I want to welcome those of you with interest in the occupy wall street movement to this site. There’s a lot of talk about the cause of this movement and understandably so. If the reason is to combat corporate corruption then we have a cause. Anything less will be treated as harassments by the surviving general public and nothing more. Corruption is a violation of law. Can marches alone work?

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Although everyone knows the greed driven insanity of wall street got us here. Few are in a position to take a legal action to bring some of them down. Till now. And that my friends is why I’m writing this post. This is a war against us which has just been made public. Let’s fight smarter than our enemy. We can start here. This site regards a corporate toxic cloud release and lawsuit worth billions had on my family by corporate attorneys which left us for dead. Recently the justice department has stall for months allowing the disbursements of our awards to the fraud claims of state court in support of its corporate corruption. Absent for months they just paid us a visit here via la dashboard upon submission yesterday to the wall street contest being held by RT.  So heads up folks, big brother is watching.

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The matter presented here for RT’s Occupy This Contest is simple. In making these issues public, America can witness first hand the level of criminal actions wall street can direct at any individual or group to protect its corporate interest. That corporations are willing to commit any crime to conceal their greed driven corruption to the point of entering your home regardless the constution. Our claims settled in 1998 and 1999 and being threatened we would never recieve any of it, we continue to be harassed and attacked by any means had simply because we didn’t die from exposures to corporate toxins released.

        (via Paul Weiskel )

The documents herein prove corruption into hundreds of millions of dollars. Documents stated an amount of 2 billion sought for in punitive and all money in this matter was placed on this family of three. Threats we would not be allowed to bankrupt the worlds largest corporations was insane with one having five hundred billion in insurance.

The actual cause wasn’t an accident but an intentional toxic release for disposal by these major corporations. Were not greed driven but want freedom from this persecution. We lost all, were injured to the corporate chemical cloud which landed on and destroyed our home and have endured years of corporate backed attacks. 

All of these people were arrested. (via Sam Glewis )

Although all awards were settled on us we received nothing from the suit. Wall Street Occupied our life took our home and property injured us and used us to conceal crimes by collecting awards on us to pay fraudulent claims and rewrite the history of their disposal attempt. The corporations assumption of our death in 2000, now appears a requirement for the completion of their actions. Our child under state hostage from threats to plead guilty to false charges or have her children taken from her sits in prison with no definite release date. Present sought for laws which violation the constitution have already been used on us.

     (via Paul Weiskel )

Although this site explains much of what has occurred wall street pressures its fear of public knowledge of these events through their town ran chain of command. ie. attempts to erase our existence by certain re-elected state officials and the courts continue.

          (via Giles Clarke )

So what can we legally do? We could publicly demand an investigation on the merits of these court documented actions. Demand that wall street end its unlawful use of citizens for its profitable gains. Show the many paid to enforce laws against corruption aren’t doing their job and make clear wall street invades American homes. No doubt others can prove corruption as well. The Occupy movement has attorneys, thus we could publicly request legal aid. Sue the corporations down to their underwear. Make every aspect and issue of any trial totally public.

Create escrow accounts to promote development of jobs and living residents for victims of the corporate corruption had.There is a way and I would reveal it should we win. [ Wait is that fair? If there’s a plan should you see it?  YES!  Therefore, I’ll up date by New Years 2012 what the plan is and believe me it’s simple ] Here’s a hint, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What’s in it for us? Hopefully we break free of the ongoing attacks.  Here’s that plan!


Anyone can see that there is much more than your regular lawsuit here. There is no doubt with the actions of these corporations wall street in our home, it’s known billions are being protected at the cost of our life. Here are the names of the corporations. All these folks wouldn’t have gotten involved if there wasn’t money.

Paper Manufacture was un-named and protected by the court and state. Those named in the suit for protecting paper were given a deal, in exchange for collection of fraudulent claims but made use of our real claims to collect awards on. The Gaylord entities are presently known as Temple Inland and trade on the New York stock exchange. Gaylord Chemical, Gaylord Container, Vicksburg Chemical with many Subsidiaries, Kansas City Rail Road, Illinois Central Rail Road, and Union Tank Car. Others involved from two states in attempts to incarcerate or cause trouble on behalf the corporations are. Office of child protection services Louisiana, The Mississippi Department of human services, Sheriffs department under Richard Stringer, ( not the present department ) exiting Governor of Mississippi. Sheriffs Department of Bogalusa, town of the corporate toxic release. The Mississippi department of correction, The attorney Generals office in MS. and countless others working the courts state and federal. Most local deputies their families and others in law enforcement.. All were made to feel by corporate attorneys that our claim threatened theirs. Why if the truth was known the cloud went to a secluded area they would get nothing.

MS. attorney general presently employs attorneys from the lawsuit. One judges son employed by one defendant. Our attorney is now a state senator the circuit judge became a supreme court judge in MS. before being picked by Obama to the fifth circuit court of appeals. The attorneys who cheated us are working the BP oil spill claims. Any dismissed or possible fraudulent claim will be appealed by them to this judge.

In the words of attorneys who taught we would die from exposure. This is a big deal. Well it is now because it involves corporate wall street as well American main street. So, view these documents and if there is a greater cause to fight or take wall street down of its corporate corruption please let me know. As we Occupy more let’s show America we were occupied first.

                                                                                          Robert Marie

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