Let’s Update Mississippi’s World Of Horse-shit Justice

Funny how a person believing in God is titled as crazy. You MS. folks have worn that one out. So let’s talk real justice. The judge settling our lawsuit was hand-picked by Mr. Obama. That judge and the same group of attorneys are handling the BP. Gulf spill claims. Of the hundreds of millions settled only on us alone. We are the only ones left out of 20,000 plus person’s who received money. We get none. WHY?

To get a real feel for what’s going on here with the just-us system of justice. Anyone person’s guess is as good as any other. If you could explain any legal reason to abuse the Marie’s other than the thief of their awards we’d kiss their ass in public with 30 minutes to draw a crowd. The latest [ 12-14-2011 ] word from the folks at the justice department seems to suggest that their stand on this matter is the same thus far as the politician$ in this state. So what would you expect from the following actions, had this occurred to you? How does it feel knowing your death is the only acceptable deal offered to you by the state of Mississippi? The reason being $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Come on: Take the ride America!

Multi corporate toxin disposal lands a huge cloud of poison on your home. The 10 million settlement offer in four months is withdrawn. For two years you’re harassed and jailed on false charges to prevent your actions against defendants, which could bankrupt all corporations involved. Once it is made clear that you’re denied every right given an America citizen one defendant offers $ 84 million to prevent a trial on the intentional disposal which destroys all your property.

Harassments, arrest, jailed your home and all contents destroyed as the toxins make the land unsuitable to live on. Add the assumed death of your family by those responsable and your now in the first three years of being the victim of the October 23rd 1995 Gaylord, City of Bogalusa, Hinds County Mississippi, and political officials Chemical release. Don’t think we missed anyone. Even the folks at the D.O.J. had personal words about ?? It seems to be some form of envy of something owed us.

Attacks which began in 1996 to totally exclude you from any justice takes an about-face in August 1998 when with little to any other actual claims the information on injuries taken before the threats against you are now used to accept the $84 million offer. No matter your appearance before the judge a week or so after the accepted offer to redress. The judge insist you must have an attorney. However the attorney isn’t to aid you but rather the courts attempt to turn your secluded and settled personal injury claim into a 20,000 plus person class action lawsuit.

As the court in Hinds County MS. began its rape of victims for their awards it’s clear over the actions of the state and federal court’s in Mississippi the once spoken of death by toxins has now become the only route the court and politicians who stole these awards will take as their fake trial failed to prove any injury to others. So are they going to just wait us out? Hell no! Like hand over fist they have a plan.

After the death of my cousin in 2001 which involved the use of the Marion County Sheriff’s office and sheriff, Richard Stringer’s cousin. Our child was the target of abduction by the Sheriff’s office as well. The state wants us put away, either by bars or the grave. At what point in all this a person would have killed someone is long ago. One can not serve God and the devil. These are the kind of people who killed Christ.

The only understanding is that the people doing these things have the mind of children. Sadly those overseeing their actions aren’t any more matured than they are. They pride theirselves on the crime committed as though no one ever knew. But we must acknowledge that those who twist the law which allowed the murder of the son of God. That type of person isn’t concerned about stealing hundreds of millions. This view better explains what this blog site represents. That being the truth. The bigger picture is new currency then a new temple and the return of one darker.

Sign of the times. How is it that proven crimes by these people go unpunished? Their greedy, careless, and envy doesn’t start to state any understanding of their mind set. They are the type of hypocrites you find in the bible who constantly oppose the God of heaven with actions above their own laws. Instead of thanking God that not everyone serves the devil as they do. They make void God’s word and would rather believe God isn’t real and that they are above, better or smarter than everyone else. Their hunters and the buck$ stop here. There is a great diffrence in reading God’s word and having understanding of it. Going to hell, have a good trip!

That’s why with judges these attorneys create victims and fraudulent class claims here in Mississippi to steal through the courts instead of robbing banks. And they never intend to release legally any of your awards to you. They really want you dead so all their crimes might better blow over. But wait.  What if God has plans for you and the state wants you dead. What then? The extent of evil by these persons wouldn’t allow them understanding. With God excluded from the mind of these men how can justice be had? It doesn’t, Mississippi is an evil supported of love for monetary gain and political power through crimes. Anyone willing to do evil is accepted to the fold. The blind are leading the blind.

 But rather playing their game were going to play ours. Most of these folks I’ll began praying are going to die before we do. The rests are going to have to look us in the eyes over these matters to whatever end we face. We’ll take God they all have each other. Unless they change their plans to simply murder us I hope to see them buried first then again at the great judgement throne. We were given 10 commandments, only ten. As for not wanting to be in my shoes as we were told. Tell you what, given our time presently, I wouldn’t want to be in yours. Amen!


So here we are 2011, God only knows how much money was gained, stolen or left. After 16 years of this the state continues to act an ass over everything it started back in 1998 and 1999. A total refusal to investigate a cousin’s death, the abduction of family members and those documented actions into the 2 billion 330 million sought for, huh! Even the adoption of and the grand- children are effected by Mississippi’s world of horse-shit justice. Not only is it wrong to lower ourselves to their level of criminal actions. It is also wrong to judge others. But just look at yourselves and consider God knows the heart and mind of man. Where you gone?

And Wow were in the department of justice computer [ stalling bull-shit ] as we just keep right on waiting for that response that is stated will be sent just as soon as the review committee has compleated its review. Or everyone splits the stolen awards. Or were jailed forever or killed. And with 2 billion 330 million and 16 years of interest it might take these theives a minute.. So pick a side and may the best win!

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