Mississippi’s Corrupted Government A Division of Washington Politics


As those in state authority struggle to make ends meet. A few citizens of Mississippi could hereby attest to the fact that very struggle hides a darker agenda. Here’s something which I’ll repeat as time goes by simply to reflect the tolerance of the utter bull-shit being applied. Rather hand squeeze the orange the public as a whole we’re now individually squeezed to whatever need state government desires. No one should feel that being treated indifference to right or justice doesn’t effect a persons well-being. It’s sad that we are all reduced to only complaining of Political corruption and lawlessness.

WHERE’S THE SHRINK WHEN THEY NEED ONE?  Since things are tough all over here’s a thought. A corporate criminal action to dispose toxins, causing utter destruction of life and property.  Forcing U.S. citizens into conformity by state authority in violation of state, federal and constitutional law to generate personal unlawful gains per state officials and their counterpart politicians.  Directing personal criminal actions to invoke anger and mental anguish. As such the incarceration of family members as a means of state government control to protect the governmental corporate corruption. The recent departure of the kind of shit  Mississippi is known for.

Correction some shit remains. Guess there was just too much money extorted to leave this one alone, add to wit.  To the best of my knowledge other than the convicted group released here Mississippi by large uses its prison system to promote political agendas. Violation of double jeopardy and major laws denied that’s the kind of baby-shit behaviour requiring baby-sitter. How bad is Mississippi?  They have innocent political prisoners here, used to promote corrupted monetary and political gains. As my child sits in prision after twice being dismissed of false charges. It took threats that her children would be taken from her should she not plead guilty to the false charges.  Can you say Political Background Check boys and girls? 

   JACKSON, Miss. — Karen Irby was one of more than 200 inmates expected to be freed by a last-minute move of outgoing Gov. Haley Barbour. BOSS HOG, Barbour left office at noon Tuesday. But before he left, Barbour issued pardons for more than 200 inmates. Barbour suspended some sentences and ordered conditional clemency for Irby, who pleaded guilty in 2010 to manslaughter in connection with the deaths of two doctors. Irby admitted that she had been drinking before getting behind the wheel of her Mercedes. The list grew to include pardons for more than 20 inmates convicted of murder, manslaughter or homicide. He also issued pardons to several others for charges ranging from rape to robbery. 

    So Governor, you were brought up by a convicted murder?
Former Gov. Haley Barbour said he’s comfortable and confident in his decisions to grant clemency to more than 200 convicts.

“I have so much confidence that I have allowed my grandchildren to play with those five men,” convicts who worked as trusties in the Governor’s Mansion. Barbour said. “I’ve let them ride their tricycles outside while those men looked after them.” Barbour said, “I am fully confident the pardons and other clemencies are all valid.”

Barbour, whose father died when he was a child, was looked after by his grandfather, a judge. When he became unable to care for Little Haley, an inmate Leon Turner, was assigned to help. Turner was convicted of murder in Adams County before being assigned to Barbour’s family. He died in 1999. “Leon helped take care of us,” Barbour said. “He helped raise us. He was our playmate, our friend.”

Judge Tomie GreenHinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green issued the court order Wednesday requiring all those pardoned to prove at a Jan. 23.  

Attorney General Jim Hood is challenging the pardons and has obtained a restraining order seeking to stop any further release of those pardoned by Barbour, based on whether they met a state constitutional requirement for notification.

UPDATE: Now let’s refresh the classvictim data base. When the Hinds County Mississippi court accepted first $84 million in offer then was later given no choice but to place all awards on this family of three who were the attorneys? The very ones who keep the money from us after their combined plaintiffs and defense attorney plot of a failed class action. That would be the same lawyers handling Haley’s affairs of state. 

Now they weren’t alone, there was another firm in Hinds working to repeatedly deny us any relief of our settled awards. [Butler & Snow] Who took part in all matters of crimes against us to extort those away with no strings attached. And just how much did they actually get? Extorted awards the gift that keeps giving. Let’s see as we recalled first we were supposed to die from exposure and now its been reduced to robbery. Still it was death which was supposed to be the tie that cuts. About that other firm they were the defendant attorneys of the $84 million from Vicksburg. And all of them wanted us dead.
  The list grew on Tuesday to include pardons for more than 20 inmates convicted of murder, manslaughter or homicide. Barbour also issued pardons to several others for charges ranging from rape to robbery. 
 RIDGELAND — Former Gov. Haley Barbour and his former chief of staff Paul Hurst will join Butler, Snow, O’Mara, Stevens & Cannada PLLC (Butler Snow) Barbour and Hurst will provide leadership to the firm in the areas of economic development, government relations, strategic planning and business development.  Barbour and Paul are tremendous assets for our firm, and we are excited to have them as part of our team,” said Butler Snow chairman Donald Clark Jr. “Their leadership during some of the most difficult times in our state’s history is unprecedented.
Committee and Republican Governors Association and White House political director for President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. He later helped found the lobbying group now known as BGR Group, a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm. In addition to joining Butler Snow, Barbour will also join BGR Group as its founding partner and will work on national and international policy matters with that firm. He will also speak at political and business events and write a book about leadership during the Hurricane Katrina crisis.
Like books huh? Let’s write a book on where this country is going given the justice departments failures to take any action against the present crime wave. HERE’S THE COVER PICTURE.
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