Known By Your Works: And names given on the internet.


For whatever is understood of this the journey has afforded a few memorable names. Even that I use it I can’t say that name calling ever registered with me, isn’t it childish ? There was damned coon-ass, Old one arm boy etc.. I was somehow given the nick-name Spanky in my time in the oilfield. I can only wonder what the folks doing all this have called us and the point here is this. Where’s the name calling? Perhaps it’s known. Sticks and stones can break your bones. But words can never hurt you. Now that’s hard core.

Bogging the events of unethical court actions a mist similar actions of the state and  your very country appears to be supported of all these. However grand in the eyes of the gaining parties or disappointing to the victim, Classvictim that is. It’s evident the change here with the addition of biblical scripture added to these post.

We here at CV have really come to love some of the words used in locating this site but then again, some of you folks can really slaughter a search engine. Guess it’s OK I’ve been called worst. Man with un-clean spirit runs to Christ. Not sinner changes ways. The truth she can hurt but that’s about right. If that’s it you win the un-told prize. I personally feel much more spirit and less world would help. There’s aways some problem though never solutions.

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