Damn, Damn and Damned

How does one sit a midst the corruption and not take it personal? Does Marion and Hinds County reflect the mind-set of most politicians in Mississippi. If so, what the hell is wrong with these people. You know when all this started it wasn’t going to be  just the loss of our home and all personal property. It wasn’t the false arrest, not the threats or even the money. At the core of attacks to steal our identity was the related facts of what would happen or remain from the action of these assholes.  So let’s take a look at the classvictim of extorted awards once more.

The information of injuries were taken from us for use in acquiring the awards but nothing more. Other than the initial doctor little in the way of medical aid was ever given. It was all learn of effects and problems with the chemical in the E.R. as you go. The systems knee jerk reaction to prevent us and place themselves as awards receivers was to have us incarcerated. That gave way to the obvious condition we were in. Clearly with no prior criminal record to take the dying to prison and have them die there to silent the events was bit. Even allowing us to return home to die never stopped the intent to steal these awards. So even with countless documents showing these events were all settled on us after a failed trial. We are dead to the attorneys and the court. The system holds to that action with a useless order having nothing to do with the facts. It’s how evil people justify their actions in this case.

To overcome we continue and will faithfully serve the God of the living. But look at the trouble caused by those who serve their master of death. The court writes that we have no claim as it attacks us for it. But it’s true meaning of a useless order is that we are dead. Remember the constitution? Well it states no property can be taken without proper cause or warrant issued.  I could list many others here like a right of trial, life and limb, double jeopardy, etc. But think about it. What they justify that is. The dead have no need of awards, a home, medical and history and this to is etc., etc.

So let’s get to the issues here. October 2010 and our payment in full to an attorney to adopt our grandchildren. Uncertain as to the state’s monetary insanity and regardless our grand-kids need some form of security. Regarding the adoption November 2011 and it’s still pending just like our lawsuit. In everything done we are the victims. Although we have kept papers to each and everything, explaining it all would take a book or maybe two. But let’s look at this one matter for now.

Thinking and wanting us dead after settlement the state powered thieves take custody of our only child. In fact she is listed on the settlement papers as a lead plaintiff also. This is how Mississippi politicians treats its millionaire citizens. Which would have been the result of honest civil and legal process. As we receive a letter now that the children’s dads are being taken to court for child support. You can tell that the truth has given these demonic people hell.

They have won a war whose battle was lost long ago. If God is with you who can be against you? Why, the State of Mississippi. Leaving us to whatever was done by state officials the court and attorneys for theft of awards. They and love being referred to as that, do whatever they need and it holds to on going harassing.

A Personal Note: I say do it. Do all you need to do to us and enjoy it, because after this life is over you will never get another chance. You folks don’t understand placing yourselves at Moses’s seat is bad news. Didn’t you know Moses gave us the law. In-short and remember this. Believer non believer never mattered you will answer to judgement by the creator of it all. Had we died and said nothing perhaps guilt would have been in question. As it is these matters are very clear. Something we love is truth. Something not found in the children of the serpent.

As I told attorneys at the first of these things of corruption on a grand scale. With what this would cause us regarding the word of god, they had already lost the battle. If your eyes see and your ears can hear you might just understand how to deal with such things. Evil is being done to us and it’s enemy is God who despises the wicked.


So we’re on the states mental death row. April, our child is in state custody and instead of adoption something other is going on. What’s wrong with our grandchildren becoming our heirs?  That first draft claiming someone else as an inheritor was a crock of shit to test awareness which only causes more the matter was corrected. The kinda shit some people will try. That’s one of many papers I spoke of. Forget about it.

Today we get a letter stating that in 2007 my wife, Jane was receiving money on behalf the grand kids through social security. Wow that’s news to us. In fact some more salt for our wounds. More news D.H.S. is attempting now to collect back payments into the thousands with threats that jail time was coming. No way this is right because the letter also stated that Jane had been receiving medicare. Damn, what kinda shit have these people pulled now? Someone uses their pull which isn’t law but go along to get along for money and we suffer the dumb shit. And we all know it’s related to the lawsuit. Will this afford a chance to get more documents and to tell a court of law about all this political crime wave being directed at three persons for untold amounts of money right here in little ole Mississippi.

 Judgment For Contempt And Other Relief for Ricky, Amber’s daddy. Damn!

And here’s the  cause: I should have known. Damn!

On behalf of Sara, our three-year old. Will she have a life? May the horse shit stop. Our Only Action had thus far. Damned!

The current question these days like those from the past. When forced to explain for what reason these things are going on it’s just some new tactic. Who told you’ll you would die?

Answer: Everyone. The doctors, lawyers and court who made deals held trials and extorted money. They were the ones who told us, threatened us, jailed us used us for awards and keep the present kinda shit going on in our lives to this very day. They were the ones.

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