Corruption Pays Off For Court Of Fraudulent Claims

To date we remain with nothing but loss, injury and the memory of evil governmental attacks. The settlement herein and remaining money to fight any objection of the extortion of our awards is listed as money going to the state. Notice the money in reserve is being held by defense attorneys.

From day one the court had no one but us to use for all settlement of awards. We were harassed, arrested family members abducted and one we suspect was murdered in attempts to cause anger for an arrest. Recall all our home and property were destroyed by toxin’s as well. After 16 years of hate crimes being repeatedly direceted at us, here’s the so called final action of the court of corruption. Mississippi held our awards and repeatedly denied any relief to us. The awards were held for 16 years in hopes we would die. Absent our death the court goes on now to settle its false and criminal actions. Uh, in other news boys and girls the government is working to band certain blog sites in the name of National security.

The money being held has a two fold process it will go to state government if we don’t ask for it. If we do it will be used to bribe a judge to rule against us, AGAIN.


Sixteen years after the event that initiated the action, claimants in the 1995 Gaylord chemical release case received their final settlement payments last week. A Louisiana class action lawsuit, including about 16,000 members, and 4,000 individual suits in Mississippi were filed after an October 1995 chemical spill that released an orange cloud of dinitrogen tetroxide over Bogalusa. The release occurred when a railroad tank car owned by Union Tank Car Company and leased to Gaylord Chemical ruptured, according to a court document.
The final disbursement is from a settlement with Union Tank Car, James “Pete” Farmer, plaintiff liaison counsel, said Thursday. The company had already settled, but a jury found them only 10 percent responsible, so it’s one of the smaller settlements,” he said. Joel Miller, whose Community Action Organization held informational meetings throughout the long litigation process, said the latest settlement checks appeared to be averaging approximately $250.Now all that’s left to disburse is about $580,000 in reserve funding, and that won’t go, at least directly, to individuals, Farmer said. “The company that first settled, Vicksburg Chem-ical, required that we hold some funds in reserve until a period of time passed,” he said. “It was until May 2011 originally. That was renegotiated to release some of the reserve, with a smaller amount to be held until Sept. 15, 2016. “If it is not used by the defendants according to reserve agreement, by that time, it will be divided 75/25 between the City of Bogalusa and Washington Parish Government.” The governing bodies reportedly get the leftover funds in a “next best thing” scenario because there is not enough money to pay all 20,000 plantiffs’ claims.
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One Response to Corruption Pays Off For Court Of Fraudulent Claims

  1. Melvin Burns says:

    this is so wrongthe government takes over all the money

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