A Word To – The Not So Wise:

Ever find yourself in Marion County Mississippi and get charged with a crime think hard on any decision to plead guilty to anything, if or when the current administration of Sheriff Hall no longer runs or is head of the department in Marion County, Beware!

True story # 1.

I guess this ranks in the area of insider but these social political targets in the past never deserved these personal attacks. One thing about where I was from. We always knew right was right and wrong, well you get it. Or maybe you don’t.  So let’s say I knew better from the inside of things that the hee-haw mentality gives little in concern to any investment or respect made by some parents of their children.

My brother-in-law. Like most teens got into a few cross winds with the law but not any more than many others in this area. Like many folks his dad was hard-working honest and to damn trusting to authority. Another lesson on something from the past. There’s a thing called pull here. If your from Mississippi you may have heard of it. This includes the folks who grew up together and became employed by local government doing one another favors. Other-wise know as the good ole boys their acts are well-known. Their rulings aren’t base on law but rather child-hood acquaintances and a generational drive of monetary gain by the political majority of them. These works being known of Mississippi ranks high on the joke list but isn’t funny.

As supposed crimes were compounded on my brother-in-law till he was brought in on one. After hearing the deal I just knew what was about to happen. Nobody listens here. I tried to tell his dad, my Paw-in-law the people running things under Sheriff Stringer were promising probation and putting folks away left and right and a lot of them we’re guilty of anything. I explained that they were using guilty pleas. Pleading guilty he got twenty years, most of his time served was in lock down.

True Story # 2    April’s recent arrest and transport to Rankin County has given a view over the years of some changes in the Department Of Corrections. Other than an increase in cost of things the modern-day phone system in Rankin County continues to have real bad rat problem with the phone lines. I didn’t speak with her personally but understood that there’s another transfer on her in the works? At least Jane thinks that’s what she heard.

APRIL NICOLE MARIE : A trip through the classvictim zone.

Most frequently asked question #1. Is that your last name? MFAQ # 2. What’s your last name?  Being our child we’re able to better translate all the events on this and we have concluded the following…..??????

Consider the possible outcomes of April’s actions. Her willingness to add the state of Louisiana first with charges against us, then in Mississippi with self incarceration makes little sense. In each case her backdoor dealings fell through to a harsher sentence. It all started with the Gaylord Chemical Release.

LOUISIANA: Upon this intentional and negligent toxic event an unlawful seizure of our home via la Gaylord Chemical release three major issues arose.

# 1. Retaliation of abandonment against us by our 14-year-old from an uncontrolled separation.

She was allowed to start smoking cigarettes date her 18 year-old-boyfriend and receive the full amount of monthly income as her allowance. My parents offerings to the law-firm. What followed wasn’t known like the thought to place April in hiding through the system from her parents for life. This was one of those the Marie’s are dead and no one to inherit deals. Out the frying pan into the fire. Moving to Ms.

MISSISSIPPI: Welcome to Mississippi the hostility state.

# 2. Accepting the assumed parental death. 

The following years with April were filled with little respect of us by our child who felt threatening us was a phone call away. We were good as gone just get it over with. Over the years many calls were still made. Convinced my parents connection to attorneys would give her great benefits we were background noise. In both these stories pleading guilty was the wrong thing to do. IMHO. 

 # 3  To the least it was April’s personal knowledge of  us which was used against me and her mother for the needed trouble starting this whole mess. In that April had given law enforcement aid against us repeatedly this is all the more odd. After two dismissals on her charges and only a guilty plea needed to incarcerated her she gave them what they wanted. Control of her life and any possible future.  

So along with supporting the state of MS. I’ve got this other monthly mouth to feed. Recently there appeared to be an intentional mis-informational attempt to changed the boasted name April Nicole Marie of the past into April Mazie. No need to change her name now I’m saving paper clips. So I called the local paper for correction and will update: ___________________________________________________________

Maw Maw get’s 11 To bad after 15 years of verbal abuse, actual arrest and many attempted arrest of us my mother has finally receives her 11 thousand plus dollars. Sadly though she became totally broke a week and a half later. . No joke, were helping now with groceries. God is good. 

As far as her relationship with April. Most folks around here are saying this recent thing with April had something to do with April’s grandmother’s settlement. I doubt that. Alice truly loves Alice. MDOC wants control not money.

In legal terms as odd as it is to conceal involvement to the release at least three person’s are walking free after being directly connected to a murder which I’ll try to post after the weekend. Yes I’m saying they are involved in this law suit? The point being is how some folks actually involved have different rulings per any their crimes committed. And you already know their local boys brought up right here among old relations of family and friends.


When ‘s the last time this happen to you?

Traveling the classvictim road and we find this week in review. Two calls from the C.D.C. The Center for Disease  Control. They wanted to get a list on our medical condition. We had to decline due recent event’s.  Next AT&T gave us a call to inquire about our local area phone service and recent problems with our phone ??????  What problem? You guys just turned it off then turned it back on before calling.

The greater thought is the extent to which the spiritual aspects effect the present situation and biblical scripture. The local native’s are up-set for their involvements. As the word get’s out, the truth a mist the anger I detect personal sorrow and even my own. All we ever told was the truth and shined light on an evil event. Had it been the truth and light of Christ justice would have better prevailed.

 Spiritual level _________________________________________________

Animal level ___________________________________________________ Dealing with the bottom feeders?

     _____________________FROM THE WORD _____________________

21 “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. 22 You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 23 When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. Truly I tell you, you will not finish going through the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

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