher Epps of the Mississippi Department Of Corrections [ MDOC] about publication of inmate notices.  In a follow-up on December 7, 2011, Assistant Attorney General Scott texted that the MDOC was going to take care of publication.  

Special Assistant Attorney General Scott told Neely on December 6, which is 35 days before the Governor left office, that Scott would undertake to have the required notice published. The brief somewhat skips over that Scott assured the governor that MDOC which is a governor run agency was going to handle the publication.  But then, one would think Scott would be obliged to tell his client there was a time issue.

A lawyer for a South African man who received a full pardon from Barbour but whose release was blocked by Green has also asked the judge to dismiss the case. His attorney says if Kambule is released from prison, he will go to South Africa and will not return to the United States.


Bottom line here is that in taking on the responsiblity to make public publication of the inmates. The inmates became clients of the state of Mississippi, or at least they were one and the same. The irony is that the AG Hood’s knee jerk reaction to give the appearance he’s fighting crime, he forget’s he’s part of it. Is that where we are with this, is that about right. Representing the governor is Butler and Snow. ————————————————————————————

Judge Tomie GreenJACKSON, Miss. — A Mississippi judge on Monday delayed a decision to invalidate some pardons, including of convicted killers, issued by Haley Barbour in his final days as governor. Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green issued a bench ruling after attorney general’s office said it needed time to prepare.

The office of Attorney General Jim Hood said it had been deluged with motions and documents from lawyers representing current and former inmates. Green scheduled the next hearing for 1 p.m. on Feb. 3. She extended an order to temporarily blocked five inmates who’d been pardoned by Barbour.
The judge had ordered five former inmates who worked as trusties to be in court pardoned by Barbour, including four convicted killers. Four showed up. Joseph Ozment, convicted in 1994 of killing a man during a robbery, did not appear in court Monday. Officials and investigators were unable to serve notice he was ordered to appear. ————————————————————————–

Locking horns in the public arena the whole gangs here except for the Brunini law firm. Could one such as myself suspect that a controlling attorney/court judges party of a prior plot could have made a payment for actions with the total amounts involved unknown to the other paid/parties. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Something huh, did we forget that the ex-Gov. was going to his lobby job up New York, way. Why what do we supposed happen, hum. In our next blog boy’s and girl’s we’ll gain awareness of what the meaning of legal is when its written by media on behalf corporate influenced political connections. We’ll cover the recent payments from Hinds County MS./Washington Parish La. fraudulent Gaylord class action in review and check out the last time these folks got together for their greater cause of Personal Gain.

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