Crown Zellabach, Gaylord, Temple Inland: Lawsuit’s, Class-Action’s And More On The Demonic Rulings Of The Hinds County Court In Mississippi


The recent rulings of the Gaylord, action in Hinds County has left a few questions regarding law and how the life of monetary thugs offer little in the way of comfort to their class victims. First let’s check in on the present day woes of Temple Inland.

This incident is one of many, not to worry Temple Inland has the money to bribe any court into a back-room deal. They are well-known for such and stay on the I’m going to sue you list by one attorney or another. This story suggests that since American’s want what is theirs from these suits attorneys are now seeking a new crowd. One with less knowledge of American law. So if were ready. Pit


        In once referring to Gaylord as Goliath in pleadings the giant rages on as monetary buzzards circle from all sides.

Four lawsuits have been filed against paper giant Temple-Inland, seeking damages from the spill of black liquor this past summer that caused the death of hundreds of thousands of fish. In two of the suits the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and former mill director Luther Bennett are named as defendants.

Two parties are seeking compensation for lost revenue from fishing rodeos that were canceled because of the spill. Another is a class action suit on behalf of “all Vietnamese claimants.” The common thread tying the suits together is the charge that Temple-Inland was negligent in preventing the spill and exacerbated the problem by waiting several days to report the discharge.

Liars and Lunkers, LLC, and Pearl Hickory Baptist Church in Pearl River are suing for lost revenues from fishing rodeos. Liars and Lunkers was forced to cancel its Fish Off Tournament, which was scheduled for Sept. 18 and had to return the entry fees of “numerous participants who paid in advance as the suit alleges.

The suit did not give the original date for the Pearl Hickory tournament, other than to say it was scheduled in September. Liars and Lunkers and Pearl Hickory are each asking for compensation for loss of revenue and economic gains.

The suit, among other things, seeks damages for “past, present and future emotional distress and mental anguish, past, present and future expenses for medical treatment and medical monitoring, fear of long-term adverse health effects,” and a projected future “loss of livelihood.”

FutureQuest: Looks like someone knows about that venture taken on the Marie cause. Remember the reason for robbing banks? That’s where the money was. At least we all know these actions of law are deserving to actual victims somewhere. Guess its the hell with personal injury. Group and collect on em like a herd of cattle.


Hinds County MS. and co-conspirator 22nd, Judicial Horse-Shit Of Franklinton Louisiana. Temple Inland Owned and Operated.

                             Looking at the recent rulings, an ongoing hate crime in progress. Let’s keep this simple.

      Starting with insane greed and envy and accompanying hate of one family and the only actual cause the court emerges with $ 84 million on lead Plaintiff, Robert Marie. Through the objections by plaintiff of a fraudulent class plaintiffs seek relief. The court pursuing fraud, fails to gain any actual claim at a trial other than the Marie’s. The Marie claim gained countless awards through agreements by the actual merit’s of their cause. At this point to present all awards are placed on the Maries.

The request of attorneys to dismiss the Marie cause over an agreement to continue the trial failed class was rejected by judge Graves. Again all awards were and are under the Marie cause. In its latest ruling the court holds an ability to hide any real amount in the current use and abuse of the only real claims that being the Maries, with the very awards made for use by the defense attorneys. Attorneys who hold no legal right to have any of.

Our awards are once more moved back to allow more time for death or some other event. Hopefully it will be the otherways around and these evil doers will start dying in their sins now. Everyone tired of this shit. Guess it doesn’t hurt to go right along blogging these corrupted events to some form of conclusion. We have filed complaint on complaint taken court actions to the point the court simply stops responding. It’s response’s hold nothing in legal vaule. Other than a few political advancement big house’s a jet or BMW’s was there some greater cause?


It seems normal given the geographical area that this would occur here regardless the rest of the country but that corporate consideration to make it a personal matter. Rather than exclude us we’re taken on the hate route. Well, that’s demonic boys and girls. I find Satan an abomination and his children no less. It will be interesting to see other development’s noted in relation to our child and this recent change of time line to the courts final stroke of its judicial sickle.


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