America : 2011.  The void of civil liberties offers much in the way of open corruption. Is open corruption more or less a greater crime than most others? I can tell you it pays very well and hold extra dividends. There is something extra ordinary about greater corporate corruption. Like the gift that keeps giving until the well runs dry or someone bankrupts their ill-gotten gains. Always a mess to clean.

OK, with about four checks given her, my mother and stepfather has done themselves proud. Unlike many other receiving checks per the attorney extortion plot my folks actually walked through our home after that corporate toxic cloud absorbed into everything we owned. My best guess would be around two hundred thousand more or less. It’s hard to understand the amount given how much was actual exposure money and how much was paid to watch aggravate and report back to the corporate attorneys our actions symptoms and conditions. Sadly the death of my stepdad has no yet afforded my stepbrother the payoff spoken of by his attorneys. Why am I not surprised. Maybe they found out he had a real claim.


As for what is owed us, if what was done to hide an intentional disposal of toxins by  corporate America in legal fear with state sponsored threats and false actions. Where are we in good old America now that we all know this? Remember this isn’t made up. Lord the court and state of Mississippi and her authority, She’s a gone mad!

 This system of unlawful selfish progress knows as personal gain ie., It is just my opinion the America government in allowing crime via its corrupted counterparts is bad news for everyone. Like any criminal act. Putting time between you and the victim will certainly help comfort any though some legal action might take place. Other than that all is well huh? Maybe we couuld write a song, you folks like music.

I’ll be getting around to some of those documents stating we would be in this or that and we would be paid when and where. Looks like at every turn in where a real court would give true concern of law these boys and girls just slide a false document that the matter was addressed. Not surprised with the earlier threats everything after gaining the awards was a lie.Truely corrupted court actions are often directed.

To bad a lying lawyer is so common it’s no big deal. For those lawyers who work for a living this is quite shitty but protected by counterpart government authority. Even with the claimed last check mailed. We are still a matter of attention to a greater possibility someone with a team of attorneys and a reasonable mind would choose to fight any open and shut case of corrupt governmental corporate oppression and might consider this viable claim. Denied a federal grant to return to school all in a state who erase’s its citizen because it robbed them blind. That’s quite a damn system you have here in Mississippi’s legal environment. You folk’s like books huh? 

 Your grand corruption  magic is noted. To collect a certain number of claims requiring a legal action. Use for funds on thousands and thousands of persons with viable claims. That assumption that in a class action the real victims of negligence recieve proper relief according to law, ain’t happening. Perhaps the notion of class action among the courts has created a mind-set wherein the sum collected is greater than parts of its crime. As such then it’s permitted. Greater crime afford money for defense. see Gaylord Chemical release http://www.mftms13.wordpress.com 

These remnants of the magical court in Hinds County get around. Those agreed to class-actions give aways in return for excluding civil or criminal actions really work well for the least involved than those with actual loss. Many accept less when not really involved and attorneys met their quota. This is really much. We can only hope the best for the real victims.



PANAMA CITY BEACH, Florida (AP) — Sports towels and fleece blankets. A poker tournament. A $1 million Christmas display. A prom for senior citizens. BP gas card giveaways. A “most deserving mom” contest. And advertising, lots of advertising. Florida Panhandle officials made the mix of eyebrow-raising purchases with $30 million BP gave them earlier this year to help tourism recover from 2010’s disastrous Gulf oil spill.

The question now is what happens when the BP money dries up, most likely next April.  Said Curt Blair, executive director of the Franklin County Tourist Development Council. “We will see after April whether part of this was a real recovery … or if we see fall-off. … Whether we’ve done that or if we’ve just propped up the market.” BP announced the $30 million in April. While the agreement for the $30 million doesn’t prevent Florida from pursuing any claims against BP or others, officials there decided a week later not to join other Gulf states in a lawsuit against Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig at the heart of the spill.

Florida tourism spending spree isn’t the first time that BP money has allowed government officials to snag items from their wish lists. The Associated Press documented earlier this year how some of the $754 million given to local governments had been spent on tasers, SUVS and pick-up trucks, rock concerts, an iPad and other items with no direct connection to the oil spill.

In all, BP has given $150 million to Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi for tourism promotion since the oil spill, with the Sunshine State getting the lion’s share — $62 million. In the case of the more-recent payout, Florida Panhandle counties have allocated more than $23 million of the $30 million through September, with $13.5 million used on for television, digital, radio and print advertising. The counties have also spent millions on a variety of attention-grabbing gimmicks, The Associated Press found through public records requests and interviews.


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